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Default Re: Everyone Please Read.

The different views of Baphomet:

a very popular belief is, that baphomet is just another name for the god "pan".

it`s been said that the knights templars found leftovers of the decapitated skull of john the baptist in palestine; therefore "baphi-meta" which is "old" greek for "baptism" and "wisdom" lead to the conclusion, that the templars were baptists, worshipping john the baptist.

another way to see it, is the fact, that the templars learned a lot about oriental culture and short..this suggests, that baphomet came from "mahomet" - a name often used for the goddess "isis". (plutarch found, that "isis" was at times also known as "sophia")

very popular is seeing "baphomet" as a variation of "mahomet" which also means "mohammed". another accepted possibility is that baphomet is a phonetic variation of the arab "abufihamet" which means "father of wisdom" or "source of understanding"... or "baphe meteos" = "baptism of metis" (metis: gnostic goddess of wisdom)

baphomet is a ancient symbol of many cultures and symbolises the wholeness of nature, (all in one, one in all) he is not man or animal, not male or female, not plant or mineral, not black or white...just all in one.

almost far fetched seems the idea, that the bearded head of baphomet represents the face of christ imprinted on the piece of cloth, which the templars are said to have found. this idea receives more weight when we considder, that baphomet written in hebrew and deciphered with the "atbash code" turns into "sophia" (christ sophia) / (sophia: also a greek word for wisdom).

enough..(there are more interpretations on the origin of baphomet not mentioned here.)

searching in the light or in the dark:
which is better to find the "love spark"?

(the order of christ sophia)

(same thing in black?)

now, why is baphomet still a popular symbol for the devil and not some god of nature to us....also: why is lucifer seen as everything else than what his name implies "light bringer"?
(around 400 years after christ, the intolerant "papal church" decided to destroy all different "teachings", upon which the "councils" created the (christian) dogmas; and all had to believe in these dogmas!)

-Attempt to bring out the best in others rather than to have power over them-
-We have just enough religion to make us hate but not enough to make us love one another-

Only in the love of those who do not serve a purpose, love begins to unfold.

"physics today is finding that realms "above" the natural do exist. most modern people though do not accept the existence of the invisible realms."
-Ingo Swann-

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