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Worlds Beyond 2 11-17-2008 01:02 PM

Spirit.. Orbs.. UFO's.. 2012.. God.. Afterlife.. Discussion Thread !
Hello all,

I have been through various points/periods in life of having differing beliefs about matters Spiritual/Religious/ETs/Co-Creation/'New Age'/God etc.. and in some ways.. I do feel much clearer.. and in others am still as confused as ever.. some days I think "Eureka! I understand it all now!" and other days I'm quite certain I 'know' and truly understand nothing!

I'm posting this thread, to encourage peaceful and open/honest discussion about people's beliefs about such matters as Spirit/UFO's/ET's/Religion/spirituality/etc, and how people think/feel that they link/fit with each other... or not!

I'm always trying to understand the BIG picture, how everything might fit as a whole... and value other people's perspectives.

For me personally, after an NDE 21 years ago.. and then past 3 years of intense, evidenced/witnessed events and 'happenings' from Spirit, I've no doubt that there is a very real and alive Spirit realm, and much closer than we generally think...

..when I say 'Spirit', I'm talking about real, 'known to us personally' human souls who've departed this Earth/current lifetime, as opposed other kinds, i.e. beings from other universal realms or life forms/star systems etc (whom I refer to as more 'general spiritual'). To me, 'Spirit' = humans beings we have known on earth, who have passed from this life and now live in the Spiritual realm/plane. For me, 'spiritual' = a possibly wider/more diverse group of beings.. just how I personally differentiate the two!

Anyway, I've had many Spirit journeys/events and direct messages from Spirit (not 'channeling', for me, I believe channelings are something different, possibly from a wider spiritual or consciousness spectrum, as I've just described above).

My personal experiences prove, for me, that Spirit are real and very close. I've received/experienced some 'insights' into this lifetime and the life after this one. All very fascinating/enlightening but also sometimes confusing (in that sometimes I'm not totally sure if what I'm being told/shown is actually 'on the horizon' in this lifetime as a real event or if it is more metaphorical... ??.. though I have to say, many things I have been 'shown' during past 3 years have already come to pass in this reality, exactly as I was told/shown, personally and globally).

Anyways.. one of the things I find confusing.. and am trying to understand/learn, is how this Spirit stuff seems to be happening at the same time as there is SO much being said/shown from an ET/UFO perspective?? And are they in any way related??

I'd never previously had great interest or experience of UFO's or ET stuff, nor in Religion either .... though I've never thought for one minute we could be the only living beings in all of the Universe!

But last summer I did witness, very clearly, a UFO, in broad daylight, and it was also witnessed by some of my neighbours, one of whom is an aircraft engineer and another is a keen plane/flight enthusiast with connections to some of staff at the local airport.

So I've been trying to find answers/understand more of how Spirit matters/realities sit with UFO's/ET's... and where does religion and/or God fit in to al this too?? My Ufo sighting, by the way, is how I first came across Avalon/Camelot a few months ago.

Certainly, I've been given lots of Spirit messages, and am not here to talk about the content of those right now, but two sentences which really stand out, as I am told them both SO SO many times and SO clearly are:

"One day soon, very soon, Spirit will walk the earth. Plain as day. For all to see. Everyone will see." then "We are very close. Much closer than you (all) realise. We Are coming. We are coming soon. Sooner than you think!"

This is always said repeatedly, and in the most loving and wonderful way, with a sense of real happiness. Each time it happens, it gives me a deep sense of calm, peace, warmth, tingling 'electrical energy' and it fills me up with re-assurance and love. Hard to explain. It's a real physical sensation. And I also have a 'picture' or sensation of some kind of film/movie being played when this happens, which seems to correlate with some kind of Ascension type event (I didn't even now what 'Ascension' was til 2 years ago! Nor did I have ANY inkling about the various prophecies/theories about 2012! That was all big news to me, which I was directly led to finding due to the Spirit messages/visions etc I was given).

I'm not sure about any of you folks, or even if you think about Spirit stuff !But there's several reasons I'm thinking about these things.... and things I'd like to throw open for discussion/ideas !!

1. Of the many of the pictures I've seen of 'UFO's/Orbs.. the particular ones where there is a 'globe' of translucent white light, is the exact same phenomena that Spiritualists/Mediums (and us 'ordinary' folk people who've has some Spirit awareness/contact) see .. sometimes around people, sometimes in their homes, sometimes in public spaces etc. I've always believed these to be Spirit.. i.e. human souls. Yet some people believe these are UFO's. Which is it?? Are they connected?? Are people confusing UFO's for Spirit? or t'other way around??

2. The apparent massive increase in Global UFO sightings in past few years coincides with same time period as when my Spirit stuff started happening.. and I know a lot of other 'ordinary' folks like me started getting more generally Spiritually in-tune/aware, or having direct Spirit experiences themselves.... while other people were experiencing UFO sightings for the first time. Are these connected somehow?? Are they the same even??! Or is one being used as a 'decoy' to cover up/detract from the other?? Or are they working in harmony? Or are they opposing forces of energy/purpose?

3. In terms of physical/energy changes and phenomena.. my spirit experiences started within the exact same 24 hour period in which I first became very ill, 'out of the blue'. Last year, I discovered there's apparently been (in recent few years) a massive increase in younger and younger (otherwise healthy) adults suddenly getting serious illnesses, unknown 'viruses', auto-immune problems, or what were once considered to be "old peoples" diseases (this has been medically documented, I read a few things about this 2 years ago somewhere, will try to find and post it if I can!!). And there had also been a dramatic increase apparently in Mental Illness/Neurological diseases (Alzheimers, MS, etc.) amongst human population.

Many of these folks have been forced into a completely different/new way of life due to this suddenly happening, through being totally unable to work at all, or function in the way/lifestyle they previously had (me included here!). Quite a few of these illnesses/diseases include many of the symptoms on the "spiritual ascension symptoms" lists, and in fact, those lists contain almost exactly how my own 'illness' started one day, experiencing all those symptoms, to a severe degree, and then as the spiritual process developed, developing more new physical symptoms in addition (e.g. severe vertigo, limb numbness/spasm/paralysis, visual disturbances, bone degeneration etc).. hence being diagnosed with 'some flu-like virus' to start with, then few months later being re-diagnosed with something else more serious, then, as more symptoms 'appeared', another diagnosis.. and so on and so on!) [interestingly, apart from the rest of my body seemingly falling apart, lol, my vision/eyesight has suddenly improved massively during past 3 years, so much so that my optician's jaw dropped open!].

All this physical and spiritual stuff happening led me to at first think maybe I was cracking up! Or maybe even about to die (lol!) .. I spent ages seeking all sorts of help/advice, alternative treatments/remedies, and medical/neuro/psyche checks/tests.. which turned up that yes, I am ill, no, they don't know what the heck this illness is, but yes, my mind/brain are just fine! (thank God!).

But I'm getting of the point slightly, my apologies... so..

4. after months of not knowing what the heck was happening to me, and searching for answers, I was directly told (by my dear departed Gran) who/where to seek answers/help. Since then, many of the Mediums and what I call true Spirit-contactees that I've met/spoken with, over 2 years, have all separately told me the same several interesting things:

i) Most of them (and other Mediums/Spiritualists they know) had all had a period of intense illness or apparent 'bad' luck or loss or trauma or unexpected life change etc, prior to them discovering that they had somehow newly acquired Spiritualist/Medium abilities/sensitivity. Many of them had NO proper interest/knowledge in such things, and were living perfectly ordinary, down to earth lives before "the change".

ii) the physical symptoms I have and the ones on the 'Ascension list' are basically our physical bodies changing in order to be more "attuned" to Spirit. That our bodies are becoming more able to communicate with Spirit. It is interesting (for me anyhow!), that in recent week, my Doc and Specialist at hospital have both told me that they think what's 'wrong' with me is connected to something "going weird" with my DNA. Yep. For true!!! So now I am having more tests, and DNA/Blood tests to try to get to the bottom of it. As they can't quite put their finger on a firm diagnosis yet.. after 3 years of tests and probing and procedures!

iii) People we know in Spirit are becoming increasingly keen to make contact with us at these times we're in on Earth... in order to help and guide us... (many more 'ordinary' people are being "opened up to Spirit" ) .. and I've been told that the following can all be physical/strong signs (there are others too!) that Spirit are trying to 'get through' to us (a lot of these are certainly true for me personally!) :

Electrical or vibrating sensations
Humming/buzzing in ears
Strange sensations in bones/muscles/skin
Extreme fatigue / sudden need to lie down/sleep.
Itchy/tingling sensations, especially on hands/top of head/ears (but can be other places)
Sudden bouts of uncontrollable Wind (yep! belching!)
Sudden heat somewhere on the skin or in body
Being 'woken' 2.00 - 4.00am
Electrical 'interference' on home appliances/cars/light bulbs etc.. e.g. Lights/radio's/TVs turn on/off.
Anonymous phone ringing (with no record on handset of call having been receive.
Anonymous Door Bell ringing (and nobody there and no possibility of it being kids/practical jokers!)
Anonymous texts/mobile alerts, again, message will be blank and no record of txt received in moby log

iv) been told by several separate and not-known-to-each-other Mediums, that in our current lifetime, there's an exact 'one third/two thirds balance' on Earth.. meaning that.. (wait for this!) ... the Earth is currently exactly two thirds in darkness, one third in light. This did startle me somewhat, as I've always been believing that everyone is 'light' ultimately... so I asked each what they meant.. and was told that they mean the number of souls here on Earth at present !!! Not wishing to alarm anyone by this, but apparently NOT all souls are from the Highest Good/Light. I questioned this belief a lot.. and didn't want to believe it. Let's put it this way.. I am now personally in NO doubt that what I was told here, by several separate individuals, from totally different parts of the UK, is true.

v) This was also followed by telling me that more and more "new souls" (i.e. brand new souls) of 'Light' are being quickly incarnated and being born to Earth, and that this has been happening the past decade or two, to raise the vibrations, Good and light on Earth. Apparently these new souls (children) bring tremendous spiritual awareness and knowledge and are spiritually gifted.. to help us realise our own potential spiritual abilities !!

vi) That time (as in Earth time) is speeding up so quick down here, and that Spirit have no concept of time (in earthly terms) as this is not at all how things are on the "other side", so this is why any genuine Spirit/Medium messages about the future will NEVER have a specific date/time attached to it, however, genuine Mediums will ALWAYS be able to give absolutely specific dates referring to the past, i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, significant events etc...

vii) I have been told that we ARE all here with a specific purpose, individually and as a whole . There are nobody alive on earth who was sent here "just for the ride" ! It doesn't work like that apparently! Oh, and I have been told, and actually shown myself, that the 'Akashic Recording System' is more real than we realise.

viii) I am told so, so often that our loved/departed ones in Spirit are forever trying to "get through" to us, but we're often too wrapped up in our every-day lives or own beliefs to listen or notice!! As well as loved ones who are over there, we each have (every one of us) a Spirit/Soul Guide/Guardian, and also an individual "team" (yes, team!) of various "Helpers" on the other side, who are always there and ready for us and that we can ALL call on them! Some Mediums have told me that we very carefully pre-choose our individual Team of Helpers before we incarnate here! Then we get to Earth and promptly forget all about them!! lol

Now, these Mediums/Spiritualists who have told me these things are not some hippy-trippy, airy-fairy characters in ANY way, they are solid, down to earth 'ordinary' folk, sane and sensible and practical people.. just like you and me, real-world dwellers, with the same life problems, experiences, daily challenges and trials to deal with etc... in fact some have had hard lives/life lessons to go through. Just like my Gran and Grandfather who both 'come' to me regularly past 3 years, they are some of the most warm and real and salt of the earth people I've ever had the pleasure and privilege to know/meet... and none I've met are in any sense "spooky" or in the least bit egotistical. Some Mediums are bible following Christians, some aren't Christian, and some aren't religious at all. Though they ALL believe in the afterlife and one single Divine God.

They are ALL also very firm in stating that there are various ways that we can be "opened up" to/by Spirit.. there's a positive/helpful/Good ways, and there are others that are.. well.. let's say less than of the 'Highest Good' ...... My personal feeling is not to meddle in anything that you don't know about, or don't feel sure of, or 100% comfortable with. Personally, I never went in search of any of this stuff. It literally happened to me. I've always steered clear of anything about Ouija/Seances/'Paranormal'.. I've never wanted anything to do with that kind of thing ... to me, personally, that is not of the TRUE Light/Good or Highest ... just my personal view!

Before this happened to me, I had NO connection or interest in Mediums or Spirit or anything. If anyone had told me 4 years ago that I'd go through these experiences, I'd have freaked, or maybe laughed them out of the room! So, I'm just saying.. there is nothing to fear, as long as you are following the 'correct pathway' in life .. and don't go meddling or trying to do stuff on your own or mess with stuff you don't fully understand.

If you're genuinely interested in Spirit contact, my personal advice/view is 'don't go off trying to do anything on your own' ! Instead.. contact a proper, recognised and regulated Spiritualist Church or Spiritualist Union, or, if that's not your kind of thing, then just Pray/ask for the very Highest of Good/God to help you open to it/see it/hear it or whatever feel most comfortable. But then... remember to watch, look and listen for small heavenly signs .. this is the doorway starting to open to you !! :original:

Anyway.. I have rambled on far too long, and gone off point a bit too. Sorry.

I just want to open up some discussion about these things.. as it seems to me there's LOTS happening in the world right now, and for us as individual people, and a lot of issues/experiences around matters of Spirit / UFO/ET / Religion / Spirituality / Prophesy & 'End Times' being brought up in many peoples' lives, and the world generally, in recent years.... it all seems to be increasing in momentum !

Please, remember, this thread for Peaceful/respectful discussion.
Peaceful blessings to all :original:

Xhaosis 11-17-2008 01:31 PM

Re: Spirit.. Orbs.. UFO's.. 2012.. God.. Afterlife.. Discussion Thread !
Good thread, since I am going thru my 3rd cup of coffee, I will respond.

As far as my belief I am Christian, Yet neither nor do I, proclaim and try to pound scripture in ones head. Usually the more intelligent humans tend to seek out religion when they cannot scientifically figure something out. In addition everyone is entitled to opinions yet in the end, even this is not important. About two years ago, I was a man, simple in heart and on bearing the idea's of what I had been taught. Ironically I feel times were better then, goes back to that saying the less you know the more understand. Something happened, that changed my life into what and who am today. I can't even begin to put logic and understanding into a linear set of words where everyone would get it. Let's just say I had a dream, a very very intense dream, that provided wisdom that is very very very old. I suppose.

Point and case, this what I know. We will never understand what's its all about. I beleive UFO's/ETS/Religion aka spiritualism are all part of the big picture. Yet having said this, this is not a point and case that is implied nor very important in our lives today. That's my opinion, to many things go by in life while we stare up at the stars, or meditate for countless hours begging for the answers. We were designed in the impossible to achieve the impossible. we are the underlining fabric that that is beneath the smooth countors of one's skin. Our success and failure as a whole is up to us. As far as divinity is concerned, divinity has been a key role in many historic changes in our history. I believe their are a select few, who pause long enough to feel, that are recognized by the ancient whispers and words of a force that stirs, somewhere where the soul lies, south of the sounds of all the lies. If we spend our entire lives searching for a map, where the X marks the spot, we are fools, covered in the tattoos we learned in school. Yet in the end, we find the X, becoming part of it again. In conclusion trying to figure it out is not important, trying to understand what is happening will come naturally, I walk talk and breath doing one thing, I awaken each day to make it a better day. That is my purpose, to fight, thru my words, thru my being to preserve the way our world is. Is it perfect NO.. It has already been handed to us perfectly, and we didn't like that. Our World reflects who we are. The only corner stone now to pay attention to, is the balance of the World is slipping.. A opportunity lies in this failure as well. Perhaps this is not failure we are facing either, perhaps it is our humanity's subconsciously asking for change. Perhaps it is time to stop and listen. See the people around you, taking your arms, to become human again, and not a mechanism in this machine we have created. I do not know the answer. I do not what will happen, yet I do know what we are capable of doing. This too is happening for a reason. It is not some great underground club of rich powerful people, laughing at their carelessness. It's ourselves. Our numbers out number any leader of man...

lovepromoter 11-21-2008 05:40 PM

Re: Spirit.. Orbs.. UFO's.. 2012.. God.. Afterlife.. Discussion Thread !
my belief is that of oneness, I believe that we all hve a part in the mechanics of what we live in. obviously we all come from one source, and i believe that the 'negatives' energy is actually a very positive form of manifestation for them, i truly beleieve that everyone thinks they are doing 'good'. We can all do as we wish, this is the law of free will, there are just quicker ways to reach the source than others. Some people are just unaware of this in there conscious waking states, but do not froget that we all go to sleep at night, and in our dreams we may be super heros that are working very hard for the light agenda. what we see is not all that there may be, so even the very ugly or ignorant may be 'god' in disguise.
so my belief goes as far as ufo's, crop circles, orbs, a soul, god, and 2012 (which, scientifically is well underway) all exist, maybe merely because we think, believe or have been manipulated to 'think' so it all exists, because who is anybody to say that it does not!
So if you believe all or in ONENESS, how can you or anything else be wrong.

Peace and love

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