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I am venturing forth on a journey which I really don't want to make. It is really a continuation of this present journey...but I will look much more closely at Egyptology. I have seen the smoke...and now I am looking for the fire...but I know that I am playing with fire...and that I'll probably get my fingers burned...right up to my armpits. I think that the subject of demons is an integral part of this study...and that's what really scares me. What the hell is a demon...really? An interdimensional reptilian entity? An alien? A renegade human soul? All of the above? Many grey aliens are supposedly manufactured. Manufactured for demons? I'm thinking about ancient human technology, deep underground military bases, the secret space program, demonic spirits, horrible genetics experiments and manipulation, the dumbing down of the human race, Christian theology based upon Egyptology, massive deception, star wars, war in heaven, masters of the universe, gods, goddesses, Nephilim, Watchers, Babylon, God, Satan, Gabriel, Michael, Lucifer, Nibiru, winged serpents, Amen Ra, Hathor, Mary, the Black Pope, Black Egyptian history, Gizeh Intelligence, Aldebaran, the Nazis, Zionism, Teutonic Zionism, Anglo Saxon Mission, abductions, ufo's, alphabet agencies, the secret government, Jesuits, universal history, Keylontic Science, stargates, walk-ins, perfect possession, transmigration of souls, Atlantis, Lemuria, Sirius...and on and on and infinitum ad nauseum. I think that this pursuit will probably drive me completely insane...and I'm really not kidding. I think that the final answer will be so simple and absurd...that I will die laughing. The following is an example of the sort of thing I will be paying a lot of attention to: I feel as though I need to find a Black Jesuit who specializes in Egyptology...and who would be completely honest with me. You know...sort of a Credo Mutwa type of person. This is a whole realm which scares the hell out of me. Perhaps this realm does not want us to know the truth. In fact...I am quite certain of that fact. The horror. I think that the Vatican knows about all of the above with painful clarity...and that's not an attack on them. I don't even want to try to think about what's really gone on at the Vatican throughout the centuries...especially in the basement...if you know what I mean. This is probably going to be a private journey. I've done enough semi-public brainstorming. You won't have orthodoxymoron to kick around anymore! Exercise extreme caution researching all of the above subjects. Don't delve into the demonic realm...don't get in a ufo...and never ever eat your dragon. Sorry abraxasinas. Good luck! One more thing...Where's My Thuban Thoughts??!! A Penny for My Thuban Thoughts!! The truth isn't out there. It's in my Thuban Thoughts!!

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