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Default Re: Vortex, 19.47 theory/ Sacred Geometry

Sun Spots and 19.47

Sunspots appear where the sun becomes very active, usually at the 19.47 degree latitude. Nissam discovered, contrary to prior opinion, that sun spots reflect fire being sucked into a collapsing black hole while emitting steam (H2O). Nissam also noted that multiple sun spots always occur in opposite polarity. When you have a vortex going one way in the Coriolis Effect you have another going on at another point on the opposite side. They generate a link at the middle and that link is the singularity. Sun spots are huge vortices going toward singularity at the center of the black hole. That’s why you see fire being sucked in. What’s being shot out? Water! (steam).

Most telescopes that observe the sun are owned by the VATICAN. There was a video released showing an object at least as big as the earth hitting the sun. The video was called, “Sun gazing comet hits the sun.” Astrophysicists emailed NASA and asked them about this so-called comet because it didn’t have a tail. They wanted to know what it was. NASA pulled the video from the net and later put the video back up, editing in a tail on the “comet”. When analyzed, the stars in the video are going from left to right because of the path the probe is orbiting. Some small white “dots” hit the camera lens but there is clearly one object going toward the sun against the other movements in the video. Then this object takes a 90 degree turn into the sun. “The only comet I know of (that does a 90 degree turn) has little windows in them and little guys waving.” The “comet” entered the sun at 19.47 degrees latitude showing a plasma ejection coming out of the entry spot. A spaceship the size of the earth needs to go into a black hole bigger than their ship size, hence the sun. Smaller ships can come and go through sun spots in the earth such as volcanoes.

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