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Originally Posted by eleni View Post
Nope- it was not my eye.
Of interest after that we went to visit a friend of my husband. He lived in Sweden and entered into a psychic research institute there (I can find out the name- this was years ago).

Unusual thing happened to him......

He lay down on this table and a pyramid was placed over him. He said he levitated off the table but what was really odd was that he could see in the corner of the room this eye......

Well he entered the eye and felt it was not really benevolent........

From his description (obviously more than what I wrote here) it sounded very similar to what I saw and entered.

He coined it the *all seeing eye*.

I wonder if this eye has anything to do with the Annunaki AI system.
When I was being watched by the AI system I tuned into it and was scared ****less, I couldn't sleep for a week with the lights off and others who had been there too had the same reaction.

This might correspond: We were processing a being and the incident this being was stuck in was coming to an eye suspended in space (space was not as crowded then) and then being entrained to go into that eye. It was revealed in the session that the being who was trapping beings with this eye mockup was angry about something that had happened in the past.

He also had a Persian or Arabic name, I forget what it was.

But I would go with my feelings, and I would seek to understand what might have occurred that caused me to not remember the whole incident. We usually blank out because something "bad" or "painful" happened and we do not wish to confront it. Find a safe space and/or person and find out what else you can confront about this incident.

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