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Thank-you BROOK. Stargate SG1 uses the 'sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll' line in the 'Hathor' episode. This episode shows Hathor being happy when she learns that Amen Ra has been killed. Hathor is also shown as being the creator of all the other gods and goddesses...and the creator of the Goa'uld larva (creepy).

I'm a simple and uninitiated person...and I keep thinking in terms of the following:

1. Evolution/Creation of the Universe.
2. Evolution/Creation of the Human and Reptilian Races.
3. Human Theocratic Rule.
4. Human vs Reptilian War in Lyra. Reptilians Win. Founders Destroyed.
5. Reptilian Theocratic Rule.
6. Lucifer Rebels Against Reptilian Theocratic Rule in the Pleiades.
7. Lucifer and Followers Flee to Aldebaran...then to Sirius...then to Earth...where Mercenary Reptilians Provide Protection in Exchange for Work and Worship. Still a Theocracy...but Better Than the Pleiadian/Reptilian Theocracy.
8. Reptilians and Humans Agree to End Hostilities and Theocratic Rule.
9. New Universal Order Based Upon Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom.

This is my fairy-tale...and probably 30% of it is true. Unfortunately...I don't know which 30%.

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