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Also...I ran into's number 1C and the explanation that struck me...

1.a This is the sym*bol for sun, which can mean rise, day, hour, time, or the sun god Ra.
1.b This looks like the sym*bol for ‘mouth’ above the bas*ket sym*bol for ‘you’.
1.c This is a ‘scroll’ or ‘book’ above the sym*bol for ‘mul*ti*plic*ity’ which some*times rep*re*sents any term that is too dan*ger*ous to be writ*ten.
1.d I’m ter*ri*ble at dif*fer*en*ti*at*ing birds, but this looks most like the ostrich, which can rep*re*sent the a ‘bou*quet’.
1.e I think this is a spear duck, which means ‘son’, but I’m really unsure.
2.a The sun again, which means rise, day, hour, time, or Ra.
2.b Again, this might be the ostrich.
2.c I believe this is an arm which means ‘to make’.
2.d If I had to take a wild guess, I would say it looks a bit like the feather sym*bol for Ma’at, which usu*ally means order, peace, and jus*tice.
2.e This is a reed tube which can mean ‘farm*yard’ or sim*ply ‘house’.
3.a I have no idea what this sym*bol is.
3.b This is a cat*tle rope or foot chain.
3.c This might be the sym*bol for ‘door bar’, which some*times means ‘destroy’.
4.a This is prob*a*bly the sign for ‘pro*tec*tion’.
4.b Again, this is the sym*bol for ‘mouth’.
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