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K626 12-05-2008 04:57 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Astralwalker (Post 91238)
Thanks guys. I really appreciate.

Many thanks to Abha, She-Ra, K626, TruthWillSetUFree, Orion11, Feardia, Borrasca2012, Luminari and Deathstar.

Respect to you all,

PS. Let there be Light.

We create it as it creates us.:wub2:

Astralwalker 12-06-2008 12:49 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Thanks Mntruthseeker. I really appreciate. :cheers:


K626 >> We create it as it creates us.


enemyofNWO 12-06-2008 01:52 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Hi Astralworker ,

Very informative posts ! Thanks . I have a question regarding an apparent contradiction . If the energy emanating from the galactic centre is so high and as a consequence we are going to roasted , what's the point of the genetic reprogramming that is supposed to happen with the wave ?
Thanks again for your posts . I appreciate it .


Koyaanisqatsi 12-06-2008 04:02 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
what a wonderful post astral! thank you for all your work it is a fantastic source of information :original:


Astralwalker 12-06-2008 06:26 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


I have a question regarding an apparent contradiction . If the energy emanating from the galactic centre is so high and as a consequence we are going to roasted , what's the point of the genetic reprogramming that is supposed to happen with the wave ?
Our DNA structure does not stand only for our physical bodies. It goes way beyond the physical. I will try to explain this.


We are consciousness, an intelligent life force that exist in this Universe.

Now…It doesn’t matter if you believe that there are only 7 dimensions or planes of existence or 22 or infinitive number of them it simple doesn’t matter.

Every one of those dimensions, frequencies, worlds or planes, possess different density and different speed of vibration. We are on lowest which is most dense and with the lowest speed of vibration.

As we go higher, towards etheric, astral, mental, causal plane and higher, the inviroment gets less dense and more subtle and the speed of the vibration gets higher and higher.


Every next dimension you are in, extends your abilities, understanding, it brings you more extended perception and wisdom if I may say. The more you climb up the more you understand yourself and the purpose of your existence in the Universe. The more you learn and grow the more you become aware of your responsibility and what is your task or how you can help in the Divine Plan.


For our consciousness to move inside every of those planes of existence, it needs a suitable vehicle or a body that possess the same density and the same speed of vibration.

For your consciousness to be capable to be consciously present on these higher realities, you need something which is called fully activated DNA structure.

You can call it 12 strain DNA functionality, and you will not make a mistake.


Because if you look at the crop circle data, they usually insist that we understand and pay attention to the germ, seed, flower, and the fruit of Life.

That is…that we pay attention to the Sacred Geometry.


I’m sure that you have already noticed that this relation of forming the Germ of Life, Seed of Life, Flower of Life, and the Fruit of Life, it’s exactly the same what is happening inside the DNA. The nature is manifesting its self through the mathematical language which has precise geometrical patterns starting from germ, seed, flower, and then developing to the fruit of Life and on and on to infinity.


It doest matter if you are a flower, fish, alien, tree, human, animal, bird or whatever you had been created from the same geometrical pattern starting from the germ of life to the fruit of life.

The Fibonacci sequence is present everywhere and it is found in everything in nature.


Anyway, I do not have time to go too far with this … what I mean is that when a human being physically dies, that does not mean that the DNA is destroyed.

It means that the DNA stays with consciousness because it has many subtle bodies that are attached to it, and which the consciousness can use as vehicles for moving through the higher realms.


The only part that fades when the event we call physical death happens is the harmonic that matches the physical vehicle.

The higher DNA harmonics are still with the consciousness because as I said earlier is capable of multidimensional existence or capable of moving through different dimensions using suitable vehicles.

The astral body matches the astral frequency, mental body the mental frequency or plane of existence and etc.

Note: Please consider that I’m using here terms that are understandable for most people.

You can consider all this differently:


The consciousness, possess a suitable subtle vehicle, to be in all this dimensions and all this is the DNA structure.


I does not take long, that we can determine that the more DNA is activated the more we can reach towards other planes of existence and fully conscious.

Now, let’s get to some heavy discussion.

Scientific community had split the composition of our Universe to Normal Mater, Dark Mater and Dark Energy. They were comfortable with Normal Mater observations but when you ask about Dark Matter and Dark Energy they just stick their finger in the mouth and if they are honest they will tell you…we simple do not know what is going overthere.


Also they call it a vacuum and they tell you that is empty. But, its not. How can a space vacuum can be empty when all around we see that all energy is radiating to. Vacuum is not empty but exactly opposite full of energy.

We now know that 99% of atom is empty space. This is where science usually stops. But there is much more beyond that.

In fact we are living in the Universe which is contracting to infinity in a fractal matter and expanding to infinity by constantly getting larger and larger.

I can elaborate on this much much more, but my time is limited.


Now how all this have to do with the coming Nexus 2012?


All this Cosmos or Universe (if we use scientific terms) that consist of normal mater, dark mater and dark energy, is interwowen and all dimensions or planes are connected. The intelligent Force behind all this is what is called Aether. It creates galaxies, stars, planetary systems, comets, everything that we see etc.

This Aether can be summarised as direct creation force that manage the balance between all the dimensions and express the will and the purpose of the Creator Himself.

Now, in normal conditions, when a human from Earth, dies, consciousness lives the body but because of the low progress, still attached to consuming flesh, still used to bring pain to others, polluting and destroying the nature etc, the vibrational state is still low and can only use the DNA harmonic that matches the astral plane. In most cases the consciousness is unprepared for this new density and it takes a while before it get use to this new reality and starts to use the astral body.

Now…The Nexus represents the higher energy. The higher purity. The Most Divine.

Because it’s higher, for our consciousness to be able to sustain on that frequency in a nexus body, all the DNA harmonics including the higher must become functional.


And the only way that someone can progress is through Love, Compassion, Self-determination, self-respect and respect of all other life forms in Universe, respect to the Nature itself as living organism and understanding that we are all equal, we have the same potential and that we are all ONE.
Inside the NEXUS you can not exist as individuality. It’s just Oneness!
No one is better then the other…it’s all illusion. We are all connected and we are all part of the same.


If that is the case, who needs fighting and who needs contest?

The only things that can free us is harmony with ourselves and with the nature. When you find a central point inside yourself, the point that is hollow and that contracts to infinitely small you know that in that small dot you are one with the Creator.

In that moment all the fears disappear and you are not afraid any more.

The Nexus is something extraordinary.

I’m not sure about this, but there is a possibility that as soon we penetrate, we will teleported (the billions of consciousness will become ONE and that ONE will be transported back to the galactic center and through the point of the Singularity it will be taken to another Universe with even higher cosmic DNA harmonics from this one.


At the moment the atmospheres of all the planets in the solar system are changing. They are becoming bigger as we receive more and more out side energy. The bigger the atmosphere, the more prana or mana is present, and the more prana the more DNA strains can be awaken and utilized.

But we have to stop destroying everything we touch, and turn to our cosmic nature.

In simple words, the reprogramming of the DNA structure is necessary for activation all DNA harmonics that can support our presence in all planes and most of all to support the fusing of the consciousness into one ocean of consciousness – into oneness.

We will separate from the physical mater as a race and not as individuals. And that my friend is what makes all this so extraordinary.

Why do you think they give you E-codes, aspartame, fluoride, use frequency weapons as HAARP and similar, vaccines, mediums, creation of fear and low emotions?

They are trying to stop what is happening my friend.
We are in the middle of something extraordinary, so don’t stay in the frequency that all that will happen is that you are going to be roasted.

Its only physical harmonic, we are much more then that.

So do not fear…

If we fear we vibrate low, and the quickening and evolution inside the DNA can not proceed. The beams will do the most part of the genetic engineering but small amounts of cosmic rays are already hitting the Earth and are changing everything in the Matrix.

Stop consuming drinks and food that pollutes your physical body and are stopping the dna awakening. Turn to meditation and to nature. Return to yourself.

As, I was saying I believe we are on the door of the Evolution of our race.

However, this only my perspective.

What you do with this info its your choice.

This is what I know and what I feel.



Astralwalker 12-06-2008 06:28 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Thanks, Koyaanisqatsi. :thumb_yello:

Koyaanisqatsi 12-07-2008 05:21 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
as we approach and transcend 2012 and this cosmic energy imparts maximum effect during that time are you thinking that no humans will remain here?

all present will be taken through singularity to another octave?

Astralwalker 12-08-2008 12:46 AM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Koyaanisqatsi wrote:

as we approach and transcend 2012 and this cosmic energy imparts maximum effect during that time are you thinking that no humans will remain here?

all present will be taken through singularity to another octave?
What is unclear is what will happen to the ones that will sustain to vibrate low.

Some beings have done terrible things and they are still not considering changing their behaviour no matter of the influence of the Great Awakening that is happening in this moment. They simply can not comprehend these new vibrations, and those are heavily attached to 3D reality and the old ways.

What will happen to them I do not know.

The rest, normal people will experience the Shift in Consciousness, a reprogramming of the DNA structure, will leave the physical matter and will join to one Consciousness. Than this ONE Consciousness will regain all its lost memory, it will assimilate all the experience that each individual previously had, it will regain its power and wisdom and in the end it will leave this Universe through the point of the Singularity that is located in the Center of the Sgr A*.


Astralwalker 12-09-2008 11:18 AM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
To figure out the 2012 event we must figure out many things...

Among them this also:


The East Field 'DNA double helix' formation. 648' long and 89 circles.




A triple DNA helix. Interesting…








Astralwalker 12-09-2008 09:16 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Despite the fact, that its only my perspective, if the human kind wants to understand the 2012 coming scenario, which is what all those hidden messages in the crop circles are really about, the humans have to able to change their brain frequency, to trigger DMT creation in the pineal gland and to be able to tune with their consciousness into to this so called planetary Psionic energy field or should I say better to the planetary Psionic internet.


From here they can generate much more useful input, about what is going on here, and what to be done. I know that all this is difficult to comprehend for most of you, but I believe that in this state of only double helix of our DNA and the five sense limitation we are seating ducks…for races who are taking the advantage of this our current state.

Tuning into this frequency is only the beginning and humans can go deeper into this Universal Psionic Field, induce completely control out of the body experience, and bring useful data from there.

This is very similar to what is commonly known as remote viewing, but what I’m talking about is incomparable much more then that.

Here how this can be done.

I will explain one of the fastest ways how you can train your consciousness to able to perform this.

Let’s start with basics:

Remote viewing is a term in parapsychology that describes a process in which the psychically gifted person is watching some kind of astral television based on a program that he/she has chosen on his/her own.

This process enables a well-trained remote viewer to focus on his/her mental screen where psychic visions start to appear and the viewer uses mental efforts to catch those psychic pictures, which in fact are astral reflections of places that he/she wants to observe.

This ability is actually related to the human’s third eye that makes it possible for the consciousness to see things that are not visible to physical eyes. Therefore, the simple definition of remote viewing would be - observing the physical, etheric and the astral area without leaving the physical body.

However, many anomalies that can distort much of the results of the remote viewing might appear in the early stages of the development of this extraordinary ability.

That’s because a beginner strongly focusing on scanning some area is unable to hold his/her consciousness unattached longer, and often becomes emotionally attached to his/her individual feelings and opinions concerning the things he or she is watching.

Those individual feelings and opinions will have major influence on the already very weak astral reflections of the chosen area, and it will distort them or even trigger observation of some other area, which suits mostly his/her suppressed desires.

Therefore, a student on the start line must learn to shut down his/her own personal feelings and attitudes first if he/she wants to succeed mastering the remote viewing ability. One should become an empty receiver to be able to absorb major amount of data, classify them, filter or analyze them.

In other words, once one succeeds to catch the astral radiation of the target area, he/she has to remember them and analyze them later. Later the student will learn another approach to the analysis.

All this etheric and astral radiation that streams through the mental screen is provided by the third eye and projected directly to the consciousness. Any invisible physical place becomes visible for the third eye if the consciousness succeeds to dive deep into the etheric or the astral matter and remains there long enough.

Nevertheless, as I mentioned before, the etheric and the astral plane are almost infinite areas full of infinite radiation. Thus, in the beginning, the mental screen of the remote viewer is flooded with hundreds of other reflections coming from those planes in the shape of psychic pictures or visions.


Anyway, practice has shown that as far as the radiation that appears on the remote viewer’s mental screen is concerned, I am positive that mostly it has its origin in the astral plane and much rarely in the etheric plane. I know it sounds contradictory, and logically it should be the other way around, but the fact is, it is the truth. It is simple, because our third eye absorbs the sensitive images that come from the astral plane filled with thoughts better than the ones that come from the etheric plane mostly filled with vital energy.

However, every student must understand clearly that remote viewing is ability hard to achieve and that it will take some time before one is capable of selecting the target astral reflection from the infinite number of other astral reflections appearing on the mental screen. Thus, in the beginning, one’s consciousness must become a clear mental surface open to all the astral radiation coming from the astral area.

Then, by using the third eye one must learn how to focus the consciousness on chosen targets and block all other images visible to him/her. This is a hard period for every student, but in time and with practice it can be achieved. Long ago, I personally had some difficult time mastering it and I will try to explain how the whole thing works:

Before the student even tries to achieve the remote viewing, first of all he/she must learn to create mental shapes, forms and images of the places in the consciousness helped by the ability of visualization and concentration. Then, the student must learn how to keep them frozen for as long as he/she wants to, not letting them disappear from the mental screen.

Therefore, at the very beginning of the mental creation process, the observer must become capable of holding the selected target in his/her imagination. To achieve that, drawing the place on a sheet of paper for at least 30 times, and practicing the visualization of the place for at least 7 days for about 10-15 minutes would help a lot. That would help the observer to “imprint” the picture of the selected area deep in the etheric matter below the astral plane.

Anyway, after a few days of previous visualization exercises, the student should sit in some comfortable half lying or lying position, in some quiet place where he/she can work in peace and silence. The potential remote viewer should close the eyes and start to observe the mental screen. At this stage, the viewer does not have to imagine or force a mental creation of some kind, but to become a passive observer. The effect that will follow will be very similar to watching a movie in the cinema. The only difference is that this time the screen will be in his/her head.


The secret lies in becoming a silent witness, without getting emotionally attached to things that will start appearing on the mental screen. In time, the astral reflections will start to enter the consciousness and the remote viewer has to put some mental effort to remember them. The training with the zener cards can also help the student activate the mental screen. Besides the zener training, a constant focus on looking straight up with eyes closed can also trigger the awakening of the third eye (Ajna chakra), and because of that, the mental screen will become more visible.

In the beginning, in front of the student’s eyes only total blackness will be visible, which in time will become foggy, and then as the third eye becomes more and more awaken, it will become an open mental screen where the astral pictures will be coming. It is interesting to mention that the third eye is the one doing all the work and the consciousness is only the boss in the whole process.

Anyway, it is not necessary for the student to visualize the third eye becoming shiny or to take some shape like circle, triangle, etc., only to remain a passive witness of the astral visions streaming into his/her consciousness.

Here how the blackness is altered by the open mental screen:

From the depth of the blackness of the mental screen slowly but surely, some unclear figures and contours will start to appear. In time, the student will notice an unclear picture appearing and it will be gone in a split of a second.

Then, if the student’s consciousness remains calm and only focused on the mental screen without any emotional attachment other pictures will come.

The color of the pictures will be unclear and mostly black and white in the beginning, and as the time passes by, images will become clearer and somewhat colorful.

The duration of these astral pictures will vary and it will be determined by the student’s will to hold them or reject them on the mental screen.

Later, when the remote viewer reaches an advanced level of psychic observation, the pictures will have clear colors. When the student reaches this level of development, he/she will start to hear sounds in the consciousness connected to the related astral vision almost instantly. Eventually, the pictures and the sounds will become perfectly clear to the observer. When that starts to happen, the student will know he/she has reached the point where from he/she can try to find the selected target of the carefully chosen place.


The whole process at this stage will appear as somebody presenting the student infinite series of pictures of people, animals, close and distant places, houses, buildings, space images, underwater images, pictures from another time, etc.

In time and with practice, those pictures will become motion pictures. Thus, the remote viewer faces another task and he/she has to learn how to freeze the chosen picture, and analyze it without vanishing from the mental screen. The analyzing process should be done strictly mentally and without using words in the thoughts and with no emotional response towards the astral picture; otherwise, the picture will vanish from the mental screen. It is not advisable to even think in pictures because that will surely influence the sensitive mental screen.

If the remote viewer is capable of reaching this point of observation, I suggest a further try for observing the astral radiation by using a higher level of consciousness. By a higher level of consciousness, I mean consciousness of the consciousness itself. One consciousness exists in the average consciousness, and observes filters and analyzes all the data coming and leaving the remote viewer’s mental screen.

In other words, the remote viewer adapts to this new part of the consciousness and when this is achieved, the viewer can easily think and make choices in a higher and subtler way not touching the sensitive astral pictures. Then, all that needs to be done is to focus on the selected area and in a few seconds, it will become visible for the remote viewer. Once the viewer catches the astral radiation of the target area, he/she can easily move and observe everywhere and everything just by using a small mental effort. Here is one example of how the remote viewing process is done:

Let us assume that a picture of a large apartment appears on the mental screen of the student. To succeed with the remote observation of the apartment, the student should use some mental efforts to partly enter the mental screen by pulling the picture towards the third eye.

While this process is on, the remote viewer’s consciousness must remain maximally calm and under no circumstances to become emotionally attached to the picture, because if it does, the picture will be altered by another one more suitable to his/her emotional charge.

The next step is to locate the astral reflection of the target and to “freeze” the picture on the mental screen. Once the student succeeds that, he/she has to pull the picture closer to the third eye using strong mental efforts to slip into the picture at the same time. In other words, the student has to magnetically pull the picture in and to use mental efforts to push him/herself out and walk through the picture at the same time.

The whole secret at this stage is in the balance of these two forces – the outer, which one pulls towards him/herself and the inner, which he/she forces out. In this particular case, one has to pull the picture of the entrance room of the selected apartment towards the dot between the physical eyes, and walk through the entrance of the apartment visible on the mental screen at the same time. Once the student succeeds to pull that off, he/she is free to observe the other rooms in the apartment.

In the beginning, the remote viewer will face certain problems moving in some direction. In most cases, if the moving procedure is not done correctly, it will transport the observation to a completely new place. The trick is, the student who has chosen to move (for example) to the right in the apartment has to start pulling the appropriate movement towards the third eye and simultaneously push the consciousness to move right. That will surely lead to the biolocation of the consciousness, and that is why the remote viewer has to stay in the middle point between the apartment and the mental screen.

If the biolocation is too weak, it will not be perceived as it should be and if it is too strong, it will induce an astral projection in the apartment. Because of the fact that the main purpose of the remote viewing is to observe distant places without leaving the physical body, the student must be capable of holding the consciousness helped by the third eye no further than the mental screen. The consciousness of the remote viewer must be neither too shallow nor too deep. The perfect location of the consciousness would be very little out of the surface line of the mental screen towards the apartment, and constantly on alert not to go deeper. However, if that is too difficult for a student, he/she can simply lock the consciousness on the surface line of the mental screen, and the observation will be just fine.

The remote viewing process will run smoothly, but the ability of moving will be little reduced. All the experiences that the remote viewer manages to collect from the selected area should be put in a diary. That has many purposes, but one of them is adapting the consciousness to the etheric and astral vibrations, which will allow the remote viewer to be constantly aware of the other planes while still on the physical plane. In time, a well-trained remote viewer will be capable of observing distant places on the mental screen with small mental efforts with unbelievable accuracy and precision.

What is most interesting, after a few years of remote viewing practice, one will be able to observe the physical, etheric and astral area just by closing his/her eyes while enjoying a ride on the bus, resting, drinking coffee or doing some everyday job. That will surely bring a complete expansion of the remote viewer’s consciousness in which he/she will be constantly sensitive to an even tiniest radiation coming from the etheric or the astral world. From this point of psychic development on, there are no real limits for the human consciousness.


By using this method of achieving the extraordinary ability known as remote viewing, very soon you will become capable of observing distant places helped by your third eye with major precision without leaving your physical body.

Now, we were speaking about observation. Now let’s speak about connection with intelligence that is making those crop formations and give us those instructions. If you become skilled enough with this, you will soon find out that from time to time some kind of download comes to take place to your consciousness. It will appear in a geometrical forms exactly as it appear on the crops.

The only difference will be that you will feel also a telepathic streaming and emotions that are describing those images. Those beings that are more awake, will start to get the download about 2012 sooner then the others.


Then more and more individuals will start to receive them, because the DNA structure is changing as everything else in this solar system. We are already exposed to new outher energy and the most sensitive of us are starting to feel it.

The more and more people are fusing and they intuitively are starting to be aware of this connecting and tuning into this Oneness, a responsibility becomes visible, that we all have to work together to figure the big picture before its too late.

On the other hand there are many that are still heavily attached to 3D reality and to the old ways, they are supposedly search for some kind of spirituality but the truth is that they do not want the change and they are still not ready. Anyway, besides many of you will probably disagree, but I feel that we have been given a choice to take a side.

One leads to evolution of Oneness that will be transformed to Light through the 2012 Nexus and the other leads to staying in the 3D reality and generating the experiences that are missing, although it possibly means a thousands years new manipulation from other being who have benefit from this option.

The option of Oneness means end of all fights, it means Evolution to Divine existence and to understanding of the deeper mysteries of the Cosmos.

The option of 3D means, staying to physical matter, experience of pain and suffering in infinitive forms, limited perception as five sense reality. Those beings will be probably be taken to other systems before the Nexus arrives because once it hits the Earth we have at least 5000 years time of divine vibration which is not compatible with the vibration of those beings.

That is why, we have split in the understanding of the human beings.


The ones that are trying to do everything they can to make some difference and who fight for freedom and harmony, for cosmic existence and balance, can absolutely not be understood by the beings who despite the DNA progression from the new coming outside cosmic energy, are still vibrating low and are still hunger for consuming flesh, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, simple to the old ways.

Nevertheless, we as a race are growing. Both intellectually, both spiritually.

For all ones who disagree, and who are seeing blackness everywhere they look…my apology, please skip this post.

For all ones, who sense that you can use something from this post, there is your way to tune to this psionic field of planet where you can come to direct contact with the Gaya and to find out who you are, what you doing here, what you have to do and where all this is going…


Anyway, the choice is yours…


JesterTerrestrial 12-09-2008 10:58 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Wow. This is some serious information here...can you go into greater detail ;)

Great work. I will have to read this a couple times to digest all that was posted. Have a great day,

Astralwalker 12-09-2008 11:20 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Thanks my friend. I really appreciate.

Have a nice day too,


Myra 12-10-2008 02:16 AM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Wow, amazing information Astralwalker. It really resonates with me. Thank you! :thumb_yello:

iainl140285 12-10-2008 10:33 AM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Hello Astralwalker - fantastic thread - probably the best I have viewed on Avalon and the info you present is priceless.

I was just wondering - when I go into remote viewing mode, and let the images form on the screen I am always transported right out into space somplace, really quickly.

Is there a way I can slow down these images? Or even try and determine where I am viewing?

Best Regards

Astralwalker 12-10-2008 01:41 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Thanks Myra. I really appreciate.

Iainl140285 >>


I was just wondering - when I go into remote viewing mode, and let the images form on the screen I am always transported right out into space somplace, really quickly.

As soon as you stop thinking in words and you had made a strong command that your consciousness must remain completely empty and without thoughts, the frequency starts to change.

In front of the blackness of the mental screen, images start to appear.

You do not go to those places in this stage, you just tuning to this frequency as receiver with the antenna that tunes in different radio wavelengths.

In fact your pineal gland starts extending its receiving frequency range and your consciousness can perceive higher realities.


If you maintain your concentration and exclude a logical and analytical thinking, more and more pictures will start to appear on your mental screen.

It’s like a watching a movie, but this time the screen is in front your closed eyes.

The more you practice to maintain your consciousness in this frequency, the pictures become more and more clear, more colourful and alive, more and more vital with a sound, and after a while you get a sense that your vision is extending more then your mental screen.


Regarding your question, this time you are close to projecting to that place, and if your are skilled enough you can magnetically pull this picture to you and you can force yourself out through the picture, with intention to penetrate this place in the etheric or astral dimension.


Is there a way I can slow down these images? Or even try and determine where I am viewing?
Yap, no point doing this if you can not control it.

You can slow them with the power of your consciousness. You have to use will, to do this. In the beginning because the consciousness its not use to, it looses those pictures as soon as the concentration break down and you start to analyze them using word thinking.

The mental screen closes immediately; it becomes black again, because the pineal blocks the extended receiving frequency range. In fact the pineal stops producing DMT compound a necessary chemical compound responsible for ESP, as a result of your consciousness switching back to its nominal beta brain patterns (analytical thinking in words).

Now, to try to determine where you remote viewing, you have to pull this off:
While the basic observation process is on, and the pictures come and go in your mental screen, you have to concentrate to a place you want to visit.

Not with words but with using simple visualisation or focus. In fact, I’m talking about awareness inside awareness. It may sounds like difficult to comprehend, but its not, when you get some practice with this, you will perfectly know what I’m talking about.

In basic, while you are observing those images on your mental screen, give command with your consciousness (not with words), or express a clear desire what do you want to see or visit.

For example, you are observing places of your city, you see a motion pictures of building, streets, people walking around, traffic jam, sounds of vehicles, etc, you want to skip this concrete reality, you just want (the desire has to be honest) to observe a lake or some similar landscape, and those images of concrete reality are immediately changed with another motion pictures of beautiful lake or the desired landscape.

That’s also not so advanced stage. This mental control is still weak. The more practice and time you put into this tuning of the planetary psionic field, your consciousness is getting more and more use to this new frequency and the observation becomes more precise. Very soon on your mental screen the precise desired location will appear.

The more advance level provides tuning to the observation of the exact place of the planetary grid of Earth’s Psionic field so precise, that is so attractive to the military, and its has to do a lot with marking the exact coordinates.

Anyway if you get this far, you will discover all this by default. The experience will be your teacher.


If you want to explore deeper, you can penetrate to the astral dimension through some desired image on your mental screen, which in most cases will trigger a kundalini rising accompanied by a strong zooming sound, but this time to move through this new density you will have to your another vehicle – known as astral body.

In other word, the Remote Viewing process stops, and you are there on that place completely, in one of your subtle bodies.

What then it’s a whole science.

But my point is that you can find out about your self, what is going on, and what has to be done, lot more that you will find out from any medium that exists on Earth. It’s like an internet connection with the Universe. And I can assure you that the things look much different from there...


I hope some of this data will be of some use to you.


iainl140285 12-10-2008 01:55 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Thank you AstralWalker, this helps greatly.

Quote: Not with words but with using simple visualisation or focus. In fact, I’m talking about awareness inside awareness. It may sounds like difficult to comprehend, but its not, when you get some practice with this, you will perfectly know what I’m talking about.

Awareness inside awareness. This immediately brought the thought of when you are asleep and dreaming, then you realise you are dreaming. Usually you wake up at that point or the dream ends but on a couple of occasions you get a chance to do some stuff that would not usually be possible.

Do you know where we are at that point? When we know we are dreaming?

Best Regards

Astralwalker 12-10-2008 02:23 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Great emotional outbalance when dreaming, can easily change the structure of a dream itself. In most cases, this automatically leads the consciousness of the dreamer to an instant conclusion that he/she is dreaming. When this happens, the person is only a few moments aware of being in the middle of a dream.

During these few moments, one has a chance to take an advantage of the situation and to awake on the astral plane because while dreaming one’s soul is already in his or hers astral body. So, let us see what happens during these few moments while one becomes aware that he or she is dreaming:

-Instant physical awakening (If his or her consciousness is not trained and very weak)

-The dream is continuing as if nothing has happened and the awareness that he or she is dreaming is fading away (If his or her consciousness is not trained and very weak)

-Biolocation of his or her consciousness: A part of his or her consciousness is still in the dream and a part of it returns to the physical body. If one manages to stay awake somewhere in the middle, he/she will become conscious in the astral body that in most cases is very close to his/her physical body. (Fully conscious state that can usually be induced if he or she is trained, but it can happen to him or her naturally because of the momentary strong and vital consciousness)

-Disability of physical moving through which one’s whole body is paralyzed but the consciousness is fully awake: The whole process is followed by a strong zooming sound as a result of the Kundalini energy rising. Although it is a creepy feeling, if the consciousness is not in panic it can easily slip out of the physical body. (Fully conscious state that can usually be induced if he or she is trained, but it can happen to him or her naturally because of the momentary strong and vital consciousness or as a result of some extraordinary circumstances on the astral plane near his or her physical body)

-Instant awakening on an astral plane: Let us suppose that someone is dreaming of falling down from a very high building. In the moment of the falling down, one becomes aware that he or she is dreaming and that in fact he/she is on the astral plane, and cannot be hurt. As soon as that happens, one fully awakes in the astral body, the falling stops and he or she is free to explore the astral plane. (Fully conscious state that can usually be induced if the individual is trained and very rarely happens spontaneously as a result of the instant astral awakening caused by strange circumstances in the dream)

All of the above mentioned states of consciousness can happen to us during our dreaming time. Unfortunately, it is a big question whether our brain is programmed or not to remember such experiences. In fact, the achievement of the astral projection is not so hard, compared to the difficulty of remembering the things we have seen and heard while being conscious on the astral plane.

From one point of view, the memory we bring from the astral world can be compared to the memory of our dreams. The moment we awake physically, we remember the whole or at least the biggest part of the dream, but as minutes go by, the dream starts fading away from our memory until it is completely gone. That is why keeping the diary is so necessary.

Our brain is usually not programmed to keep and archive the data that we bring from the astral plane. When we dream we are already on the astral plane and when we wake up physically, the brain recognizes the experiences we have collected from there, as not important, not real, etc. Classified as unimportant data, the brain erases them from our active memory.

Anyway, right exercises and keeping the diary can help us reprogram our brain to start registering these “out of the body” experiences or at least the events happening to us in our dreams on the same level it does with the experiences that happen to us in the physical reality.

This reprogramming of our brain is very important for a student who practices astral projection, because there are many methods for achieving the astral projection through the control of the dreams. Most of them are based on the programmed awareness about detecting the small anomalies that can be seen in a simple dream. Therefore, I will give you two simple dream control methods I have used so many times and I can freely say that they work almost always.

The first method tracks for some anomalies in your dream. For example: you dream you are walking in your room, but something is not right. The television is upside down, and one of the windows is broken. These anomalies are the main switches that can awake you on the astral plane because as soon as your consciousness detects them it will become clear to you that something is not right and that you are probably dreaming. In that instant, everything will change and some of the states I have mentioned above will happen to you.

So, in those few moments that offer you a chance to awake in the astral world fully conscious, all you have to do is this - say to yourself: “I am (your name), I’m dreaming and I want to awake in the astral plane”.
If you do this, in those few moments of awareness you will awake in your astral body and from there, you will be free to take an astral adventure.
The American shamans have developed the second method, which can awake your dreaming consciousness.

It consists of making some effort to see your own hand while dreaming. When you manage to do that, you will become aware that you are dreaming, and during those few moments in which the astral portal is still open, you will have to put just some small effort to stay in the astral world. Where do you go from there, is your own choice.

Take care,


feardia 12-10-2008 02:31 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Thanx astralwalker, i love this thread, since reading it I am seeing things as they really are, and we are truly enslaved in this 3d nonsense we find ourselves in,
one love

Astralwalker 12-10-2008 03:09 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


Thanx astralwalker, i love this thread, since reading it I am seeing things as they really are, and we are truly enslaved in this 3d nonsense we find ourselves in,
one love
Thanks my friend. I really appreciate.


Tag 12-10-2008 04:40 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

-Youve open my mind in different perpectives many thanks for it.

Peace and Love.

KathyT 12-10-2008 06:28 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Astralwalker (Post 93173)
Despite ridiculed by whole world this 1977 Vrillon message is authentic.

The message is authentic, and its your choice to believe is it genuine or not. There are many scientific and technical data that can be brought out to prove that hijacking five major UK transmitters in fashion that was done, is extremely hard technological achievement in 1977 and that was not done by us but from beings that have multidimensional flying crafts.

The one place I have a concern, is that the "message" from Vrillon was very non specific. I've always felt, if there ARE other entities wishing to be in contact with us, they'd open a two-way continual dialog where ANYONE could contact them, by phone, by radio, by email. If they're advanced enough, that should be simple enough for them.

AstralWalker, I appreciate your post. I would be very interested in knowing who you are by description… what occupation do you work in, what education you’ve had and in what line of study, where do you live (continent, general area by city). Could you also tell us how you obtained all this information and where you got all the photos? Are they your photos?

Astralwalker 12-10-2008 06:44 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Jenny 12-10-2008 06:59 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Hi AstralWalker,

Thank you so much for this enormous, wonderful and amazing thread on a subject I did explore for myself for many years.
It is the best info and the most comprehensive I ever encountered on the www or in books.

Again, thank you.:thumb_yello::flowers2:

micjer 12-10-2008 07:42 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Awesome work!!

You better be careful, you may be putting a lot of whistleblowers out of a job.

People would spend a lot of money to obtain this much info.


ENdJOY 12-10-2008 07:42 PM

Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!
Thank you for this Amazing Gift.

my sincere gratitude, for what you have shared here...I have "saved" all this information...on my computer...just in case this post expires at some date... personally I believe it should be "stickied" forever...

sharing is what it is all about...it is a physical expression of unconditional love, I appreciate your time and the effort you have made to share this with us, and I hope that it is shared by all who have received it and resonate with this message...until it becomes a part of the Genetic Mind and is accepted by the main stream as truth.

you have my sincere gratitude and deep appreciation.

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