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The Eye of Maat is the origin of the Evil Eye superstition. The Goddess would not only judge, but mete out retribution. To those with a guilty conscience, the Eye of Maat became a source of fear.
It is therefore of the upmost importance not to have a quilty conscience when you face the Eye of Ma'at!
Facing the Eye of Ma'at is part of the 'death sequence' - when the soul leaves the body - and takes place right after you realize you have died.

Together with Hate & Fear, Quilt is the most destructive emotion humans 'posses'.

Amen Ra & his Reptilian Slavemasters (Lucifer etc.) 'feed' on these emotions.
The 'topping on the cake' of this 'food' (the kaviar) is a fresh human soul, that is fullfilled with hate, fear &/or quilt - preferably the 3 together -.
That (these tormented souls) is the Food of The Gods.

So the trick is to look into the Eye of Ma'am and feel no Hate, Fear or Quilt.
A simple "F#CK YOU!" is enough to deal with it.

Now, this might sounds/look very bold & simple, but I can ensure you it is not.
(As can eleni, I've understood from her above posts.)

Without a doubt this is one of the most important - if not THE most important - 'skill' you need to get yourself aware of & master.

(This is no BS. I have experienced death - as in being dead for 6 minutes - and it opened my eyes. I haven't said much about it - and probably won't in future times, unless 'the mood strikes', like now. Why is that? Because).

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