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This is what the Egyptians believed... not consistently over centuries or uniformly, but broadly.

"For at the top of the universal order stood a goddess, a teenage girl goddess who was often represented as a pair of twins, Ma'at.

This unprepossessing goddess literally ruled everything. She was not the sun and she was not power and strength; she represented, rather, an abstraction. She was "Truth" or "Order."

The Egyptian word for this balance was the Egyptian word for "truth," ma'at; this is perhaps the single most important aspect of Egyptian culture that you can learn. For once you really understand this concept, the whole of Egyptian culture begins to make sense. The order of the universe (ma'at ) functioned with unswerving accuracy; it was maintained by the goddess Ma'at."

The eye or Ra was actually the eye or Ma'at, either originally, at one time, or according to some.

A Goddess spoke to me, and She didn't speak to me out of nowhere without context. It was within a dramatic unparalleled display of synchronistic miracles.
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