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Christo888 03-06-2010 09:22 PM

The cool part is…
As one begins to wake up and look around
The world is no longer what it could’ve been
As the path that unfolded went the wrong way
Thoughts of dismay fill the mind
A feeling of sadness fills the heart
And a sense of disconnect is noticed in the root

But then a strange warm fuzzy begins to grow
And sparkly microbursts of lights flash on all around
A new awakening germinates from deep inside
As flesh and bone are seen in a reflection with a different view
An awareness of self connected to a whole somewhere is thought
A journey of miracles to reach this pinnacle becomes the awe

Finally reaching a dimension to experience what solidified Light is like
A moment in time that offers a luxury of manifested creation
A planet that supplies the grounding tool for such to occur
You cannot create in Space and you cannot create if you are the Light alone
Only a physical dimension is a canvas for your thoughts made real
Each is a journey of the I AM

A very long journey
With many memories of travels throughout lifetimes reaching for something
For something not understood yet the pinging perseverance pushing through the hidden
The desire again and again to become flesh in a dimension
A dimension that is full of darkness yet an availability of potential just the same
An envy fills the air of all other Light consciousness’ standing by waiting their turn

Oh to have an opportunity to finally Know what the creation of solidified Light feels like
To be in the flesh and yet not of the flesh
But the realization of an I AM fragment being aware of itself in the flesh
From darkness to desire to Light to flesh to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell creation
A physical creation made of thoughts out of Light captured in Time and vibration
An adventure of experience using freewill to decide independently of an outcome

…only in the darkness does the light desire to come forth to become!

Light becomes physical-physical becomes Light or physical becomes dark, freewill choice; Potential or Entropy. Understanding knowledge turned into wisdom unfolds the path back to Light, but with consciousness intact to become a creator being. Yet the dark is standing at the ready to absorb one back to the infinite at any moment in order to provide the opportunity to try it again if at first one did not succeed!!!!!

This life is what you've got right now; give this lifetime the best shot you've got.

hippihillbobbi 03-13-2010 08:11 AM

Re: The cool part is…
I agree wholeheartedly, Christos ....... This Is the Cool Part!!!

Thanks so much for sharing.


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