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Default Re: What is Gizeh Intelligence?

This Meier bit says they are gone. "The Gizeh Intelligence group was deported off planet on May 17, 1978. Their stations were completely atomized, collapsing structures, filling them with sand and rock."

This is from the link Dan posted
Message From The Pleaides Meier/Stevens Vol 3
Page 249-263

Some of the information is extracted from some of Meier’s German books. Vol 3 should cover about 95% of the text.

Gizeh Lineage:
Approx. 49,711 B.C.:War in the Plejares homeworld caused 70,000 refugees to flee to Earth under the guidance of JHWH Pelegon. The immigrants made several mistakes during their say. (After the revolt, the Plejaran people had now entered the cycle of final-peace for their homeworld, replacing their merciless government dictators with spiritual leaders. Now at final-peace, the Plejares homeworld and allied nations developed themselves to very high spiritual levels.) The civilization erected on Earth by Pelegon lasted 10,000 years before all was destroyed by war. During the battle, refugees fled into the cosmos, settling on far away worlds. Only a few thousand human beings from the group survived, and they fell into strife and completely degenerated into lawlessness.

38,023 B.C.: Refugees of the Pelegon era fled Earth during revolt, settling in the region of Beta-Centauri where they erected a new culture. The Earth was at peace again, avoided for 7,000 years.

Approx. 15,000 B.C.: A secret group of power-hungry scientists rose up inside the government of Atlantis to seize control, but failed. Their sympathetic allies gave them spaceships to escape, and they fled into the Beta-Centauri region also known as Barnard’s-star. In the span of 2,000 years, the evil-minded scientists built up a degenerate army, and procreated offsprings filled with hate. Semjase: “Their only desire was to gain dominion over the Earth, for which reason every single one was taught wicked intrigues and war treatment.”

Approx. 11,000 B.C.: Descendants of the Pelegon tribe that fled Earth to Beta-Centauri after their Atlantis coup attempt failed, returned with their tyrant leader JHWH Arus, the barbarian, and erected an empire in Hyperborea, the North. The power-hungry group constructed several bases at different locations around the Earth. This was the last decisive colonization by an extraterrestrial race, and the deadliest to the existing humankind. Arus beget three sons, and with his 200 sub leaders, captured regions and slowly conquered nations.

Arus’ overseers procreated Adams, Ledons and Tet-els in Middle-East, Africa 12,900 years ago, counting backwards from the year 1975 when Contact-Report #39 was recorded. After the fact, Arus took credit for himself. Genesis 1:27 (“And God created man to his own image...”) is referring to the three (semitic) races procreated by Arus’ overseers. These procreations were from hybrids (mixed races) and degenerates (depraved, forced back to primitive life) humans who were distant descendants of early settlements from Sirius, Lyra-Vega, Plejares, etc. Each overseer (sub-leader/angel) according to his race created an Adam, Ledon and Tet-el mutated being, including new forms of life that was of dwarf-like stature, giants and animal-like forms. The Earth saw many wars that left societies in ruins. Like thousands of years before, the degenerated people from strife and oppression lived like wild animals and renegade groups.

Arus’ firstborn son, Arus II, deserted from Hyperborea with his many followers and settled in the land he designated Arya, today’s India. The deserters encountered the Sumerians in the region with whom they fought a short and bloody battle.

Approx. 6,500 B.C.: After the destruction of Atlantis and Mu, JHWH Arus in his old age was murdered by his thirdborn son, Jehovan, who then took control of the empire, influencing the three earthly nations, and the Hyperboreans.

Approx. 1,423 B.C.: Jehav murdered his father Jehovan and seize control of the empire.

Approx. 1,380 B.C.: Jehav beget three sons, Asussem, Ptaah and Salam.

Approx. 1,280 B.C.: Arussem fought his father constantly in hopes of one day seizing his empire. He eventually succeeded, but his two younger brothers opposed his merciless government and were exiled.

Approx. 1,183 B.C.: Ptaah and Salam eventually seized the empire from their elder brother Arussem, and forced him and his minions into exile, from Earth, in another star-system. Ptaah and Salam of the reformed Arus Empire guided the races with help from other cosmic-races, peacefully.

Approx. 1,145 B.C.: Arussem secretly returned to Earth with his army and settled beneath the Gizeh Pyramid Complex. He and his 72,000 followers took a “behind the scenes” approach command, secretly interfering and manipulating several Earth governments nefariously. Arussem plans one world domination of governments. These elements from the Arus empire lineage formed the Gizeh Intelligence, commanded by the Bafath people who took their mission to the extreme. In complete secrecy they fulfilled their evil-minded machinations by spreading false religious teachings and deceptions, negatively influencing the mind of everyone who fell under their control.

Approx. 1,033 B.C.: Arussem was eventually forced from his empire by Jehovah, the biblical God. Semjase referred to him as Zabaoth in German, meaning “The Cruel One.”

1500 A.D.: Kamagol I was succeeded by his son Kamagol II who forcefully removed his father from power and imprisoned him, where he died miserably.

1976 A.D.: Kamagol II died on the 27th of December 1976.

1978 A.D. In the 105th Contact Report, Quetzal informed Meier that their Federation had drafted up a plan to destroy the entire Gizeh Intelligence stations on Earth, deprive them of all technology, and transport them to a faraway galaxy left to their own faith, to live out the rest of their wickedness in bondage. But said, before they could carry out the plan, they had to seek the advice of the High Council in Andromeda for approval, and if approved, the attack and seizure of the Gizeh Intelligences would start in the second half of April 1978. The Gizeh Intelligence group was deported off planet on May 17, 1978. Their stations were completely atomized, collapsing structures, filling them with sand and rock.
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