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Hi, Guys:

I thought I should reply here to amend the spelling of 'Avalon'!

But seriously: I've read all of your posts. Many thanks for all your views.

Although the changes were unanimously agreed by all the moderators in a long audio meeting that we held on Sunday, the suggestion for the changes came first from myself.

I felt it very strongly. I owe it to you to explain a little more why.

I'm also happy to answer direct questions here and get into a dialog. I ask for your patience if I'm not able to reply immediately. Kerry and I are absolutely swamped with stuff. You may have no idea. We were each doing the job of two people before and now we're doing the job of four.

The first thing I want to say is that I hope that we are wrong about all our concerns for the next few weeks and months. If we are, then we can all go relax for a little and get back to talking about things that happened a while back, like 9/11. It's fun to do that. (No sarcasm. It really is.)

My PERSONAL view, though, is that while 9/11 is interesting - rather like watching a good thriller movie for the second or third time - it's not important for the here and now. Inside Job. It makes absolutely no difference whether the planes were real or holograms. I don't even care how it was all done. It's WHY it was done that's important. And we all already know the answer to that.

Case closed. Apart from one or two details which don't matter.

In my personal opinion, a number of other cases are closed as well. These are the issues which in my view are facts - and while interesting, debate is kinda just for fun:

UFOs are real.
ETs are real.
ETs come from different planets and different times.
ETs have different agendas.
Some ETs are benevolent, and some see us as a resource to be exploited.
Some ETs have 'helped' the human race evolve biologically.
The US military (and probably the military of other countries) have highly advanced technology that may be beyond what we can imagine.
There is human and ET activity on the Moon.
There is human and ET activity on Mars.
Mind control is a reality.
Abductions are a reality.
Free energy is a reality.
Antigravity is a reality.
Time travel is a reality.
Contactee experiences are real.
Some channeling is real.

What does that leave us to talk about?

Here are some suggestions:

What's the future of the human race?
What might the ETs (and the Illuminati / our governments) have secretly planned for us?
What do they still know that is not being told about possible and probable future events - either planned, foreseen, or both?
What are the most probable future timelines?
How can we as individual, aware people respond to current events?
Can we influence events?
Can we influence timelines?
What might really be happening in the next few weeks and months?
Are we collectively smart enough to stay ahead of the curve?
How can we organize?
How much time do we have?
Can we really envision or create the future that we want?
What are the real risks or threats, and how do we recognize them?

These issues above are what The Project Avalon Forum is for. There's plenty to talk about.

Very best to all, Bill
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