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Steven 09-24-2009 10:31 PM

Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Where Focus goes, energy follows

*I will regularly update this thread with new sub-topics*

Alex Collier;

Recently, I enjoyed the last Alex Collier's speech in Los Angeles. In this very informative interview, he mentioned: 'Where focus goes, energy follows'. I want to emphasize on this key understanding. I know many here already understand it well, but there is still some clouded area that I see in many posts.

The source;

You will probably ask yourself from where I based my ideas. It's a long story, but to make it short I will simplify by saying most of these understandings were unlocked as reading the 'New Paradigm' series, the four books. I actively practice and use the Universal Laws since many years now and dialogue with the presence within. Not only me, but my wife and my kids as well. So, all I mention here have been experienced first hand. All my life has drastically changed for the better since then… Please do not read it quickly, take your time.

The Universal Laws;

It is imperative to understand how it works. Because the ignorance of the Universal Laws is the source of many global problems on Earth. The Universal Laws are directly at play here. The Universal Laws at the consciousness level.


Consciousness is where reality takes shape. What you hold into your mind, your heart, your attitude, the words you use, anything that emanates from you has a signature, a vibration, a frequency. It goes from yourself to your surrounding just like a signal from a transmitter. The amplitude of the 'signal' is proportional to the emotive charge it carries and the strength of the intention. The frequency of the signal is according to the level of consciousness the signal comes from. If I feel love for my child while I hold him in my arms, this love is an intelligent signal of high frequency. It comes out of me and crosses everything on its path, loosing magnitude gradually, as it moves away from my sphere of influence. Everyone and everything near me will catch this high frequency signal and will be influenced by it. This is true for any emotion/thoughts.

The natural flow of creative Energy;

The natural flow of creative Energy is present in all things. It is the Energy consciousness uses to shape reality. The Creation's Consciousness uses it to create Realities. When your will is in harmony with the will of Creation, your creative power is in harmony with the natural flow of creative Energy. This is very strong and will manifest. The actual focus of the Elite to maintain Humanity into servitude and ignorance is opposed to the natural flow of creative Energy. This focus has to be maintained with extreme strength and dedication. Of course we help them unconsciously. But as soon as enough people will focus on freedom, peace and mature love, the reality will change for the best for all because of the resonance of their focus with the natural flow of creative Energy. This is our future no matter what some might believe.


Being conscious of this reality is becoming responsible for what comes out of us. Because when you realize that all emanation from yourself has an impact around yourself, you begin to care about it. You become responsible for what you are and what you cause around you. No more 'it's not my fault' attitude.

Law of Attraction (frequency);

The time/space into which the 'signal' travels is a living being, Creation is a living being. The Creation responds to these signals it carries like a mirror (Law of Attraction). It reflects back to the emitter a reality in concordance to the signal originally sent by the emitter. It is the resonance effect when two vibrations enters in synchronicity at harmonious frequencies. The Law of Attraction could be called the Law of Resonance.

Law of Intention/Focus (amplitude);

If someone maintain a strong intention with sharp focus, a clear idea, simple and visual, using strong meaningful personal symbolism and feel a strong emotion about this thought, regularly every day during a long period of time, this intention will come to be real into this person life (Law of Intention/Focus). It might be different than the image sent, it depends on many factors, like the dedication to the focus and the trust in the creative process. The emotion is the amplitude factor in the intention. How strong you want it?

Law of Allowance/Trust;

The trust into the process is of prime importance. You have to trust the process by allowing it freely to happen without interference (Law of Allowance). We interfere every time we think about how it might happen, what will be the steps to make it come to be real. This is a mistake. It simply reset all the creative process. So, it means one have to focus on the ends. What you want. Not how you want it to manifest. Doubt in the process also reset the creative process to take place.

Law of Balance/Harmony;

When the process is completed, the person enjoys its result and there is a balance/harmony which settles down the creative energy ready for another build up (Law of Balance/Harmony).

The Lightning analogy;

An analogy to this is the lightning. When water molecules go up in the atmosphere, it scrubs with air molecules and exchange electrons, ionizing the air, creating a space of electrical tension. The tension between Earth and the cloud newly formed increase as the water molecules evaporates. There is a build up of energy made by an imbalance of electrons between the cloud and the Earth. Just like a consciousness focused on a very precise thought will gather creative Energy around the idea focused. But, if the wind is strong and/or the evaporation of water decrease, the cloud might dissipate and nothing would occur. This is just like a focus not strong enough or/and the trust/allowance not present, it dissipate the build up and the manifestation of the idea does not take place. Nevertheless, the energy is never lost even if the lightning does not appear or the thought focused does not manifest, it will be used for another creative process. But, if the cloud accumulates or looses enough electrons to break the resistance in between, the excess of electrons on one side, be it Earth or cloud side, will travel to the other side, this is the lightning. After the electrons in excess have traveled to the other side there is a balance of electrons on both sides and the cloud dissipate, the tension disappears, harmony takes place. The process of manifesting reality with our consciousness works pretty much the same way.


The largest part of our consciousness is our subconscious. This part is so important because it does use the Universal Laws just like our conscious part. Sometimes, our subconscious opposes our focus/intention without even being aware of it. We keep focusing hard and with dedication, but nothing seems to work. This is because our subconscious acts during our non-focusing time in an opposing direction. A good example is someone who badly wants to meet a serious lover to build a family. No matter how hard he/she maintained her/his focus, it does not work. After exploring in depth into her/his life, the person realize an event in the past has created a deep mark in her/his consciousness. A belief of not deserving to be father/mother or husband/wife, a belief that family only brings up problems and takes away freedom, a belief that the opposite sex means problems ahead. These are few examples how unconsciously you can disrupt your conscious focus.

Being Awake and Aware;

Being awake and aware is making the unconscious part of our consciousness to become conscious. Increasing the aware part of our consciousness. This can be done by using the Universal Laws. Instead of using the Laws 'to have' or 'to do', using them 'to become'… And first of all, becoming aware. Self conscious of who you are and the universe you live in. This can be your prime desire. It is priceless…

The Mental Manipulation;

The Elite knows all about this. They know about the Universal Laws of consciousness. They certainly do not wish the population of the planet to know about it. This is where the religion and the belief system based on sin is very useful to them. This is also the reason why we see such evilness and negativity present in the movie industry, music industry, fashion industry, television, literature industry, etc… The media are also very productive to maintain our focus and attention on negativity, overwhelming problems, wars, crimes, etc… While we focus on all this negativity, we polarize our focus and the Universal Laws create us a reality according to our focus. So we'll get more wars, crimes and pollution for the future… This is how it works.

The Solution;

What we can do is not complex, but not simple either because many are addicted to the system's toys. We have to stop feeding this industry of fear and darkness by focusing on what we want. We just have to drop many, many things the system throws at us. Feeding your soul with garbage from the system polluting your consciousness with image of violence, fear and crime will carve the matrix into your subconscious. It will oppose your conscious dream of freedom and peace. Simply let it go. We create our own happiness. We create our own nightmares, consciously or unconsciously. The solution is to withdraw our focus on the system and maintain a focus on a new free world. Where the basic necessities of all are met and free. Where our time is dedicated to what we like to do and give freely to the community our skills and time.

The beliefs;

Your addiction is probably the most needed thing you will have to drop, if it comes from the Elite and has a purpose to maintain your life as a captive human. The belief system of sin and the prediction of the apocalypse as today's reality are also meant to keep our focus on negativity. There are so many things created and corrupted to maintain us in a victim consciousness state and making us believe it’s natural and normal. There are many among us who strongly believe we are deeply bad and selfish. That wanting something is selfish or delusional. That wars and conflict are natural. That crime, poverty and bullying are natural. That competition is good to encourage us to be better at what we do. That there is too many people on Earth. That natural law is the law of the stronger. That we should use a sword against a sword. Don't you see it clearly that it only leads us to more nightmares? All these assumptions are not necessary true, but they are real because we believe them to be true. So they manifest in our world. It is all about us… All about our consciousness…

The power of Blessing;

Blessing is very powerful because it is an intention of the highest vibration. It is the intention of the best outcome happening for the blessed. It is what Angels do. And you do not need to be priest or have holy water to do it. You only need your consciousness. Remember, it is the Universal Laws at work. Blessing not only is freewill respected wish for someone to have the best future possible, but also comes back to the one who bless because of the Law of Attraction.

I could write more about this topic, but it would become too heavy for a thread on this site. Freewill, Sphere of influence, Symbolism, victim consciousness and the Presence within are topics I haven't touch much and I will try to come back on these because they are important. But as for now, I'll keep it this way and open this topic to your comments, opinions and questions.

Namaste, Steven

Jonathon 09-24-2009 11:05 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Excellent Steven, thanks for posting. Good reminder for all of us, especially given the swine flu media scourge (among other things) going on. It's just so easy to get sucked back into the matrix when the issues are in everyone's mind and words.


Carmen 09-24-2009 11:21 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
:thumb_yello:Excellent post Steven. Thank you. I agree with everything you have written. The time is Now, to apply what we have learned.

Love and Light


mntruthseeker 09-25-2009 12:33 AM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Thank you

ovsalf 09-25-2009 02:02 AM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Many thanks Steven for sharing that.


RedeZra 09-25-2009 04:40 AM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
It is much sense

the Lord of Laws reigning supreme above all others

the Universal Law of Divine Oneness

we are all connected in Consciousness
whatever our acts it affects all of us

the Chief Justice of Laws ruling imperial impartial

the Universal Law of Cause and Effect

we shall reap what we have sown
we get what we deserve

And there are more Universal Laws that govern our existence

the Law of Vibration
the Law of Polarity
the Law of Rythm
the Law of Transmutation
etc etc

There's a Law, there's an Arm, there's a Hand - L.Cohen

nagual 09-25-2009 05:23 AM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
A Better Reality

"Beloved Brothers,

I come today to speak with you about the potential of your thoughts.

We all are thoughts manifesting into life forms. We are parts of the Original Thought; each one of us is a part of the All That Is, an embodiment of the Infinite.
We of the Higher Realms see each one of you as Love and Light living inside physical instruments, because that is what You have volunteered to do at this time.
You are power centers of unlimited potential, marvelous intelligences that have never been separated from the Original Source. You have been born into existence for the ulterior purpose of expansion.
The Infinite Source from which you came from wanted to experience It Self in this reality. A reality you are co-creating with your Thought-patterns.

The Original Source contains all thought-patterns that have been projected onto it since the beginning, all thought-patterns being made in the present, but not those patterns as yet unthought-of.
Your present thought-patterns have the potential of creating a magnificent reality, a precious jewel in the Infinite Creators’ heart. That is the potentiality of your thoughts.

The Logos of this Universe has given to thoughts the attribute of being affected by gravity. Thoughts of low vibration pull you down when thoughts of high vibration lift you up.
The Logos is the logic of the Whole, the logic of the Existence itself and its laws cannot be broken.

When you project a new thought onto the Infinite, the Logos answers back with the same frequency/vibration of the projected thought, and its answer become part of the collective consciousness, belongs to all. Your consciousness and my consciousness are not two, but just two aspects of the same. There is no possibility of a private thought; this has to be understood very deeply.

Your thoughts have contributed well in getting humanity to these shifting times, but now a new pattern of higher frequency is needed in order to achieve the transformation.
The same vibrations/forces that are coming down to assist Terra in her journey toward the 5th density, will help you to open the door to your Higher Self, and is from It where those new thought-patterns will come to you.

We of the Higher Realms see a unique opportunity for humanity; the Universe -like your planet- have seasons, and this is the optimum season/time for embodying your Higher Self consciousness.
Your Higher Self is your inner Gold; It is wise beyond words and is your most trustworthy ally. Direct contact with your Higher Self will unlock your potential; It power lies in the awareness It creates within you. And as consequence of this awareness your thought-patterns will raise to higher frequencies, helping the whole of humanity in its journey towards the Infinite.

It is you -within your thoughts- who hold the key to a better Reality!

I AM Emmanuel"

2009 Langa http://www.emmanuelmessages.com

Permission is granted to copy and share this information only in its entirety, including this copyright notice and without altering content information.

Barcarolle 09-25-2009 06:51 AM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
great thread steven, those 4 books i also found exceptional reading.

superb commentary and summation !

Steven 09-25-2009 03:05 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
I am glad you appreciate the sharing. Sharing this kind of thread makes me feel happy, just like if I am answering a deep call within myself. Actually, I should say thanks to you all, readers and service providers, because I receive so much by sharing. :original:

I wanted to elaborate a bit more on some topic. Here is how I see Victim Consciousness.

Victim Consciousness

The victim consciousness is the kind of consciousness we are transcending to enter into a personal responsibility consciousness. It is the global consciousness Humanity has shown since many years and it is changing at this moment. It is a consciousness who is driven to react on, focus on and feed on conflicts. It justifies itself by making a point, or being right among the wrongs. It glorify itself and push others down because of low self esteem. It appears as savior, but after a while we see the savior beginning to oppress. The victim calls for the oppressor and the savior. The oppressor calls for the victim and the savior, the savior calls for the oppressor and the victim. They exist because of the others. It is a relationship of victimhood. This type of consciousness cares only about itself. Others are useful as long as they fulfill their distinctive complementary role within the relationship. A savior will care about you if you are a victim, but if you are a savior too, conflict might occur. It is the same when two victims or two oppressors meet. Always remember that the same individual can switch from any role, savior-victim-oppressor, according to the situation. We can also switch from personal responsibility consciousness to victim consciousness many times in the same day. It is not static, its dynamic.

The victim consciousness is made of three major components. Victim-Oppressor-Savior. They all call each other into play because of the Universal Laws. At the base of this type of consciousness there is irresponsibility. Be it victim, savior or oppressor, everyone puts the blame on someone else, and tries not to be involved into responsibility when it is about to determine the source of the problem. We like to be seen as the source of the solution, but never the source of the problem. This is the major reason why we will not be saved by higher consciousness beings. It is a trap to ask to be saved. Religion pushes forward this mentality and it does no good at all. The prophets of any religion are not saviors, Jesus is not a savior. If you see them as savior, you ask for them to get caught into the victim consciousness trap and because of the Universal Laws, risking to get trapped into this consciousness for a period of time. Imagine for a moment if Jesus would come back in all his glory to hunt the Elite of the World and throw them into the eternal fire like it is believe by millions of humans on Earth. Imagine what happens next according to the Universal Laws... Imagine the terrible sacrifice we are asking to this being we called Jesus. It will never happen this way... Guess who told me.

When one is aware of the Universal Laws at work in Life, this person begin to care about all that emanates from him/her. Words, thoughts, feelings, attitude become totally important and do matter a lot about the future of this person and its surrounding, its collectivity. It does indeed shapes reality. So this person progressively begin to leave the old victim consciousness pattern the system indoctrinates us into and begin to realize the impact she/he has around. She/he begins to care... She/he begins to be responsible, so this person switch to a personal responsibility consciousness because of the awareness she/he has of how the Universal Laws of consciousness works. Resulting in a much better control over his/her life and future.

They way of the true prophets and messiah is the way of mentoring. They guide and lead our focus on something else. But the responsibility to get out of the situation and to change for the best is ours. Not even because of Freewill, but because of the Universal Laws. In my opinion, the more appropriate word for the Universal Laws is Law and the best word for Freewill is principle. I see some confusion about Universal Laws. Let me try to clarify this.

Law and Principle

A Universal Law cannot be ignored. It is unavoidable. It rules everything living into its boundaries. Attraction/Resonance – Intention/Focus – Allowance/Trust – Balance/Harmony are Universals because they rule the consciousness realm. I could include in this classification, the Universal Law of Evolution/Transformation.

Gender – Polarity – Rhythm – Cause and Effect – and many others Laws are not Universal, they rules different densities, but not necessarily all of them.

Freewill is a principle. This does not mean it’s less important, it is a Universal principle. It can be ignored. It does not rule. It is a principle Creation uses as a guideline. We are created free, all of us. But everyone may choose not to be free or not to respect the freedom of someone. This is paradoxal but logical. If you do respect Freewill, you are in Resonance with Creation’s will and do use its creative strength. It is how you can evolve. In fact, this is a prerequisite to evolve above a certain stage.

Love is not a Law either. You can ignore it. But it is also necessary to evolve at a certain stage. Love is not a principle either, but rather a glimpse at what Creation feels for All. Since we are Creation in a holographic representation, we do feel what it feels at our soul level. Love is of prime importance to evolve and maintain reality into existence. The fuel that makes your focus strong enough on something you want is your desire. This strong desire for it to manifest into reality is very near what Love is. Think about it. If we are born from the thought of Creation, how pure and strong the focus of Creation is to maintain all into existence. This is Love. This is the power of Love. It literally can boost an intention to become a tremendous power of creation. When you reach high level of consciousness, you join the family of lovers who keeps all existence into reality because they Love Creation. Wanting something to happen is desire, wanting this thing over time for eternity is Love... And remember, talking with Love is more important than talking about Love. Don't talk about it, live it.

I will come back soon...

Namaste my beloved brothers and sisters, Steven

RedeZra 09-25-2009 04:54 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

not an act not a word not an idea but Being


not an act not a word not a belief but Reality


not an act not a word not an emotion but Effulgence

God wills


we wish

from God we come with God we walk to God we go

Creator adorns Creation with Law

so as we not get lost

the charm of a game is in its rules

Grace supersedes Karma

Saviour is an act of Love and a word of Truth from God to Man

Look and Learn

we are on an enterprise

to become what we are


tone3jaguar 09-26-2009 01:22 AM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Looks like you have been studying the Abraham Hicks material.

Steven 09-26-2009 11:22 AM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Thank you Redezra for your sharing. :original:

Namaste, Steven

Steven 09-26-2009 11:33 AM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar (Post 172142)
Looks like you have been studying the Abraham Hicks material.

It only looks like. I don't know Abraham Hicks. I bet you know his material well though. I mention the source of my ideas at the second paragraph. Most of this comes from the inner Knowledge within that we all have. Just like many do.

Many great thinkers have influenced my thoughts. The most important are Anthony de Mello and Hans Urs Von Balthazar. But The New Paradigm series is the real trigger here. Have you read them?

Namaste, Steven

Steven 09-28-2009 02:00 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Thank you for your sharing Nagual. :original:

Introspection and Self-observation


The system we are currently in tries to maintain our focus outside ourselves. For the ones in control of this system of manipulation, looking anywhere but within is good. In order to get in contact with the divinity who dwells in our heart, we need to calm down our mind and make peace with many little wars very active in it. There is a door leading to the crossroad of the worlds inside of us. It is where our soul connect to our body.

Avalon can be a place of sharing information, experience and more, but can turn into a distraction when your thoughts are locked into discussions. Especially when you are not here, but your thoughts are still locked here.

Introspection is impossible when your thoughts and emotions are in control. Your spirit/soul has to be in control, not your emotions, nor your thoughts. Do you think what you want to think? Do you feel what you want to feel? What is your focus? You can't control everything, but what you can do, do it.

Introspection and focus is not only meditation. Meditation is not enough if you loose your focus while your busy in your day-to-day affairs. A maintained focus stay at the back of your mind while you are busy doing something else. It is like a permanent thought/feeling being present that keeps you connected to the moment. A certitude that your desire will manifest.

Self observation:

Developing the ability to observe yourself is very important in order to awake at who you are. It is like having eyes floating above yourself that gives you another point of view. Listen to the words you say in a conversation. Look at the attitude you have in a given situation. Observe the feeling evoked when you are in a reaction state. What are your main thoughts? Is your focus actually what you really want? Or does it need to be refocused on something new?

Being aware of yourself helps to awake. Being conscious of something we want to change is the beginning of the end to this problem. But the first step is being aware of it. Self observation is also the way you can see how the Universal Laws are acting in your unfolding reality called, your life. Many do not believe in the Universal Laws simply because they do not observe them into their life. When you begin observing, knowing where to look at, you see them at work in large scale as in small scale realities.

Many conflicts between people gets emotively charge because of a lack of awareness. Then insults may appear. And the Universal Laws drags more insult. The way you treat others send a clear message to the Universe about the way you accept to be treated. If you insult someone, this insult will come back to you. Be aware of it and stop the negative process before it gets dangerous. The way we treat others, including animals, is the way we accept to be treated according to the Universal Laws (Resonance)... The Universal Laws does not analyze who is the responsible behind a murder. The murderer will simply attract more experience of this kind into his life, no matter if he is not the one who pays for the murder. The one who stay behind the doors and give order may alleviate is act because he dilutes the responsibility onto others faith. This is well known by the controllers. They will never engage directly. But will order someone to give someone else an order to someone else until you get the dirty work done. So there is a whole chain of people taking responsibility along the way before the crime is done. This way, they cover themselves by paying others to take the direct responsibility of the crime.

I know many of you already know this, but its always good to get back into it. Consciousness is the base of all realities... Take care of who you are... Don't be a repeater...

Namaste, Steven

Steven 09-29-2009 11:52 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Area of Influence

This is from me and can be consider as high speculation, I have no problem with that...

Our area of influence in the consciousness realm, is much wider than what we see and hear. We have individual area of Influence and collective area of influence. As individual, or consciousness emanates thoughts/feelings of diverse frequencies and magnitudes.

Imagine we are in a liquid, the air isn't really air but a fluid with low density. When you move into this fluid, your consciousness creates waves and these waves have frequencies and magnitudes. These waves crosses everything on their path. And when they reach another consciousness, there is an interaction, or a resonance or a discordance at different levels. This is how we are like emitters and receptors. We are influenced and we influence our surrounding, even Earth itself. We have a direct connection with the consciousness of Earth. In fact, the second level of consciousness is the mass consciousness of Humanity, connected to the consciousness of Earth. Then at a higher level of consciousness, there is the Universe or Creation's consciousness, where the Universal Laws are settled.

It means Earth is a living being with intelligence and emotion, with a consciousness of its own at a level above our own individual consciousness, but at the same level as the humanity's consciousness as a whole.

We can talk to Earth and receive thoughts from her. She is a very loving being and she awaits our complete awakening to share a new connection, a new relation based on respect, mature Love and evolution. Try this... Go outside on the field where you can be not seen, nor heard and put your hands on Earth. Feet on the ground and hands on the ground. Then calm down for a minute. Just focus on your breathing. Then talk to her, and wait for her answer, she is a lovely being...

Through the mass consciousness, we contribute our own type of consciousness individually. From the state of the mass consciousness, realities for Earth and Humanity is shaped.

The area of influence of an individual is limited according to it's own consciousness. If this person is very wise and the wisdom is integrated into his/her reality and consciousness, through his/her acts/thoughts/attitudes/words/feelings then this person vibrates at a very high frequency with a great magnitude, his/her area of influence is very wide and his/her contribution into the mass consciousness is vast. The opposite is also true.

Many factors determine the depth of the consciousness. True Knowledge, Focused thoughts or maintained thoughts, strong feelings be it negative or positive, attitude, self confidence... And ultimately, the awareness or the conscious part of the consciousness... Your consciousness is limitless, don't search for a meaning to the world, give a meaning to the world.

You ask yourself how to exercise your maintained thought? A hint... See it like a muscle. When you want to lift a heavy weight, you concentrate energy into one single place, hold breath and force. The brain works pretty much the same way... Focus on something and mentally force to maintain it there, after a while, you won't be bother by rogue thoughts anymore... And you do not need to be young, nor in good shape. Only by doing it 2-3 times a day for 5 minutes will do marvels. You wander on what to focus, focus on something you want!

Namaste, Steven

Ross H 09-30-2009 01:05 AM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
very cool steven...i would enjoy a cuppa and a good ole chinwag with you.
you are right onto it! blessed are you that yr family are in harmony with this.

Love to you all


Steven 09-30-2009 03:39 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Hello Jross. How happy I would be to have a chat with you about these topics. Maybe soon... :original:

The oppressor living in the oppressed

What bother us about others is exactly what bother us about ourselves. Most of the time, unconsciously, we feel negative emotion toward someone because he/she behave the way we behave and we don't like it about us.

We have an unconscious habit to imitate others, especially those we do not like. My wife told me imitating is innate. We use it to survive and learn at a very young age. But after a while, we must awake to this part of us...

Once, someone for who I have a great admiration told me this: 'You have to get rid of the oppressor dwelling in the oppressed in order to get rid of the oppression'. I remember a history in Brazil where the Portuguese imperialists were giving status and responsibilities to the ones who were the most rebellious among the Angolan slaves. Not all the time, but often, once in charge of the camp, the new 'little boss' was more violent and cruel toward his own people than the Portuguese themselves. It is a shocking fact, but very real and it draws a good picture at how we do imitate the ones we like to hate.

We often talk about the Elite of our world, but we are, very often ourselves, elitists. Naturally, we judge and select. We segregate and follow the best. We gratify the success and punish the failures. Of course, the system which we were born in educates us to do so. But it doesn't mean we have no responsibility in this issue. Quite the opposite, we have a power to change it, by being aware of it first!

This explains why the Elite is always and still in control. We can get rid of them, but if we are not aware of this unconscious habit, we will see a new wave of elites taking place because we unconsciously ask for it…

This is at large scale, but it is also true at the individual scale. Look at how you behave with your surrounding, you will be surprised how we are deeply indoctrinated. Balance would ask we give a reward to the success, but also a good support to the failure. So the words "success and failure" would receive their true meaning. Instead of being polarized and opposite, they would be balanced and complementary...

To this, I will add this vison Vissaeus an Andromedan had about us Humans: "Responsible freedom of self-determination becoming truly self-confident and free. To unconditionally be responsible for yourself without being coerced by some other authority." So be it...

Namaste, Steven

Steven 10-02-2009 01:42 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

When you observe the Universe we live in, you see that everything evolves, be it at large scale like the Milky Way or at small scale like DNA. The natural course of all things in existence is to evolve, to interact with its surrounding like in a dance with countless dancers at every levels.

The Existence is dynamic. When an opposed force tend to stop the evolution of one creature, an unbalance appears, a dis-ease. This is the essence of the intervention of dark forces upon Earth and Humanity. The will of the Elite, servants of this dark force, is to prevent us from evolving, not to say devolving. Reversing the natural course of Existence needs a tremendous focus. But its their plan.

Because all Creation is interlocked like wheels of an old swiss watch. They think reversing the evolution of Humanity and planet Earth by controlling their souls will generate a global effect from here to the Galaxy like a cancer would spread out. Tyranny might spread out this way all over Milky Way according to their intelligence.

That is why knowing their presence, their plan and their means is important. By knowing these information, we may intentionally refocus our consciousness toward the opposite direction. If one follows all that comes from the system (especially the mega companies) this person slow down his/her evolution and slowly becomes easily manipulated...

Evolution is the reason we are here. We are made to evolve, meaning we are made to change. It is hard to accept, because we like comfort and stability. We see change has a treat to our stability. But it is not. When change comes from within, in harmony with evolution, it does not shaken stability, quite the opposite. It rooted us firmly with Existence.

Namaste, Steven

TruthWillSetUFree 10-02-2009 02:39 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Thank you Steven for such an excellent and timely post!

Much Love & Light to you always,

Steven 10-03-2009 01:49 AM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Hello dear Truth, thank you for your kindness, you are a rainbow who does not need rain to shine its colors!

The Presence within

First of all, I make this sharing for only one reason, it is very rare that we find this kind of information because even if many does have this kind of experience, it is still very personal and even hard to describe. But I do it for those interested in trying to make contact with your Spirit. It is only a small part of the whole, but I want to share it...

I was quite young the first time I noticed it was into me. Since then, I am simply refining my relation...

Some call it Higher self, Spirit, Knowledge, etc... There is many name, but the presence is the same. Personally, I call it my spirit, my beloved, my mentor.

When I dialogue with it, I do not hear a voice. But rather feel a presence, I feel a thought, I like to use this expression "Direct Cognition". I say feel because it does not come from my mind, but from my heart. I really make a sharp distinction between the thought of my mind, the voice of my ego, and the symbolism/thought form the presence within uses with me. Because the sources are not located at the same place.

My Ego will talk, I can almost hear it, it is in my head.

My Spirit will send me a mixture of thought/feeling coming from my heart, or better put, the center of my being. Half way between the feeling's source and the thought's source. It is subtle, soft and peaceful.

The effect of talking with my Spirit calms me down. Not only my body, but my mind becomes very peaceful. It uses my own personal symbolism to communicate, not all the time, but often.

Sometimes, I feel the presence is multiple. Like if it was a group of beings, not often, but sometimes. When it happens, the message is very special for me at that moment.

Most of the times, I am the one who sends the call. Usually, the answer is not long after. It all depends on me and my own predisposition. Of course, being alone and quiet helps, but it is not necessary to get in contact with my Spirit. I can even contact it while I'm talking to someone else, for a blessing for example.

What amazes me is the relevancy of the answers. The wisdom is so deep it always surprises me. It can not comes from me, I tell myself. Well, not my Ego for sure.

Sometimes the presence is only there, not talking, not communicating, just there. I feel its presence and it roots me into the moment. Sometimes it is there in a form of a knowledge, or better put, a certitude. Something I know it will happen, something I feel like I always knew. Then after several years, it is there, right under my eyes. When it happens, I know it was from my Spirit and I can trust it.

It never, ever, deceived me. It has always been right on anything. Even the things I had hard time to accept were proven true after a while. Even the things that my Spirit told me and I was not able to receive or accept kept returning to me, until I simply surrender and accepted it. Then the result was always amazingly good. I was laughing at myself how stubborn I was to prevent myself from being free. Unconsciously, I preferred to be stuck into nonsense than being free to evolve into some new experiences.

The other thing interesting I noticed is that often, even if I ask my Spirit many questions, it does not choose to answer right away the answer I am looking for. Rather it stay quiet and soon after I come across something that will trigger an understanding. Other times the answer is clear and right away.

Many understanding about Life came by living and observing Life itself, while asking for guidance to my Spirit. Being father just made me understand so many things about Life. It was needed for my own evolution, I was there ready to jump. And this call came form my Spirit.

The presence within is always there. It is always present. We are the ones who are not always predispose to make the connection. It is there, it is Stillness...

I have read something so true today, here is how I will end this post:

"Mankind must realize that is power lies in the stillness of his center Self and not in the means by which he manifests that stillness."

Here is a precious, very precious piece of work I consider it a marvel, it is all about getting in contact with the Spirit within: http://www.newmessage.org/books/steps-to-knowledge.php

Namaste, Steven

Mystic Pilgrim 10-03-2009 08:15 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Hi Steven!

Your thread is mighty helpful and applicable to a lot of us who are looking for our Spirit, our Higher Selves. Thank you for a most informative thread.

By the way, I was just wondering by what form do you normally get your answers from Spirit? A voice in your mind, pictures passing through your mind?

I've been praying to my Spirit for the past month or so, in my wakeful moments, and I seem to be having problems hearing that voice again. Don't know why; not sure if it was the change of domicile. Or is it just me?

Have you experienced that before?

Any suggestions?


Mystic Pilgrim

Phtha 10-03-2009 08:44 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
Here is an audio segment from a great book called Wisdom of the Mystic Masters, by Joseph J. Weed, author and out spoken Rosicrucian.

This clip talks about the law that energy follows your attention, and the importance of focusing your attention on things of a high vibratory rate. For those interested in learning more I would highly recommend picking the book up and giving it a read through.

Steven 10-03-2009 10:33 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

Originally Posted by Mystic Pilgrim (Post 174497)
Hi Steven!

Your thread is mighty helpful and applicable to a lot of us who are looking for our Spirit, our Higher Selves. Thank you for a most informative thread.

By the way, I was just wondering by what form do you normally get your answers from Spirit? A voice in your mind, pictures passing through your mind?

I've been praying to my Spirit for the past month or so, in my wakeful moments, and I seem to be having problems hearing that voice again. Don't know why; not sure if it was the change of domicile. Or is it just me?

Have you experienced that before?

Any suggestions?


Mystic Pilgrim

Hello Mystic Pilgrim. I am glad my sharing is appreciated, it is a pleasure. I will answer your questions dear.

"What form do you normally get your answers from Spirit? A voice in your mind, pictures passing through your mind?"

Most of the time, it is a mixture of a voice/thought/feeling. I will give you an example. When I have read your post, I have asked to my Spirit, may you guide me for an answer? The thought that came to my mind was a composite of many steps to do in order to fulfill my own intend. First, read many times her post to memories it well and understand well her perspective. Then, get away form the computer and go back to your family holding her question in incubation at the back of your mind. While doing this, be aware of what might come up relevant to this question. Wait for the inspiration and when you feel you are ready to answer, go and do it. All this came in one thought with a feeling of certitude it was the best way I could handle it.

Most of the time it is this way, a mixture of many ideas coming up in a whole package with a feeling according to the question. I really sense this form of communication coming from my center being, physically, not my mind. At a young age, it was hard to me to make a distinction, but now, it is getting easier. Sometimes, it uses my own personal symbolism. Sometimes, it is almost exclusively a strong feeling. In my case, intuition is almost exclusively made of feelings.

"I've been praying to my Spirit for the past month or so, in my wakeful moments, and I seem to be having problems hearing that voice again. Don't know why; not sure if it was the change of domicile. Or is it just me?

Have you experienced that before?

Any suggestions?"

You got the answers. If I may point out that you already told me some good hints. Yes, it is you dear. Spirit is always there, stillness it is... If you feel it might be because of change of domicile, then it is a good indication. Are you more stressed/nervous then before? Maybe you need to root yourself into some peace in order to get back again into communication with your Spirit. It might only ask of you to take a longer time to calm down your mind than you used to do, before saying "Hi" to your Spirit.

Yes I have experienced it before. For two reasons. The first was because I was more stressed. My day-to-day life was asking me a lot and I had not much time to calm down. The second reason was that my Spirit was silent because of the kind of questions I was asking. It happens often, but it does not last long. I understand my Spirit wants me to make my steps, live my experiences instead of giving me answers without doing my part. It also might be this in your case. See, we are here to evolve and learn, some lesson or evolution only can come by living, experiencing...

I hope it helped.

Namaste, Steven

Steven 10-03-2009 10:38 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

Originally Posted by Phtha (Post 174504)
Here is an audio segment from a great book called Wisdom of the Mystic Masters, by Joseph J. Weed, author and out spoken Rosicrucian.

This clip talks about the law that energy follows your attention, and the importance of focusing your attention on things of a high vibratory rate. For those interested in learning more I would highly recommend picking the book up and giving it a read through.
YouTube - Esoteric Wisdom: Exercise to Open your Heart Center/Chakra

Thank you so much Phtha. I will gladly listen to this soon and come back to you for my appreciation.

Edit: I have listened to the presentation. I agree with the information, but I feel like being brainwashed while watching it. The colorful text and the electronic voice... I would prefere reading the book.

Namaste, Steven

Steven 10-06-2009 12:53 PM

Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows
The Ascension:

In my opinion, the source of many themes and ideas about ascension comes from the Mayan people. Now, I have read and listened to many altered explanations on the Mayan calendar. I would like to share my own perspective about it.

There are many Mayan calendars. The one I will talk about is not often mentioned, but certainly very significant for our time.

Carl Johan Calleman is the man who has really drawn my attention to the Mayans some years ago. I came back to him last year and saw some new development on his website. He is at the source of many theories and ideas about the Mayans calendar.

We often see "2012" thrown here and there, but we got to take a good look at its origin before making assumption about "End of the world" theories and all the "calamities" that follow these ideas. Because when you see the Mayan calendar at a closer look, and really dig into the meaning behind their written culture, you discover a way to look at the evolution of the Human race that really encompass our history and give a good hint at what is coming in a near future.

The Pyramid of the Evolution of the Human Consciousness



I will not enter in details. I will rather give all the links below for all to read more in depth about the Pyramid of Evolution.

What it says, is that we are at the end of a 16.4 billions years evolution of Consciousness. Every single step is a shift in Consciousness, an evolution. We are currently at the 8th step and will enter the last step in 2011. The end of this long lasting evolution is 21/12/2012. Every step of evolution last for a shorter time than its precedent. This is the acceleration we feel today.

At the end of this Evolution of Consciousness, a New Human will be. It does not mean we will see people running around doing miracles and flying in the air at the end of 2012. It is not sharply cut with a knife, one day your numb the other day your omniscient. It will be progressive, but also exponential.

It will be a Humanity with an awareness of its own power of creation. Aware that consciousness itself creates realities. Aware that emotions and thoughts are indeed powerful gifts to creates realities and experiences. Aware of the Universal Laws by which all is created and manifested. Aware of our real history, aware of the greater community in our galaxy, aware that our near future is in the stars. Aware that a small group of controllers have manipulated us during centuries. And Aware we are a family who must unite under larger Principles of Life in order to assure a solid base for our children to evolve.

This is what the Mayans calendar are all about. This is no prophecy, this is simply understanding how evolution works. In this, I see no polar shift, no devastation, no calamity, no war, no slavery... These ideas are totally opposed to what the Pyramid of Evolution is showing us. No wonder from whom they are originated... And for what purpose...

Be aware on what you are maintaining your focus...

Here are the links:

Calleman official website: http://www.calleman.com/

His Mayan calendar portal: http://www.maya-portal.net/welcome

Here is his blog: http://www.maya-portal.net/blog/8

Here is a very interesting blog Mr. Calleman have made not so long ago about some people trying to seed the mayan 2012 calendar with calamities:

''The Prophets Bonanza – The Approach to the Mayan End Date

It seems that at this particular time in the sixth DAY of the Galactic Underworld the discussion intensifies regarding the meaning of the Mayan calendar end date and of course its exact timing. Some people are making claims of being Maya-based prophets or even speaking on behalf of the Mayan people and its council of elders. I take it that for many who like myself have not have had the privilege of studying the Mayan calendar in depth the hearing and reading of this may be very bewildering as they shop around for the truth about “2012”. All kinds of different suggestions are made regarding the time ahead. The Annunaki are coming, there will be a geomagnetic pole shift, a galactic alignment will change everything, a shift in consciousness and volcanic eruptions. Some say that we are going into a special section of the galaxy where everything is speeding up and others that solar flares will intensify. And many of these purported events will take place on December 21, 2012 pretty much out of the blue. It is thus a time of bonanza for all kinds of prophets that not rarely misrepresent who they are and their relationships to the contemporary Maya.

For me, as a professional and accomplished scientist working to elucidate the higher meaning of the Mayan calendar, most of the above suggestions are mildly put irrelevant and are completely outside of any logical context of understanding. The only Mayan inscription about the end date talks of the descent of Nine cosmic energies and not about solar flares pole shifts. Many of these geological or astronomical ideas are simply invented by a bandwagon of purported 2012 experts, who simply have to come up with something special in order to carve out a niche for themselves and it is like they are not really taking our current situation seriously. They will sometimes refer to scientists that supposedly support their claims, maybe in Russian or Norwegian journals that neither they nor their fans have read or can read. When you hear a New Age prophet say that there are scientists backing their claims you can be almost certain that these scientists are saying exactly the opposite to what is claimed. In what they are the model of nine underworlds and thirteen heavens different from this plethora of ideas. I think in two ways.
First of all, being a professional scientist I have a code of honor preventing me from just making things up. True, not every scientist can be trusted, but it is not so common that professional scientists want to dishonor their heritage. Secondly, it is really irrelevant who developed the model of nine underworlds and thirteen heavens, since everything in this model is empirically based. To accept this model you only need to know that the facts and logic are right. As long as people know some basic historic or biologic facts, or be willing to check their accuracy out, they may understand how the Mayan calendar works.

So when I see this whole range of mildly speaking irrelevant ideas serving to confuse people and divert them from preparing for the birth of a new world I of course have to decide what differences between the scientific model and the various purported events of a physical nature on December 21, 2012 are truly important and which ones are not. Is it for instance important to disprove the idea that the Annunaki is coming? Is it important to emphasize that there is no indication that a geomagnetic pole shift is coming in the next few years? Is it important to point out that no Mayan text talks about a galactic alignment? Is it important to inform people as to the real background to the Dreamspell calendar? Is it not possible to let people believe in whatever they like regardless of if this an obvious hoax or not? Can I not just say that ”something” will happen in a ”window” of time between now and 2015?

The reason I am so emphatic that the end of the Mayan energies is on October 28, 2011 is that if people think it is December 21, 2012 they will simply miss out on co-creating the process. And the choice to make regarding this co-creation is something that several indigenous traditions say people have to do, and obviously have to make in time. I also am adamant that what will happen is in the evolution of consciousness the reason being that it will be very disempowering for people if they are to look for some kind of astronomical and geological event, when in actuality what is happening is with the people themselves.
So this is my rule of thumb: If some 2012 idea leads people away from consciously co-creating the new world in time, then I think it is important to clarify the fallacies in that idea.
But I would like to open this up to discussion. Provided that you agree with me that we will now be given the opportunity to be co-creators in the birth of a new world what is it really important to stand for and what can be ignored in the current Prophets Bonanza? What are your rules of thumb?

Seattle, August 30 (4 Chuen)
Carl Johan Calleman'' end of the quote.

So according to Mr. Calleman, the real important date here is: 28 October 2011, this will be the date of co-creating a new world, not 21/12/2012. At that time, it will be too late...

Now, you see how important it becomes to imagine a good future between 28/10/2011 and 21/12/2012. If the seeds of calamity are strong enough in the people's mind between these date of ultimate co-creation, then at 21/12/2012 and afterward, we might get these calamities indeed...

And finally, here is more in depth details about the Pyramid of consciousness: http://www.calleman.com/content/pyra...sciousness.htm

Namaste, Steven

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