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Default Re: Welcome to the Forum

Hello, Everyone:

A very warm welcome to our new forum - and to our new site.

We've not yet formally announced Project Avalon, but do spread the word. The forum page isn't yet working perfectly (the top menu is still not working as I write) - and we have a lot more content to add.

At the beginning of next month there'll be a change, at which point we'll make certain 'drill-down' parts of Avalon available for a very modest subscription. We have to do this to remain viable, as Kerry and I are simply running of funds to keep working.

Until then, everything here will be openly available to all visitors. Meanwhile, everything we do at Project Camelot is pledged to remain freely available from here on out.

Kerry and I will be visiting here as frequently as possible to respond to questions - and contribute to discussions as we are able.

We often don't have a lot of time, but we'll do our best to maintain a presence here. It'll be our genuine pleasure to do so.

We're listed as moderators, but in practice the moderating will be done by a small self-sufficient team that won't usually involve us. Currently, Gatekeeper (Sean) and Argante are the two mods. If anyone (ideally with some experience) wants to join the mod team, please write to Sean at - or send him a PM here.

These are critical times, and to say there's a lot happening is an understatement. We want to share with you what we know and help you make good decisions. We also need to work together as best we can, because this is what The Ground Crew has to do.

In a week's time Kerry and I will be in the US for the second half of September to record some more Camelot interviews. After that we'll be in Australia for the NEXUS conference in Brisbane on 4-6 October. We DO want new Australian friends to contact us, because we'd like to meet them there and would be happy to be shown around. Australia also just might be a good place to watch the events of October play out... whatever they are.

Welcome again to you all, and have fun helping us make this forum everything that it can be.

Very best to all - Bill
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