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Default Re: God, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, Etc.

I don't blame the Roman Catholic Church. This goes way, way back into antiquity...and is Luciferian. Human beings are not our enemies. Lucifer works through all religions...old and new. We live in a haunted planet. We are truly in a very spooky prison. If Jesuits choose to turn on Lucifer enmasse...the demonic reign of terror will probably end. The Jesuits may turn out to be the best friends of the human race. But if they do this...they may pay a very frightful price. We live in very interesting and dangerous times. Hang on folks.

I enjoyed watching these videos...but there is truth and error to be found everywhere. Just don't choose one church or guru...and don't stop asking hard questions. I've learned a lot from New Age sources...and from Jordan Maxwell...but I have learned a lot from Roman Catholics, Atheists, Agnostics, Protestants, Etc, Etc. My mind is a real zoo of ideas. That's a scary thought...isn't it?

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