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Default Re: God, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, Etc.

A person can either feel that life is a problem, or that it isn’t. The second alternative implies feeling OK, most of the time, about the world just as it is. I consider the second alternative is the one people end up finding themselves in once they’ve progressed deeply enough in meditation/ spirituality / life /etc. I respectfully suggest critical discussion won’t get you to the second alternative, even though it does raise your kundalini flow slightly.

It doesn’t matter what those “dang aliens” or even the demons are supposedly doing – that alternative means you still feel OK, regardless. You still feel it’s great just to be alive, now, right in this shadowy vale of suffering. (By the way, I understand that any aliens that try to visit us in ships run a big risk of being shot down, and that the ones that get captured are imprisoned and tortured in facilities that would make Abu Graib look like a luxury holiday resort. Little wonder that some aliens don’t care so much for human ways.)

The basic defense mechanism we all have is to blame it all on something or somebody else. Those dang aliens or demons again -- the utimate whipping posts. Sure takes the heat off “me”. I consider the mature way to live is to discover and make it real that you largely choose how you feel about anything, at all. About twelve years ago, for instance, I noticed that up until then I had believed many forms of work were boring. But I realised at that time that it was I that was boring, and not the other way around. Since then, I have been literally incapable of finding any form of work boring. More generally, I have learnt to regard life more and more as the opposite of a problem. This is real, folks. So I respectfully suggest it’s not the demons that are the problem. “The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars but in ourselves” – from Julius Caesar.

Incidentally, dowsing and telepathy tell me that the majority of the aliens that get shot down are so spiritually evolved they have already achieved liberation from the wheel of physical birth and death. They are in fact Christs, or Buddhas. Like so many other aliens, in my (telepathic) experience.
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