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Default Re: One Million kilometer filament on the Sun

We also had a massive comet hit the sun earlier today, waiting on NASA to update some imagery.

Elaborating on my research may prevent me from continuing announcing my work, so I appreciate your concern but I will present the information as accurately as I can, needless to say I have spent most of my life on this work.

There will be a large event, the last 12 hours I have slightly moved my projections due to the likelyhood that we have a mirror in spacetime effect. also further monitoring of the sun to see the after effects of this comet, one thing for certain that this event will most likely be 8.2+ and the southern hemisphere will come after the northern event and unsure of magnitude, but a ring like coronal hole formation has be quite concerned.

My associates have not agreed with the initial warning about a tsunami, they believe the ribbon showing on the sun 4 days ago was a reflection in spacetime of the previous Chile event, I don't subscribe to this conclusion .... However we now have another new ribbon less defined also show itself slightly prior to the comets impact with the sun.

I am expecting two events in both hemispheres, the northern slightly south of my initial prediction 16-25deg N and the southern hemisphere event 13-23deg S

Likely locations

Northern Hemisphere

Philippines/Taiwan - Hawaii - Mexico - Guam/ Northern Marina Is

Southern Hemisphere

Tonga - Fiji - Solomon Is

My initial mapping had NZ as a perfect match, but the southern event is almost impossible to pinpoint at this stage.

This ribbon could also indicate a volcano around these co ordinates most likely Monserrat or Tonga

Lets hope my associates are correct in saying the northern event is a mirror in space time, but based on planetary alignments alone we will get a substantial event march 15-16 and a follow up march 21.
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