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Here are the connections I have made so far (recently)… I find political “double-speak” confusing but I have always been able to recognize the hidden meanings in “phrase-ology linguistics”…

so- what I ‘got’ out of the Obama MIT speech was this: (

a. biology and medical research will deliberately be linked to new free energy technology
*(viruses to grow batteries –time mark 4:05;
*nano technology for lighting systems- time mark 4:19;
*innovation and discovery is in our DNA- time mark 6:30;
*figuring out how to use “sustainably grown bio-fuels”- time mark 13:50)
b. the public has no right to own anything for themselves, but must bow to the almighty authority of TPTB
*(the legacy of a nation is to support the intrepid [fearless/dauntless] few - time mark 5:02;
*there is no silver bullet to transition from fossil fuel to clean energy- time mark 7:45- *implying that it will be impossible to kill the vampires;
*new funding for research and scientific experimentation that is permanently tax free- time mark 12:42;
*create legislation to make free energy “the profitable kind”- time mark 12:50;
*the Pentagon has declared our dependence on fossil fuels “A Security Threat”- time mark 14:23;
*Business Leaders are joining with Environmental Leaders to protect the economy and the planet- time mark 15:00;
*certain groups of people who don’t agree with or ATTACK the plan are being MARGINALIZED and need to be WORKED ON – time mark 15:46)

(i.e. “TPTB will soon be able to LEGALLY steal and own all new ideas that come from your mind and your cells/dna/fluids that come from your body” and then turn around and make you pay for it)

1) the oil cartel is crumbling
2) TPTB have squirreled away all the free energy patents and had 40+ years and have had ample time to perfect the atomic-mechanics of them (so that now since the original people are either dead or close to death- the government can now take over and govern those ideas)
3) the internet is abuzz with talk that the new “big business(s)” to come will be INTELECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS and DNA/CELL PATENT OWNERSHIP

and I thought *what is the point of trying to outwit THEM if there is absolutely no way to win?

On some level though I feel that it's important to address and discuss possibilities because it can help to raise the collective vibration by widening the perspective and consciousness of others.
but- After thinking about it, I realized that we can’t get to step two (figure out how to get out of the trap) until we do step one (recognize that we are in a trap and see what kind of trap it is)…

so I apologize for setting off the alarm prematurely… we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing… I just wish I could find a way to hurry up the process…

Are either xbusy mom or stardustaquarian members of the lightwarriors forum?
My kids are on and but I have not looked into lightwarriors. what is the link?

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