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Default Re: God, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, Etc.

Thank-you David. Can the scientific method be applied to these subjects? I think so. I see fudging and manipulation on both the believing and unbelieving sides. Positions are taken...and then defended by all means...both legitimate and illegitimate. The real truth may mostly be none of the above. We may all have to admit that we were wrong. But most people don't want to admit error...especially when it comes to belief systems. Keep searching...and be honest.

I'm still interested in some detailed critiques regarding the first post...including all of the short video clips. For the real impact of what I am suggesting...repeated reading and viewing may be necessary. I know this takes time...and is a bit boring. There has to be a clergyperson or Jesuit who can skillfully disect this thread. I don't mind being wrong. In fact...I would prefer to be wrong this time.

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