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Ortho, you ask too many questions at once...

Personally I don`t care about Amen Ra...

Whole this situation regarding all this "gods" from through out history and universe is non worthy for me.

For me it`s like this: " hey I have a new secret thing to share, a new stuff or tech ,awesome man!!! "

Or Lucifer this or Lucifer that. or Satan this or Satan that.
I don`t care.

Why should I care when I have creator of the universe on my side???
Why should I be bothered with non important beings who only wish to enslave ???

We need to shed off all burdens from our souls and to draw close to Creator and his son in order to get all answers, true and complete answers to our souls.
We should forget about religions, politics, systems, knowledge of man. We should strive towards the only knowledge that exist -Creator`s knowledge.

I feel that we over load ourselves with not necessary loads of philosophy or certain teachings, that we may miss the real stuff.

Love and blessings,

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