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Default Re: Transfer of threads from PA to PA2

Originally Posted by GaiaLove View Post
There will be an announcement very soon made by either Gareth or Bill and the link from the main page will go to the new location. Until that time the new forum isn't to be considered "live".

You know there has been discourse and worry on the forum. There are threads after threads going on and on about this and that. Folk are speculating, picking apart and taking things out of context to the brief post made by admin / mods. This speculation is driving an ethos of fear.

Itís good to know that a high-ranking announcement will be made soon but hasn't the announcement just happened. The cat is already out the bag. My concern was that this premature statement would add further to the forum unrest. It is with that in mind that I state this cat out of the bag is a PR farce. I hope my estimation of further discourse is wrong and that things run smoothly.
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