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Hi everybody, I’d like to add a comment to my previous post (pag. 20. #478) regarding “real ET disclosure” (positive ETs) versus “faked ET disclosure” (Project Blue Beam, negative ETs), because today I’ve just heard Kerry Cassidy saying the following:

• December 21, 2009 - AUDIO BLOG (Project Camelot)
Listener question (min. 12:40): Kerry, perhaps you would like just tell us the thing that’s most on your mind at the moment, any news that you’ve heard that really just annoys the hell out of you right now of what’s going on worldwide.

Kerry Cassidy: ok, well, actually (…) what I’m concerned about is that I’ve gotten top secret information last night [dic-20-09] about something going on that I guess is being plotted by certain groups of the illuminati and some ETs, I guess, that will involve the elimination of certain portions of the population. I think I can say that in general terms.

And I am hoping that they are not successful, obviously. And this kind of thing is what’s going on, and this is why we need to become Light Warriors, as opposed to just Light Workers. And that’s an interesting dichotomy that you can think about.

We are faced with some very positive ETs out there, and some Service To Self negative ETs. And what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and since you can never die, there’s our opportunity.

Questions to Bill and Kerry:
1) Please, Bill and Kerry, is it possible to expand a little bit what Kerry was talking about? What are they exactly plotting?

2) What does Kerry mean by “the elimination (or illumination?) of certain portions of the population”?

3) Are they perhaps plotting some sort of Project Blue Beam (good or bad version of it, *1)? Or perhaps Kerry was referring to something else?

(*1) From pag 4. Post #93: Could there be two distinct Project Blue Beam scenarios?:
a) A “bad” Project Blue Beam: a faked invasion of bad ETs against whom the elite would put up a faked battle in order to unify the world under a World Government (NWO dictatorship). Ronald Reagan talked about it in a UN speech.

b) A “good and nice” Project Blue Beam?
In this last case (b), that would be a very clever way for the elite to substitute the current “visible and fake” power structure (governments, official politicians) by a new fake one of a higher level: bad ETs pretending to be “good ETs”. It would be sort of like in the SciFi movie series “V”.

4) How is it possible that Dr. Michael Salla, a presumably well informed researcher, says what he says in his article (Ex: Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize to disclose the ET reality, to set up a World Government with the UN, etc.? (see article excerpt in pag. 20, Post #478). In other words, Michael Salla seems to imply that Obama’s Disclosure would be great, but he doesn’t say anything about a possible Blue Beam scenario.

So, is Michael Salla not very well informed, or are there other reasons for him to present the ET disclosure issue in such an “elite friendly” way?

Suggestion to Bill and Kerry (Project Camelot):
In case the elite is planning a faked ET disclosure scenario (Project Blue Beam), it would be of utmost importance and urgency to warn society in advance, as soon as possible, so that they don’t fool us this time, so:

Would it be possible for you to do a program (video, audio, or even a conference) specifically about this topic: the differences between the two possible disclosure scenarios, real disclosure (good ETs) versus faked disclosure (Blue Beam, negative ETs)?

It would be great to invite to this program (or conference) the most knowledgable insiders on this topic, so that they can publicly debate it among themselves and explain us (the general public) the main clues we must take into consideration to be able to discern real from fake ET disclosure.

For instance:

How do they look like (positive ETs versus negative ETs)? Do they radiate LOVE, bad, or neutral feelings? Can negative ETs disguise themselves as positive ETs? How? Can negative ETs perhaps radiate (using sophisticated technology) some sort of good feelings (euphoria, etc.) to deceive us? Will we be able to perceive any of those feeling (positive or negative)? What are they both capable of (positive & negative ETs)? Are there any differences in the way their space crafts look like? What might they say to us (each faction)? How could the scenario develop in each case? For instance: thousands of crafts appearing in the sky worldwide (hearing voices in your head, etc.), or just a couple of humanoid looking ETs appearing on TV with some official politicians (Obama, Greer, etc)…… etc.

In other words:

Please, how can we differentiate a real from a faked disclosure scenario?!!!

Suggestion to ALL users of this forum:
Anybody who has a blog, web site, forum, etc., please, SPREAD THE WORD about these two possible scenarios: real disclosure vs. faked disclosure, so that people are well informed and alert and the elite doesn’t fool us again!!!

And if possible, include also the main elements of the “Big Picture”, so that people can understand what’s going on:

- The existence of a dark cabal who rules the world (elite, illuminati, etc.)
- 911 = fraud, false flag, cover up, INSIDE JOB
- C L I M A T E - G A T E = exposes man-made Climate Change fraud
- Swine flu vaccination = total fraud
- Federal Reserve = Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
- MSM = propaganda & lies to cover up their crimes
- NWO = elite’s New World disOrder
… etc.
But the good news is that there are solutions: an awakening of society and a rise in consciousness = UNITY and LOVE!

Thanks and Merry Christmas to everybody!
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