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Originally Posted by BROOK View Post
Have not watched the videos you posted yet but in realtion to a reptilian connection...check this out

It appears that, originally, the Egyptians, like some other peoples who practiced ritual cannibalism, thought that spiritual powers resided in the body and could be acquired by ingestion. There is no evidence, though, that such a view was more than speculative and ever acted upon.
The king orders sacrifices, he alone controls them,
the king eats humans, feeds on gods,
he has them presented on an altar to himself,
he has agents to do his will. He fires off the orders!
The king eats their magic, he gulps down their souls,
the adults he has for breakfast,
the young are lunch,
the babies he has for supper,
the old ones are too tough to eat, he just burns them on the altar as an offering to himself.

found this here

credo mutwa says that is why they boiled the human before they ate them to ward off evil spirits

I just heard on coast to coast that they do not like the women to wear eye makeup, as it spoils the taste LOL
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