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GregorArturo 01-02-2010 05:35 AM

Rodin Coil Redesigned - A New Approach to Vortex Theory
Good evening one and all! I was hoping to have my latest work published today as a lovely surprise for all of you on the new year, but it may be delayed until later this evening or tomorrow. So I felt like throwing up a post here on Avalon to get some minds and energetic juices going.

So let's get down and dirty, and start with a brief summary with my latest research that I will be releasing in a full report (which I was planning on doing as the ten page report may bore some of you).

1.) The Rodin coil is based on pentagonal symmetry. This is the BIG deal to understanding how to make the coil more efficient, and understanding how the vortices it creates interacts with its environment. You can see how this laid out in the diagram below.

2.)The coil should not be wound with copper. It is diamagnetic. That basically means the material impedes the flow of the coil. A ferromagnetic or paramagnetic material must be used. Thus being, aluminum for several reasons is perfect for this purpose. Aluminum in itself has interesting effects when it comes to torsion fields.

3.) The coil can be made much more efficient by using fractal principles (relating to pentagonal geometry). This involves using opposing rotation vortices to increase the energy in the system.

4.)The use of specific materials to construct the coil as described previously with the aluminum wire. The toroids alternate in material as they go down in levels within the fractal structure. One level consists of ferromagnetic and/or paramagnetic materials, while another level consists of diamagnetic materials. A liquid diamagnetic substance may prove most useful as the material can form the actual geometry of a vortex. Water, melted bismuth (melts only at 520 deg F), or mercury could prove useful for this. Orgonite construction techniques are also plausible.

5.)The invisible third wire of the system should actually be wound, also with aluminum. This is because the energy will conduct must easier through it over air, plain and simple. Air tends to be paramagnetic, due to oxygen, but hydrogen and nitrogen are not. This does not mean you push electricity through the third wire. It will still do it on its own, just much more easily.

6.)There is also specific dimensions/ratios to design the toroids to make the energy fluxuate the most natural. This is also how the pentagonal geometry fits into play with this.

7.)For several reasons, I believe this coil is not used for free energy, but for antigravity. It is an engine, just like a hurricane. Same exact principles. I'll explain this later.

The diagram below shows only one set of the winding in red. The five dark green toroids around the center would be a diamagnetic material. Donuts within dounts. Within those toroids (this is not shown) five smaller toroids can be placed which have to either of ferromagnetic or paramagnetic material. This process can of course be repeated on theoretically forever. The light blue circle represents how the center circle/vortex actually expands (part of vortex theory) and intermeshes with the other opposing vortices.


Oh, and the really cool part. There's a second coil. Same principles. But different design. TRIADic design. And this I theorize is your free energy beauty. I'll save that for the report. I plan to send the report to Nassim Haramein and Marko Rodin, along with publish it on the forum. Hopefully something remarkable can manifest. Feel free to ask questions. There's much more detail in my report with illustrations to explain, but I will still answer any questions even if you don't feel up to reading the report. Namaste.

Flying Pyramid 01-02-2010 06:21 AM

Re: Rodin Coil Redesigned - A New Approach to Vortex Theory
Great to see you again Gregor.
I see you've continued with your work, exellent!
See ya around brother. :smoke:

GBe 01-02-2010 06:13 PM

Re: Rodin Coil Redesigned - A New Approach to Vortex Theory
It is time to un-suppress this technology and finish what Tesla and Victor
Schauberger started. I'm looking fwd to your posting of the details.

morguana 01-04-2010 09:41 PM

Re: Rodin Coil Redesigned - A New Approach to Vortex Theory
Looking forward to your up dates,
and would love to read more about this
M x

Sollve 01-24-2010 07:13 PM

Re: Rodin Coil Redesigned - A New Approach to Vortex Theory

The first time a saw Marko Rodin talking was in a video which starts with Marko saying that he can create a black hole on the top of his desk, and he truly inspired me with his talk. I just felt there is something about this that is truly revolutionary.

I've built a coil, with copper windings (!), after reading this I probably should have used something else.. I made a 360 degree coil and have experimented a bit with it.

I'm no tehnichian so everything I do is more or less intuition based, I also lack for example an oscilloscope.

I had this vision that if I was able to start a vortex in the middle of the coil I could put on a load and maintain that vortex just through the load and be able to cut the input. It worked in my imagination, but not in reality. It felt so right and in my thought it wouldn't matter if you pushed or pulled the elecrons through the coil. Very well.. I guess friction is a problem in this case so maybe it would work better with extremely high voltages at low amps or perhaps if the load were somehow in sync with the input so the coil wouldn't know the difference.

Just thought i would share a little about this extremely interesting technology and I'm looking forward to follow your work.

All the best!

giovonni 01-24-2010 07:21 PM

Re: Rodin Coil Redesigned - A New Approach to Vortex Theory
I see the New England winter has you back at your work~bench:thumb_yello:

GregorArturo 01-24-2010 08:08 PM

Re: Rodin Coil Redesigned - A New Approach to Vortex Theory
I'm not in New England, I'm in Arizona staying with a good friend :wink2: I'm learning a lot here, and have been the most grounded I've been in a long time. Today, I am going to the store to buy some supplies. The work begins today.

Phtha 01-24-2010 09:56 PM

Re: Rodin Coil Redesigned - A New Approach to Vortex Theory
Thanks for this GregorA I look forward to the full report and I hope all manifests well for you.

I find it interesting how a 12 pointed star, the red winding, creates perfect parallel line every 7th angle. Why do you use a 12 point winding? And I'm guessing that switching from dia to para or ferromagnetic will make this coil 'roughly speaking' act like a capacitor but using magnetics rather then static?

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