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Default Re: X men - 5 Dollar Ft. long Subs-cryptionite

The word intuition comes from the Latin word intueri, meaning "look within.


LUKE -- 4:23 And he said unto them, Ye will surely say unto me this proverb, Physician, heal thyself:

What is it that gives the Black Magicians an advantage, over the ignorant masses ? The Black Magicians know who you are,and that you're bound by your own self imposed limitations.This means he knows what buttons to push, to cause a desired reaction, in order to manifest his desired outcome.

The information that i'm about to share, will allow you to see, that we are the creators of our own prison without visible bars, and that what we think ,keeps us plugged in to the Matrix.All ISSUES Come from whats locked in your T-ISSUE

The 7 & 7 chambers of a Super MN

SEAGRAMS =SAGE RAMS = MARS or SMART SAGE 7&7--- Lets have a drink at the Mars bar

1 - The brain stem aka Reptilian Brain = Root chakra = RED = MARS

2 The Medulla= Sacral Chakra = ORANGE = MERCURY

3 Cerebellum = Solar Plexus = YELLOW =SUN

4 Occipital Lobe = Heart Chakra =GREEN = VENUS

5 Cerebral = Throat chakra = BLUE =JUPITER

6 Temporal Lobe = pineal Gland = GOLD =NEPTUNE

7 Frontal Lobe = Pituitary Gland = PURPLE = URANUS

Below we will unveil the Forum i mean formula for mass manipulation that works, based only on our on ignorance. This information will allow you to decode the news and propaganda that is fed to the masses through a formula, based on 7 colors and 7 chambers within the human brain.

The home of a superman is located at the north pole, in the Crystal lined multicolored, 7 chamber hall ways, of the human brain.CRYSTAL = C R YS TAL = SEE OUR WISE TALE = CHRISTALE

A -THE vibrational traits of those who are stuck in the REPTILIAN BRAIN chamber. Feel free to research further ,my desire is to set the pace.

1-The reptile is always by itself for defense and mating purposes.

2 The reptile lives its life based on whats safe or not safe.

3 On a higher level , having the reptilian brain ,means that you can do anything that any reptile can do.

B The second chamber of the superman is the insect chamber known in the occult as the Medulla.

1 Insects work together to obtain a certain quality of life and they realized that this quality can only be achieved through working in unison.

2 Insects have no emotional bond to one another,therefore an agreement is made amongst them to complete a task.If the agreed upon task is not completed with a member abandoning ship,then that worker will be killed by the group . You can observe this phenomenon in the ant kingdom.

3 An individual who only uses this chamber of the brain,will work within the group only to give themselves meaning.So if you are locked in this chamber,your desires goals and intent will only come to fruition, based solely on what the group says.

On a higher vibration you can do anything, that any insect can do.

C Chamber three of the superman is the Cerebellum which involves the intellectuals.

1 The Kryptonite in this chamber is the idea of seeing is believing.(Send me the link)

2 If they can't read it or see documentation,then its not accepted.This Chamber is the Avian or Bird Brain= Cukoo clock mentality.(AVIAN FLEW)

3 These supermen and women need proof and have lost their ability to feel.

4 These individuals allow society to dictate what their view of high education should be.

5 On a higher vibration,you can do anything that a bird can do.

The black magicians know that the world is stuck in one of the above 3 states of mind.You can measure this forum, or any other news based on this formula.

D-Chamber number 4 is the opccipital lobe that deals with emotions connected with the heart chakra.

1 The capacity to truly know whats happening any where in the world, in the North,East,West and South.

2 Divine intellect --Intuition

3 This aspect of the brain is a daily target for the Black Magicians to keep this chamber of the brain shut off.Decisions should be made from the heart.

4 There is one drug that is known to awakened this chamber in the Superman and that is a good bag of WD.

5 This chamber will bring superman into MN hood,and then to God hood.

6 You are all knowing

E 5th chamber is the cerebral

1 pure intuition

2 knowing

3 The ability to percieve past present and future at the same time.

4 You are omnipotent

F The 6th chamber is the Temporal lobe

1 Hearing

2 The ability to hear across time and space

3 The ability to hear in other dimensions

4 The ability to see in other dimensions

5 You are everywhere and no where .

G The 7th chamber of the superman is the frontal lobe

1 The ability to manipulate the Entire Electro Magnetic Spectrum.

2 I AM

The mamalian human brain is called the NEOCORTEX.You are NEO.WAKE UP !!!!!! NEO



Pay attention Neo and see if you notice any news, that transcends the first three to 4 chambers ,of the super MN.I have lost the appetite for the outside program, daily Fu..... with my head. .





Dan is the symbol of Scorpio aka the Eagle who is the ARCH Enemy of ORYAN.

Dan is where we get the word Dan ger and anger from

Dan is Judas that stings the solar energy, and causes it to Fall to its death below the waist.

Dan is the 1st tribe of Israel

Dan means Judge

In the Land of Israel the Tribe of Dan in the south bordered Ephraim, Benjamin, and Judah.
Dan = Root chakra= serpent energy that is transformed to the eagle aka Phoenix that rises from the ashes through the chakras to the pineal gland. The root chakra is where the aspirant looks into the looking glass and face ones demons.
Ephraim, = Sacral chakra
Benjamin = solar plexus,
Judah. = Heart chakra
Timeline 2
T2 = 22 or 4
Jrod is the Phallic or Jack symbolic of the sun and master number 22= JAK The resurected Phallic is the resurected Osiris.
Hi Jack is the High noon Sun
Low Jack is the midnight sun
T 2=
Fire in the the lion heart Leo, the sign we're in now
These are the 4 cardinal points of the Zodiac and the 4 beast ( Horses) of Revelations

So dan is the sexual energy channeled south due to man kind's DI--SOBE--DIENCE

Di and Sobe is symbolic of the sexually energy or CI aka Chi Governed by Mar s-ci , which rules Aries the Ram which is Mars Backwards.You can see this mars energy depicted in Marci's RED HAIR - I see MARS or IC = ICE that rises once it reaches 32 degrees. Mars energy is destructive and mars also makes you SMAR-T by giving you more RAM or MEMORY

In ancient Egypt Sobek the Crocodile is Draco the dragon ursa minor,the reptilian brain.Sobek will swallow the soul up at the judgement if the soul is not in balance with the feather or Father.
DANIEL in the Lion King's den the solar energy of Arthur =Sun and the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

This is the alchemical wedding and fusion of polarities.
The Christ energy or Quick Silver rises and is met by three wise men bearing gifts.The three wise men are the Dark Crystal Pineal, ,hypothalamus and the pituitary glands,the 3 stars in ORYANS BK BLT with CHeeeeese. Opening the thousand petaled LOTUS
Silver nitrate turns the hands purple.As Scorpio aka dan is the amethyst energy in the pineal gland aka the Purple robe of Christ and all the old earthly kings or Cains aka Mars.



Gimmel = = 3 Humps of the Camel and the 3 points of Arthur's CROWN , the 3rd letter of the Hebrew Alphabet .

Lot's Wife( ISIS) of the bible, in Sodom, is the rising of the Lotus from the Sod or Mud first causing chaos ,and once uplited bringing PEACE to CAMELOT.

Its all ritually deigned to keep your energy in the Root chakra, and Ego reptilian Brain.
= ROOT CHAKRA -----Taurus is also the energy of the root chakra, and this is why the British knight is also the Burger KING Of Camelot.
BK = 11 11Mutilate the cattle and free the Grey Matter , of the reptilian energy.


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