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I can now finally post this:

Have you seen Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian or also called Night at the Museum 2 ?

I must say that going to the movies with your kids can be quite revealing. So many kids movies are filled with subliminal signs.

There is actually a big list that I could generate here but let me stick to this one.

Amen Ra is also known as Amun Ra ... and surprise surprise this film contains a character called Kah Mun Rah ... and it gets better.

He represents evil and gathers evil around him. He's jealous on his brother who got all the attention of his parents and now he
wants to be the sole king to rule the world. He's dressed with 'snake-ware' and slisses like a reptilian too.

It's all about getting a key palette to open a portal and let his supportive beings (half man half bird) into this world.

Besides all of this there is a whole bunch of other stuff which is amazing. What to think about time travel. From lots of
pictures on the wall scenes from history come to life and all history is alive at the same time ....

I am sure I missed out a whole lot of other stuff ... but you have got to see this movie yourself.

The reason I was so appalled by this movie was because I accompanied my wife to a protestant service a little before.
I asked her if she knew what Amen at the end of a prayer actually means. And then the reverend even used these exact phrases:
- you should not worship other gods because He is a jealous god
- he also mentioned a king returning who would rule the world

Now since the names were not filled in it gave me the creeps already the first time I heard it. I explained that to my wife
(who doesn't believe a word I say anyway) and then within 2 weeks this films showed up.

I must try to find the thread about the movies so I can add a whole list of interesting (kids) movies so you can see
how Hollywood is impregnating the kids with soon required ideas.

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