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Default Re: The Jonathan Reed Hoax - Project Camelot impersonation on YouTube

Thanks, Guys -

As you'll already know, I feel pretty strongly about nonsensical information and open deception which (in my opinion) makes our collective job harder when there's already so much obfuscation from the Powers That Be.

I do understand that all publicity is good, but Camelot actually doesn't need more publicity on YouTube. We've had 9 million views of over 100 videos, and our work is everywhere. No need to be associated with a scam.

The issue of deception and the provenance of information has been one of the long-running bones of contention between Kerry and myself. After the Heather material was published by Kerry, this became well-known.

But the Heather fiasco was not the only problem - it's just one of the symptoms. John Burns gave me fake photos of the F-19 to post, and I caught it just in time. It's not defamation to state this (as Kerry has warned) - it's a fact. Much else happened also which I have not made public.

This profound disagreement, about which I will not move, has become used to split Camelot in half.

In my opinion the decision to implement the coup de grace probably came soon after the Zurich conference, when we suddenly found ourselves in a firestorm of attacks and controversy. See my Open Letter to Jeff Rense.

The issues were some or all of
-- The vaccination issue, over which we took a clear stand.
-- The publication of sensitive material from Dr Pete Peterson that was right on the very edge (see the end of Part 2 of our interview).
-- The public appearance of Henry Deacon.
-- Our public disagreement with the views of Dr Steven Greer, and my remarking privately to some people that Kerry and I were both certain that the being operating his body is not the same as the one in 2001. (Yes, I am sure of this.)

All this happened within a few weeks, and it may have tipped a heavy balance.

John Burns moved in soon after this.

Henry Deacon has disappeared from the scene and we are told he is currently not doing well. (Note that I do NOT associate John with this. Those were two different operations.)

The split, which Kerry announced last night formally with my agreement, is not necessarily a bad thing. As I stated on 27 February: Project Avalon, which for the last year has existed only as this Forum, is going to be extensively re-designed as a major new information and inspiration portal, a proud sister site to Project Camelot embodying all our ideals, values and mission as originally envisioned and stated, and which I personally pledge will remain free from interference, infiltration or commercialization.

Very best wishes, Bill
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