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Default Re: Where Focus goes, Energy follows

The Ego

Take off all the pieces of yourself one by one, like clothes you are wearing off and let them drop on the floor. Your believes, your education, your culture, your language, your nationality, your name, your past... All that comes from this current life, take it off, on the floor.

What is left is the soul you are, extension of Creation, like a small microcosm of Creation rooted into Creation. Like a tree grounded into Earth, made of Earth, part of Earth. A universe in itself composed of all that exist, part of all that exist. From the singular definite self to the infinite small, from the singular definite self to the infinite grand. A soul who feels and thinks, a soul doted of consciousness. A soul who experience life and evolves, transforms itself through the experiences of life. A soul who integrate the experiences lived into manifested realities. This sum of all experiences lived in one current life is the Ego.

The Ego is a persona built and endorsed by the soul for the purpose of evolution. Like the Ego needs to digest its experiences on its path, the soul needs to integrate the Ego into its consciousness. In the act of integration, there is acceptance and letting go, following the heart path instead of the intellect path. No judging has authority but yours only... Because, if Creation itself does not judge you, then no one has the authority to do it so.

The Ego is not good nor bad, it is what you made with it that colors its shape. And what seems a bad ego might be a tremendous benefic experience, if well integrated by the soul... Nothing is ever lost or irreversible, if Creation chooses so.

The ego of many humans beings since many centuries is tainted with a victim mentality. It is like "point of views" are locked into a spiral of oppressed/oppressor/savior. Attitude, judgment, behaviors, thoughts and feelings switching constantly between the three interlinked actors. Unfortunately, this never ending patterns of consciousness is now well rooted into our society through the system in place. Preventing evolution, worse, it counters the natural flow of evolution to devolution. Because it is now widespread and to evolve or 'ascend', one needs to come over this mentality to embrace a personal responsible consciousness. If not, the soul sees many doors locked up and keep reincarnating into this place where victim consciousness abound.

This old victim consciousness is fading away. The Universe has its own schedule about the evolution of consciousnesses. This is the war at place, these are the two opposing forces that we live, feel and experience. Evolution and Devolution manifested under the form of Freewill and Tyranny.

If I choose to evolve then my choice has to expand to all that exist in letting life around me the same freedom of evolution. It does not mean no intervention, it means when intervention is done, it is done to assist a creature in its evolution, respecting freewill, or for the benefit of the self evolution, respecting Creation. This lesson takes a very long while to integrate because of the complexity of all its aspects. In definitive, that is the reason why we jumped into manifested realities... Remember, we are here to serve and assist once on the path of evolution...

Namaste, Steven

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