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Juat realized that I really need to expand on TheGuy's last question. He asked

Originally Posted by TheGuy View Post
3. Taking everything you've been exposed to into consideration, what do you think(opinion, logical, or intuition) honestly, the next step for humanity is really supposed to be? (Are we supposed to experience "growing pains" with negative events, are we supposed to recognize the bs for what it is and rise above it, are we supposed to transition to another state of being(maybe not physical), etc.)
I'd replied:

I think it's an increase of consciousness that's finally intended (and may or may not succeed, but it stands a good chance) of breaking the chains of the controllers.

Let me add a little:

1) Are we supposed to experience "growing pains" with negative events?

Yes - I think that's part of it (remember that we're all on a training course here)

2) Are we supposed to recognize the bs for what it is and rise above it?

Certainly - part of it also

3) Are we supposed to transition to another state of being (maybe not physical), etc?

Not in my opinion. Growth and awareness, absolutely. Breaking through into a new way of being responsible Stewards of Planet Earth (and of one another) - absolutely. Extraordinary personal experiences by the ton, absolutely.

But Ascension, Transcendence, Evolving to the 4th or 5th dimensions or densities (whatever that means) - that makes no sense to me in any way. No personal offense is meant to anyone here for whom those ideas are valuable and dear.

In my personal opinion, the 'Ascension' myth is a new New Age religious belief system that is rather close to the "God will save us all" belief. "God" doesn't do that (take a look at history) and neither will the ETs, Angels, or anyone else.

We all signed up for this incarnation, knowing that it was going to be a wild ride, and we have to handle it on our own (albelt with quiet and subtle mentoring, coaching and software upgrading from ET friends, and some ETs incarnated amongst us - for sure).

On 1 Jan, 2013, we'll still have to be handling the problems of the world, which will be very real, solid and problematic still. But we may be past the worst of it by then and many things might look more hopeful.

There's a huge amount of rebuilding to do. Has anyone here ever spent time in Africa or India?

I've traveled in Africa a lot. (I spent much of the first 8 years of my life there, and have returned frequently.) Tell those guys that they're going to ascend out of their poverty and disease and hunger. We need to take responsibility for the mess we have all created in this world.

There's a VAST clean-up to do that may take a generation or more. This is where the real learning and growth will take place. We all need to face what we have done.

So: I suspect we've all got our own work cut out for quite a while yet. The Indigos are still coming into the world - they chose their timing perfectly, and won't have missed any party.

The idea, though, is to make it POSSIBLE for the reversal of geopolitical trends to start. I believe this possibility is opening now.

Very best wishes - B

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