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Default Re: God, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, Etc.


I have yet to hear Zagami say anything that my intuition deems credible. As far as I an tell he is just another burnt out former black magic practitioner that grew up in a paradigm bubble, probably because of who his parents are. The people that are deep into the secret societies, weather they are positive or negative, assume that because they have been taught ancient knowledge that this some how means that they are smarter than the sheeple. What they don't realize is that the ancient knowledge they hide behind and use to justify their arrogance is out dated and crude. The universe has evolved since the times when this ancient information was recorded and they have failed to evolve with it.

I am out on a limb with my take on Demons. I can tell you this. I have never had a close encounter of the third kind with a negative flesh and blood ET. However, I have been at the short end of the stick of the negative higher dimensional ET's for quite some time now. Or at least I was at the short end of that stick, now they are. The negative 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional off world entities are not what I would classify as "Demons". Are they negative? Yes they are. Do they do evil spiritual things to vulnerable people when they are down? Yes they do. Even though they fit the main stream definition of a Demon, this does not make them demonic.

Let me describe to you what a demon is based off of my multiple personal encounters with them. Now I have stated that the negative ET's are not actual Demons, but I have not said that the negative ET's do not use demons as weapons. From my experience a demon is 100% non material. They look how ever they want to look. But in their purest form they look like darker than night crude oil.

The tend to make growling noises and what not because they know we are genetically programmed to fear those noises from our early survival instincts in the wild. The demon is not from our local universe or any of the dimensions or parallel time lines in our universe. They are from parallel universes that where created at much lower base frequencies than our own.

The negative ET's have been known to use their technology to gate in Demons from parallel universes and them task them onto individuals or groups of individuals. It is kind of like a group of sadistic humans going out into the Jungle and grabbing a few wild cats then just letting them loose in someones house. The cat is hungry so it want to feed. The Demon is the same way.

So are the ET's simply Demons? No more than the lion tamer is a lion.
Hmmm...maybe our terminology is just inadequate.

Just what are angels and demons anyway? They are considered mystical and somehow related to God and Satan. We usually don't see them but sometimes we do. They are very powerful, and they might scare us or help us but don't usually kill us.

And ETs or higher dimension or parallel dimensional entities? We usually don't see them but sometimes we do. They have abilities we do not, and sometimes they help us. Apparently reptilians like to eat us.

There are distinctions between these, but it is not as vast as we have been led to believe. They are all creations of a free will universe. They are just as real, or un-real, as we are. We are the dreamer of the dream.
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