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St John of the Divine and The Temple of Understanding

The Lucis Trust( Lucifer Trust they had to change it to something a little more subtle) in 1963 founded a more distanced front group, the Temple of Understanding, which also has NGO status and worked out of the U.N. premises directly, until in 1984 it shifted headquarters to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The Lucis Trust and the Temple remain covertly entwined to this day.

Jean Houston, a New Age guru and supporter of the Temple of Understanding wrote in her book “Trojan Horse”:

“The Temple’s purpose is to facilitate the one world religion, through the promoting both the acceptance and the embrace of all religions, beliefs and rituals. The Temple of Understanding’s Meditation Room was to be known as the “Hall of Illumination”‘ where the Illuminati, Masters of Wisdom, Our Leaders of the Temple of Understanding will train the public in the new humanistic cult…to create a new type of mystic”

Holds 5,000 people and the Statue of Liberty would fit in there

Barbara Marx Hubbard. She is a founding member and co-director of the Soviet-American Council for Joint Projects. She co-founded Win-Win-World and is President of the Foundation for Co-Creation. Her name was placed in nomination for the vice presidency on the Democratic ticket in 1984. Hubbard, who entered the New Age movement under the influence of Teilhard de Chardin, created a "human front" in 1967 of those sharing a belief in transcendent consciousness, which became the Committee for the Future. Hubbard called this transcendent consciousness "supra-sex," and she has an extensive network of congressmen involved in the process ofharuspication .

Etruscan chart for haruspication of a liver

In Roman practice inherited from the Etruscans. The Babylonians and Hittites practiced it as well, and now some of our Congressmen .A haruspex (plural haruspices) was a man trained to practise a form of divination called haruspicy, hepatoscopy or hepatomancy. Haruspicy is the inspection of the entrails of sacrificed animals, especially the livers of sacrificed sheep and poultry. The rites were paralleled by other rites of divination such as the interpretation of lightning strikes, of the flight of birds (augury), and of other natural omens. Augury is where we get the term inauguration. I'll do a post on that later!

Halloween Extravaganzait's a must see!

World Goodwill - Founded in 1932, the organization is recognized by the United Nations today as an NGO. Ever since the dropping of the atomic bomb (which is seen by them as a spiritual manifestation of Luciferian light), Lucis Trust has sought to give the U.N. a monopoly over nuclear weapons with which to impose a "one world federalist empire" upon sovereign nations. World Goodwill works directly with the "world federalists," and is part of the work to "Externalize the Hierarchy" of "Illumined Minds," which.

The presiding bishop of the cathedral, Bishop Paul Moore, whose family is heir to the Nabisco company fortune, has been in the forefront of creating this Satanic "new world order," since at least the late 1950s, when, as a priest in Indianapolis, Indiana, he gave the "People's Temple" cult of Jim Jones its start. We all know how that ended so well.

Behind the oh-so-nice U.N. brochures and talk about "peace," some of the leading figures of this grouping have been exposed as practicing the most obscene homosexual ( I mean this in an abusive and non-consensual hence the word obscene) and child pornography rituals imaginable. Take the notorious case of Canon Edward West, the coordinator of the American association of the Most Venerable Order of St. John. Eyewitness accounts indicate that during the 1980s, he was a frequent participant in sexual rituals at S&M clubs in Manhattan, including the Mineshaft and the Hellfire Club (named after an 18th-century English secret Satanic society). Favorite "entertainment" at the Mineshaft included having children urinate on the patrons. In the mid-1980s, the club was shut down, following an investigation by the New York Police Department, which found links to organized crime circles, including those of John Zaccaro, the husband of 1984 Democratic vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro. there's ties to Nazi's, the Marxist regime, Thule Society, Clinton's, Rockefeller, and other choice people etc

Churches are tax-exempt, Rockefeller money was used to start this church. St John of the Divine is the head of Temple of Understanding that is working through the UN and is affliated with CFR, trilateral and other Round Tables working on the affiliation of a one world religion .I will not bother with details of the numbers in the building of the church, instead lets look at the agenda behind churches, it does not matter what faith.

There has not been a church or government that has not been infiltrated. Many things sound philanthropic, philanderers is a closer definition. We also must remember as time goes on they shift the language as they are the ones that provide the dictionary's and books for education. Interspersed between paragraphs I will insert images of St John of the Divine , which is the headquarters of Temple of Understanding TOU, all seems wonderful the wording on their propaganda, but one must look at the people who are behind it and their agenda. This post is about awareness and what to look for.

The Growth of Tax-exempt Foundations

Under the guise of philanthropy, the Illuminati avoided taxation by transferring their wealth to tax-free foundations.

Foundations are either state or federally chartered. The first was chartered by Benjamin Franklin in 1790, in Philadelphia and Boston, from a $4,444.49 fund, to make loans "to young married artificers (artisans) of good character." In 1800, the Magdalen Society was established in Philadelphia, "to ameliorate that distressed condition of those unhappy females who have been seduced from the paths of virtue, and are desirous of returning to a life of rectitude." In 1846, the Smithsonian Institution was established by the bequest of English scientist James Smithson "for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men." The Peabody Education Fund was initiated in 1867 by banker George Peabody, to promote education in the South.
Blessing of the Animal ceremony, the next few pictures further down will be from this ceremony

Before 1900, there were only 18 foundations; from 1910-19, there were 76; during the 1920's, 173; the 1930's, 288; the 1940's, 1,638; and during the 1950's, there were 2,839 foundations. United Press International (UPI) reported on July 19, 1969, that the top596 foundations[/COLOR ] had an income that was twice the net earnings of the country's 50 largest commercial banking institutions. According to Rep. Wright Patman, in a report to the 87th Congress, it is because of the existence of foundations that "only one-third of the income of the nation is actually taxed."

The Cox Committee and the Reece Committee (1952-55)

The first Congressional Committee to investigate the tax-free foundations was the Cox Committee in 1952, led by Rep. Eugene E. Cox, a Democrat from Georgia. Its purpose was to find out:

"...[which] foundations and organizations are using their resources for purposes other than the purposes for which they were established, and especially to determine which such foundations and organizations are using their resources for un-American and subversive activities or for purposes not in the interest or tradition of the United States ."

Cox discovered that officers and trustees of some foundations were Communists, and that these foundations had given grants to Communists or Communist-controlled organizations. A former Communist official, Maurice Malkin, testified that in 1919 they were trying:

" penetrate these organizations (foundations), if necessary take control of them and their treasuries ... that they should be able to finance the Communist Party propaganda in the United States ."

During the investigation, Cox died, and the facts were glossed over in a cover-up.

Another member of the Committee, Rep. Carroll Reece of Tennessee, the former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, forced another investigation in 1953, to see if foundations were being used "for political purposes, propaganda, or attempts to influence legislation." Reece even referred to a "conspiracy." The Washington Post called the investigation "unnecessary," and said that it was "stupidly wasteful of public funds."

Reece's Special Committee to Investigate Tax Exempt Foundations discovered that many foundations were financing civil rights groups, liberal political groups, political extremist groups, and supporting revolutionary activities throughout the world. The Committee reported:

"Substantial evidence indicates there is more than a mere close working together among some foundations operating in the international field. There is here, as in the general realm of social sciences, a close interlock.

The Carnegie Corporation, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Rockefeller Foundation and, recently, the Ford Foundation, joined by some others, have commonly cross-financed, to a tune of many millions ... organizations concerned with internationalists, among them, the Institute of Pacific Relations, the Foreign Policy Association (which was "virtually a creature of the Carnegie Endowment"), the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and others ... and that it happened by sheer coincidence stretches credulity."

On August 19, 1954, Reece summed up his investigation:

"It has been said that the foundations are a power second only to that of the Federal Government itself ... Perhaps the Congress should now admit that the foundations have become more powerful, in some areas, at least, than the legislative branch of the Government.

Shinto Vase, Crosses, Menorah's, etc cover all the bases

The investigation ended in 1955, when funding was withheld.
Rockefeller Family Wealth, Connections, and Corporate Ownership

The Rockefellers, undeniably the richest family in America, increased their fortune by marrying into other wealthy and influential families. By 1937, there existed "an almost unbroken line of biological relationships from the Rockefellers through one-half of the wealthiest sixty families in the nation."

Part of the Rockefeller's financial holdings consists of real estate, foremost being the 4,180 acre family estate at Pocantico Hills, north of New York City, which has 70 miles of private roads, 75 buildings, an underground archives, and close to 500 servants, guards, gardeners and chauffeurs. They also maintain over 100 residences in all parts of the world. Besides investments held in personal trusts, the family also holds stock in numerous companies.

In 1890, Andrew Carnegie wrote eleven essays which were published under the title The Gospel of Wealth. The underlying premise was that the free-enterprise system had been locked up by men such as himself, J.P. Morgan, and John D. Rockefeller, and that they not only owned everything, but also controlled the government. His worry was that subsequent generations would realize this and work against them. His solution was to control the education system, and to create a direct relationship between the amount of education a person had and how good of a job they could get. Therefore, this created a motivation for children to attend school, where they would be taught only what the social engineers of this country wanted them to know.

This was to be accomplished by instituting the educational system developed by Prussia between 1808 and 1819. German Philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762-1814) in his "Addresses to the German Nation" (1807-08) said that he did not trust parental influence and preferred education to be carried out in a "separate and independent" environment controlled by the state. Prussia became the first government to have compulsory education, setting up a three-tiered system. The children of the elite, about one-half of one percent, went to schools called 'Academies' and were taught to think and be independent. About 5.5% went to 'Realschulen', where they were partially taught how to think. The other 94% went to 'Volkschulen', where the idea of being a follower and a good citizen was stressed.

This system of education was brought to the United States through the effort of a coalition of big business led by Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, and Rockefeller; major universities like Columbia, Johns Hopkins, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Michigan, and the University of Chicago; and large foundations like Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, Mellon, Peabody, Sage, and Whitney.

What is it the guy on the right has in his hand?

The success in creating an organized compulsory educational system in this country has allowed the elite of this country to prevent each generation from truly understanding how this country is actually run, thus keeping them from doing anything about it. This "dumbing-down" has enabled the government to more easily assimilate the people of this country into a population which can be easily deceived and controlled.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace was established in 1910, to promote international peace and bring about the abolition of war; and the Carnegie Corporation of New York in 1911 (with a grant of $125,000,000), was set up "to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding among the people of the United States by aiding technical schools, institutions of higher learning, libraries, scientific research, hero funds, useful publications, and by such other agencies and means as shall time to time be found appropriate therefore."

With such a history of philanthropic contributions, the Carnegie Endowment, on its face, appeared to be innocent. However, its goal of promoting international peace was just a ruse to disguise its true purpose to promote one-world government.

The first Presidents of the group was Elihu Root, socialist and former Secretary of State under President Theodore Roosevelt, who was a leading advocate of the League of Nations. He was succeeded in 1925 by Nicholas Murray Butler, the former President of Columbia University. He was follwed in turn by Alger Hiss, the communist who helped found the United Nations.

Their President during the 1960's was Joseph E. Johnson, a member of the CFR and a close friend of Hiss, who was known as the "permanent unofficial Secretary of State." He worked closely with the Donner Foundation, which financed the Temple of Understanding, an occult organization connected to the Lucis Trust in England (a group of [Luciferians] with ties to the Theosophical Society). Members of the Temple met at the Endowment headquarters in the United Nations Plaza.

Dressed To Kilt, Fashion Show

Norman Dodd, who in July, 1953, was appointed as the research director of the Special Congressional Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations, said he discovered that the oldest tax exempt foundations were established before the initiation of income taxes, therefore they existed for a different purpose. He examined minutes of the Board of Trustees, and found that for the first year, the members concentrated on whether there was any means more effective than war to alter the life of the people of a nation. They concluded that to get America into an upcoming war, they had to control the diplomatic machinery of the State Department.

Dodd discovered that all high-level appointments in the State Department took place only after they had been cleared through a group called the "Council of Learned Societies", which was established by the Carnegie Endowment. He saw in the minutes of the Carnegie Board, record of a note to President Wilson, requesting that he "...see to it that the War does not end too quickly."

Sean Connery saying to his friends, I love my men in kilts

Syndicated columnist Joseph Kraft, writing in Harper's in July, 1958, said that records indicated that the Carnegie trustees hoped to involve the U.S. in a world war to set the stage for world government. Dodd said they wanted:

" bring the idea of "one-world" (government) to the point where it is acceptable to the people of this country. That is the primary aim, and everything that has happened since then is a means to that one end."

Promoting Racial Tension

In the book A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, published in 1913 by Israel Cohen of the Fabian Society (a follow-up to Zangwill's Melting Pot), he wrote:

"We must realize that our Party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party ... In America, we will aim for subtle victory.

While enflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites a guilt complex for the exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites, and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause."

On June 17, 1957, this passage was read into the Congressional Record by Rep. Thomas G. Abernathy.

The Bishops Halloween service

H.G. Wells and the Open Conspiracy

Fabian leaders were drawn to Herbert George Wells (1866-1946), and his ideas of the 'New Republic' which he described as "a sort of outspoken Secret Society ... an informal and open freemasonry," made up of the educated class, whose common goals would lead to the creation of a new World State, thus saving the human race from disaster. Known as the 'Prophet of Our Time' because of writing about many things before they came to be, in books like The Time Machine and War of the Worlds, Wells would give the Fabians the notoriety they needed. Edward Pease, Secretary of the Fabians, wrote to H. G. Wells on January 10, 1902, to say that Webb and his wife Beatrice, were the "pioneers of your New Republic."

Edward Bernays, master social engineer, former head of CBS-TV and a friend of H.G. Wells, wrote in his 1928 book Propaganda:

"As civilization becomes more complex, and as the need for invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed by which public opinion may be regimented. With printing press and newspaper, the telephone, telegraph, radio and airplanes, ideas can be spread rapidly, and even instantaneously, across the whole of America."

Three Cultural Paradigms showing the spiritual transformation of America

Old Paradigm

The Bible reveals reality
God is personal (loves us) and greater than His creation
Teach personal responsibility
Don't tolerate sin (but love sinners)
Trust God


Science alone explains reality
God is a crutch, an illusion
Teach human rights
Tolerate all lifestyles
Trust self

New Paradigm

Feelings and experience (often based on imagination and manipulation) prove reality
An impersonal universal force or spirit (pantheism) makes all things one (monism)
Teach collective duties or responsibilities
Don't tolerate dissenters (zero tolerance)
Trust the state

Professor John Goodlad worked on the 1987 Study Commission on Global Education with Bill Clinton and Ernest Boyer, former president of CFAT (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching). Boyer, in turn, supported Charles Haynes' agenda for using the Bible to spur interest in interfaith dialogue. In his Preface to Schooling for a Global Age, Goodlad wrote:

“Enlightened social engineering is required to face situations that demand global action now…. Parents and the general public must be reached also, otherwise children and youth enrolled in globally oriented programs may find themselves in conflict with values assumed in the home.”

More Ghouls

Does this sound like manipulation and brainwashing? It should! Successful "social engineering" must mold the minds of the masses so effectively that no rational argument can persuade the people to turn back. In the light of Professor Goodlad's vision -- and of the paradigm shift shown above -- consider the meaning behind the following statements from UNESCO’s report, Our Creative Diversity:

“Education must inform… but it must also form, it must provide them with a sense of meaning to guide their actions…. Education should promote ‘rational understanding of conflict, tensions, and the processes involved, provoke a critical awareness… and provide a basis for the analysis of concepts that will prevent… chauvinist and irrational explanations from being accepted….’

"Its primary task is to provide information, explain and analyze problems and subject them to criticism…. It should cover adults as well…. The principle of lifelong education… should be the aim of all societies.”

The second paragraph shows three important steps in the consensus process: Provide the selected pieces of information needed to persuade the group members, explain the problems (or crises) from the global or pluralistic perspective, then subject it to the criticism of the group. The members will think their ideas are their own, never realizing they were suggested to them by the information and context provided by the facilitator. Eventually, these steps to "Finding Common Ground" becomes a lifestyle.

Temple of Understanding they want to build in Washington DC on 55 acres

Back in the fifties, Edward Hunter wrote the book, Brainwashing, an insightful expose documenting Soviet brainwashing strategies in China and other Communist countries. A summary of his book can be found in the U.S. Congressional Record. (See Communist Psychological Warfare) Mr. Hunter's warnings should shine a red light into our foolish presumptions that this process couldn’t be used in our free nation. Compare his warning below with the above comment from Our Creative Diversity:

Even when he stands by himself, the truly indoctrinated communist must be part of the collective. He must be incapable of hearing opposing ideas and facts, no matter how convincing or how forcibly they bombard his senses. A trustworthy communist must reach in an automatic manner without any force being applied.”

The following statement from "The Relationship of Religion to Moral Education in the Public Schools" by Charles Haynes and Warren Nord is less explicit but brings a similar message:

“Moralities are grounded in worldviews that make sense of them, that render them rational, that give them cultural and intellectual force."

In other words, the key to change is establishing in the minds of people the new world view -- the collective way of thinking, of seeing and of understanding social issues. The main strategy for accomplishing this change is the consensus process.

Haynes' assurances only make his program more deceptive. Keep in mind, conflict and dialogue are vital to the consensus process. And the trained teacher/ facilitator can't lead the dialogue effectively without the tension created by diversity. This tension energizes members and, when used correctly, produces synergy. You can't train people to compromise (or synthesize) without opposing views -- a "thesis and antithesis." That helps explain why the consensus process must include all these elements:

*a diverse group
*dialoguing to consensus
*over a social issue
*led by a trained facilitator (manipulator)
*toward a pre-planned outcome

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