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Merlin 09-15-2008 01:14 AM

Please post here if from Ireland
Howaya Pilgrim, Howaya Connec, Howaya everybody else from Ireland.

If we are trying to get a group together would it not be a good idea to post everything on the same thread.
This is in the Ground crew section after all and there should'ent be different subjects here. It's about getting together no? If it carries on the way its started there's gonna be hundreds of different threads all in the IRELAND section. If you wanna discuss other subjects other than organisation, there are plenty of topics elsewhere on the forum. Can we agree on this?

response please!!!


pilgrim 09-15-2008 02:37 PM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
:gathering: I think you have a point there Merlin. Anything relating to the Ireland group, i.e, setting up topics for discussion regarding news at home, meeting places, chatroom, etc, should check into this thread and use here as a starting point, otherwise we'll go off on so many tangents, we'll lose the plot. Hopefully some others will contribute to this topic and we can get a concensus of opinion, instead of just browsing/grazing like sheeple.
Hope this comment rattles somebodys cage. :wink2:

Bodhran 09-15-2008 08:54 PM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
Howdy lads, ladies, spirit forms,
good to see there are some people awake in Oireland! Just saying hi for now. I live in Dublin and don't reallyknow anyone besides my girlfriend and my mum that have a clue what goes on in the world besides football and eastenders!
As regards all posting on one thread, it's going to be a pretty long thread in a couple of weeks don't you think?? There are going to be specific topics relevant to our country that you won't find on the other threads, how to hotwire massey fergusons , who can make brennans bread and the like.Seriously though I know what you mean all right but that may only work if all we do is say hello and organise to meet up. Just a thought,Going for a walk round the new forum now, chat soon.:original:

pilgrim 09-15-2008 09:53 PM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
" I understand that:-
1. I am a part of the whole and that everything and everybody is connected.
2. We are all working out our own Karma, and as such nobody is "wrong".
3. We reincarnate as many times as we want in order to work out our path.
4. Earth is being prepared to move to the next dimension.

Given these assumptions to be true, I have to ask the questions:-
1. Why is there a them & us?, aren't they part of the whole?
2. If it doesn't matter if we die, why "fight" for survival?
3. For those of us who aren't "indigo" or "crystal" wouldn't it be better to get this life out of the way so that we can reincarnate as one of them.
4. Wont the earth shift dimension regardless?

Sorry if I sound niaive, but there's a whole lot of stuff that doesn't make sense to me, so any explanations would be good.
Alternatively, if I have got it wrong, what really is happening? " Posted by Wrazzle.

Your understandings.
In my opinion, your 1st point I agree with, we are all connected.

The 2nd point conflicts with the Law of Attraction, ie, we create our reality with our intentions. Now that is rather long to go into in this brief reply, but deeper understanding of this law would, to me, make Karma a contradiction to this law. ( See Bronte Baxter's blog on this and other writers ).
The 3rd point, No, we don't re-incarnate as "often as we like". We re-incarnate whether we like it or not until we get it right. I have to agree with John Lear on this one, learn to live with integrity,unconditional love, wisdom etc.
The 4th point I'm still working on, therefore my comment is not worth tuppence. (probably like the rest of the commentary so far)., but, looking around me, people are becoming more aware of 'something' happening, I know I can feel it. Being intellectually aware and actually Feeling and being that change are two different things entirely. You have to live the change.

Your assumptions;
1 We are whole, with individual consciousness. Fear, different levels awareness, lack of understanding of the the true nature of all beings and on and on.
Like a cancer cell not realising that it's part of the same body and tries to overthrow what it perceives as the 'enemy'., the body. But it's been proven again and again., loving thoughts focused on those cancerous cells can heal them. If not, then both the body and cancer die. That is why we re-incarnate..we are the cancer cells learning to be healthy and until then we can't become one with the rest of the body..otherwise we would destroy it. We are loved unconditionally by those that know how to..,that is why we are given so many chances to learn.,lifetime after lifetime. No chemotherapy to kill us spiritually..,just pure, patient, love.
2 If we don't fight for survival, then that is a form of suicide, capitulation to the task we are meant to learn. Thus we will face that task for infinity or until we learn the lesson. There is no easy way out. Spiritual tools are provided for us to use in learning these lessons. You have to be aware of the tools., then you have to learn how to use the tools first before doing any job. Life's a bitch kid! I'm supposed to be retired.
3 These 'new' kids on the block are spirits that progressed and earned that right, we were the slow learners, hopefully we'll graduate this time.
4 Physics and psychics are saying that there is an infinate number of dimensions. Seers are stating that we are in the midst of a change. That may well be, but if we are not preparing ourselves for that change in frequency/vibration which is occuring, then we will stay on the 'anologue' whilst the others go 'digital'. Same T.V, different channel. You can only change that by been more loving towards yourself...everything else is false. You can't give what you don't have!

There are some threads on this site somewhere about channelling, well worth the read.
Be very wary of people that state they are channelling 'spirit' messages. It will be more than likely 'Alien' telepathy, trying to keep us in our pastures grazing away like contented little future woolly socks. The 'Conversations With God' trilogy by Neale Donald Walsch is a case in point. In the middle of his 2nd book of the series, he said God was very pleased with George Bush senior and his work towards the NWO...give me a break!!
Anyway, you asked for opinions, this was/is mine. Sorry it was so bloody long. See ya!
Tom :sleep_1:

Bodhran 09-15-2008 10:21 PM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
Ahh ok I'll move over here so.:original: I concur with mr pilgrim on most things.
There's a ton of info and disinfo out there, I'd say most people who get to this forum have been trawling through it for years in one form or another.
Personally I believe that:
1.There's a bunch of mental people trying their best to start WW3
2.We are constantly evolving spirit forms (even the mental ones)
3.We are all at different stages of spiritual developement(especially the mental ones)
4.It may take a very very very very long time for us to spiritually evolve
5.I don't think we are going to ascend, what have we done to earn that?
6.There may be a galactic event occuring that may facilitate the advancement of spiritual awareness. ( passing through the galactic plane of our solar system,spritual energy radiating etc.. )
7.I don't think you can reincarnate as a more spiritually evolved being unless you have done the work to get there yourself. Don't rush headlong into the mushroom cloud if you know what I mean.
8.You have to trust your instincts, a lot of the info has truth mixed up with an unhealthy dose of ego and imagination.
9. Half the world is going to go feckin nuts during 2012 even if nothing tangible occurs purely because of the fact that they all expect something huge to happen.
10. That's if they don't blow us all to hell first.
11.Oh and there may be large celestial body passing through the solar system soon that will cause havoc around the world. But nobodys really sure about that.
12.Aliens. Who knows what the hell those guys are up to.
13. I'm moving to New Zealand next year. At least they get a decent summer.:biggrin2:

pilgrim 09-15-2008 10:31 PM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
Hiya Bodhran,
Great to see another that heard the alarm clock. You're a lucky man to have someone around you thats on the same wavelength.
Regarding using the one thread, it's a suggestion open for debate and of course you are right, it would become a very long thread after a while. But the way things are going, it'll be a long while, as people are not commenting or sharing there thoughts. Your post was a bit of fresh air..keep 'em coming and maybe we'll get some ideas on how to proceed.

Is there anyone else out there with some fresh ideas on how to proceed?
The quicker we get this thing rolling then the faster we can have a meet and get to know each other face to face, 'cos time is of the essence.

Bodhran 09-15-2008 10:51 PM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
Hi Pilgrim, cheers for the welcome.
I think if Ze Irish can do likewise and put a little blurb about whats going on for them it might be easier, everyone can see where they stand in relation to the other posters , might put people at ease.
I should have added that I'm studying the Billy Meier contact material myself. That is I believe in the concepts of creation and spirtual evolution he puts forth and I have some direct experience of these concepts through a spontaneous kundalini event that was rather cool.

pilgrim 09-15-2008 11:19 PM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
" I think if Ze Irish can do likewise and put a little blurb about whats going on for them it might be easier, everyone can see where they stand in relation to the other posters , might put people at ease. "

Bodhran, Could you explain what you mean by that a wee bit better, I'm a little slow on the mental agility side:lmao:

lock'N'load 09-15-2008 11:44 PM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
Howaye boys and girls.

Yup, agreed on that. We dont want things getting to scattered now or we'll end up with more division and i'll most likely end up controlin the smaller section. :lol3:

Yer the first group of people ive come accross on this wonderfull Island that have been exposed to the knowledge on Camelot and im a firm believer in the 'united we stand, divided we fall' saying so let me start by saying greetings to the lot of ye, im glad ye all found this place.

We all know that theres a lot of **** flying around the place and some feckers put a load of fans around the perimiter so the end results are pretty apparent already its just hard to know how that is going to effect us.

Id like to know what your all doing to get organised, it wouldnt be a bad idea to get to know each other and discuss what the future might hold and what may be in store for us irish men and woman. Ive always felt safe here myself, but thats not to say we wont have to deal with any unfortunate events.

pilgrim 09-15-2008 11:55 PM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
Personally L & L, I've done Feck all at the moment except look at the other sites to try an get a handle on what's going down.
I'm a bit disheartened with the lack of activity on the irish site, as i would like some more imput from others to bounce ideas around and get this thing up & running. But ye know what us Paddies are like. We're always the ones that turn the lights out 'cos everybody else has left while we are still scratching our ****'s.:mad3:

Bodhran 09-16-2008 12:54 AM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland

Originally Posted by pilgrim (Post 13681)
" I think if Ze Irish can do likewise and put a little blurb about whats going on for them it might be easier, everyone can see where they stand in relation to the other posters , might put people at ease. "

Bodhran, Could you explain what you mean by that a wee bit better, I'm a little slow on the mental agility side:lmao:

Sorry I meant if we all answer the "what do we think is going on" question, we'll get an Irish perspective on it and get to know a bit about the posters a bit as well.
Nighty night.:sleep_1:

conec 09-16-2008 12:55 AM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
hey guys, Good to see more people coming here all the time. My main issue is that I'm totally up for throwing ideas around and gathering information but at the same time i'm just a bit sick of sitting on my computer when I just think its time to have proper chats in person. I know we agree mostly on this, not everyone maybe but I feel like I cant really go much further with this until I have some proper contact with other people who give a ****. And of course getting to know everyone here first is good too but I just cant help the way I feel.

It does seem a bit daunting to meet a load of strangers but we're gonna have to get this show on the road (my own mental wranglings here, sorry)
I'd like to know what everyone plans are for preparing for whatever we think individually is most important, maybe then it would be a case of each person having different objectives which would come together as, I dunno, certain things we could each concentrate on........
Need to talk face to face.

conec 09-16-2008 01:07 AM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
hi to everyone again, am not very good at saying hi individually as its a bit hards to keep track of everyone :)

Right, well, gonna try and throw some stuff out there, I think Bodhrans idea of ech of us writing down what we think is goin on is a good idea.
I'm keeping my mind open and have decided that its all possible to varying degrees. Floods, economic collapse, lack of food. So I want to plan accordingly. I want to do research on areas of Ireland that would be worthwhile chaecking out. I would like to be methodical about this, maybe people with cars, we could do research, plan to go to certain palces and check them out. Share all our information on preparatory methods, (print outs etc) so we all have the same info.
Basics like shelter, food storage.
Thats about it for now.

pilgrim 09-16-2008 01:30 AM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
Aye, it may be a good idea to give individual perspectives as to what we think is going on. There's so much happening, you wouldn't know where to start. So I'm going to sleep on it & post on it tomorrow :sleep_1:

Merlin 09-16-2008 01:52 AM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
Howayiz folks,

I started this thread with the intention of it being a thread about organisation,
Getting ourselves together as a group. One subject only. We can all start other threads in the IRELAND section or anywhere else about other subjects.
Like I said Lets have one thread about meeting up and getting organised as a group. Arranging meetings and the like, setting date's and places, yeah?

Let me try something.

Reply to this post if you are willing to meet with me somewhere / sometime in the future yet to be decided, lets see how many reply in the positive and we'll take it from there ok?


conec 09-16-2008 02:03 AM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
Count me in. Week day evenings, afternoons. Usually leave Dublin at weekends.

lock'N'load 09-16-2008 02:12 AM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
Indeed, personal meetings would be the order of the day in my opinion, much more could be achieved that way. And building personal trust and personal relationships is going to be important in the future and theres no better way to do that then face to face.

Can i ask ye all where ye are located? I'm located in the west meself, but i couldnt go trecking all the way across the country every week, id be up for meeting you guys somewhere in the middle.
It wouldnt be a bad idea to make a day of it neither, i mean if were gonna go to the hassle in the first place.

Also, might i suggest agreeing on a plan of action or discussion here before we actually meet up. We could make much better progress that way.
Its important we all try and figure out what the future holds for us guys and girls here in Ireland, im damn sure that if i was living in America id know exactly what to do but i just dont know what we are gonna be faced with.

I'll be here everyday for a chat because this is important to me and i really wanna get this show on the road. Im sick sittin on me **** and ive absorbed enough information at this stage, its time for a bit of action.

lock'N'load 09-16-2008 02:23 AM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
A few more things that might be have some significance ;

Since i was 8 ive read every single text i can on survival and 'living off the land'. Ive a mine of texts here guys so if your interested drop me a private message and ill sort ye out.
Theres also a database of this kinda stuff at http://www.textfiles.com/ its well worth a look.

My dad has a farm of 110 acres which will be passed to me in time. I was thinking that if **** really did hit the fan in a big way i would try to organise a community there, but thats only if a really big **** hits the fan. A base like that would be essential. Growing our own food and living self sustainably could be a possible necesity.

I'm knackered now so i'll come back tomorrow and see can i think of anything else to add.

nite folks

Merlin 09-16-2008 02:50 AM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland

Originally Posted by conec (Post 13931)
Count me in. Week day evenings, afternoons. Usually leave Dublin at weekends.

Conec, I belive you said you live in leopardstown.
Well I live In Dunlaoire.
Weekday afternoons sound good to me,
How about a coffe or a pint just for a meet n greet.
It would be good for more Dubs to get involved here so if you just happen to be reading posts and not posting or replying, nows the time to get serious about this. Bite the bullet people, what have yez got to lose, c'mon get posting, we can't be the only Dubs looking at this forum.
Conec no doubt you've read Lock'n'Loads post on this, you say you leave Dublin on weekends, go anywhere near the West?

Things are coming to a head lads, Its Time for action!


mopbucket 09-16-2008 06:32 AM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
i would love to meet up, if you start talking about this stuff here where i live they just look at you as if your nuts . younger ones well in my experience dont care , my kids 15+ 13 are exposed to this but for fear of ridcule they dont say anything to their mates, they are still at the age where they care what their mates think. but i have noticed that they get bored with them easily and always come home early they dont like to do the normal hanging on street corners,smoking and drinking like their peers. i just hope that all this exposure is not turning them into recluses ha ha but seriously i have found that i dont socialise as much i get terribly bored and uncomfortable with friends that as a previous poster said talk about emmerdale, big brother and all that rubbish, bitch and gossip about their work etc etc they have not a clue and dont want to know and i find that i am distancing myself from them ,i would love to meet with you guys. too many around here where i live are stuck in the past with past resentments still strong, i didnt want my kids to be influenced by that stuff and i brought them up to think different, to not care what or who others are and that we are all the same. there is so much out there no one is 100% right or wrong and i think it would be great to meet up and learn and share experiences and info, though i would love a cool group name+matching tshirts etc lol !!!!!

wrazzle 09-16-2008 11:38 AM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland

I'm okay for meeting up, I live in Belfast but have car and can travel. In fact I'm heading to Donegal this week sometime, and the weekend of 4th October.


conec 09-16-2008 11:55 AM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
I go to Cork, am from Cork. Gonna leave my no. 086 2492635 Any of ye can buz me or txt me.
Will be in Dunlaoghre later today.

pilgrim 09-16-2008 01:05 PM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
I was thinking, maybe if we meet in several different locations, say four, to begin with this week, as an informal get to know ye type thing. Set up a regional agenda of topics to be dicussed at a national meeting to be held the week after at this meet. The day after the regional meetings, topics to be discussed will be posted on here, narrowed down by consensus of the group as a whole, then what ever topics for the agenda we come up with will be discussed at the national group meeting.
Otherwise it would just deteriorate into a mish-mash of ideas with no concrete outcome.
I for one detest formallity, but unfortunately, some sort of organising has to set in place.
Some noses may be put out by suggestions, but please keep in mind Unity is the key. That doesn't mean we can't argue and debate ( In fact it's necessary ), but be mature and reasoned. We are all in this together and must not think of selfish motives, but the common good of the group as a whole.
Travel to the place most convenient to where you would consider as your region. For instance, I live in Belfast, but if the majority of people up North here suggest Cookstown or Dungannon because it's central, that's fine. But let's have suggestions, then make a deadline...,say Thursday, to close and arrive at the decision.
So get off your **** and start making decisions folks.
The first decision to be made is; Where is your region and where would you find convenient to meet, (within reason). When you have made your mind up on this.., post it here for all to see. That way we can get an idea of numbers involved in the regions and plan accordingly.

Now these are only my opinions, and I won't be the least bit insulted by the idotic,argumentative feckers that disagree,:mad3: so please...,pull these ideas apart, but at least get on your keyboard and do something. let's have yours and get this thing going. Good luck to you all. Tom :thumb_yello:

lock'N'load 09-16-2008 06:11 PM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
I wrote something earlier on in my rant diary because i was ****** off and needed to vent.

I'll copy and paste a few of my points.

Now keep in mind, this is all considering a positive outcome (ie - no big war, apocalypse etc -Something ive been considering-)

Beware, i wrote this in the throws of passion, take what you want from it.


What can we do for OUR country.

what can WE do to change our little cornor on this planet?
This is where we must begin. We must begin by changing our own little Island and become an example for the world, we must begin by offering the people something real. Not empty promises of better healthcare or education. Teach them that they have the ability to heal THEMSELVES! Lets take back control of our educational systems! Let us teach our children, let us educate them in truth, tell them the wonders of the universe and the potential of human kind. For too long we have let other people control how our children think and what they think, and what is acceptable to think. Its time for us to make a stand and say NO to this ********, its time to form groups of people and talk about what we can really do. Take action, travel the country and dedicate ourselves to the future of our children. I for one REFUSE!! to bring a child into this world until my fellow people wake up and take back control of their lives. Would you dump your child into a pit of flesh eating bugs!? His torment wouldnt last so long.
We must do this one by one, if we can reform our educational systems then we can teach our children the PROPER way to think. Not turn them into mindless zombies capable only of reciting lies out of books that they are told to take at face value.
Teach them about their spirituality.
Teach them the power of love.
Teach them to treat others how they would like to be treated.
Teach them how they can manifest their lives through such simple process's.
Teach them the laws of the universe
Teach them things that will have VALUE for them.
Teach them about their devine essence and the power they each hold within their hearts.
Show them the value of happiness and the beauty of love.
Show them that they have a choice, everyone has a choice. Theres not one person who will chose fear and hatred over love and acceptance once they have experienced the two.
Show them that the reason our youth are so corrupt and violent is because of the information they have been exposed to through countless hours of media exposure! A child of 12 years of age will have witnessed over 200,000 violent deaths through their television. NO WONDER THE ARE KILLING EACH OTHER!
Show them that the reason they are getting sick is because they are vibrating at a lower frequency and eating the wrong foods.
Show them that AIDS is a manmade virus.
I'm sick of the lies and im sick of this heirachial system that we live in where you have no status unless you have money. We are at a stage where we make kings out of those who have wealth, yet those with nothing are 'bums'. Those who help others get no respect. *******s are deemed worthy of our love.

If we can take back our education systems and if we can take back our control of what our children watch on television then we have won half the battle.

Who will help me!? Who will dedicate their lives to this!? Is this not worth fighting for? Is our children not worth fighting for?

I for one am making a stand! but i cannot do this alone, and it cannot be done half heartidly. I will live for this cause and i will die for it. I dont want riches, and i dont want a big house. I want my race of people to open up their minds and open up their hearts and realise their true essence, and BE their true essence.

But i cannot do this alone. It is time to do something, it is time to form groups, it is time to dedicate your life to this noble cause, because if you wont do it -NO ONE- will.

lock'N'load 09-16-2008 06:14 PM

Re: Please post here if from Ireland
If Hitler thought me anything it was ; "Get em while their young"

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