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Default Re: Early morning translucent visitor! any insight?

Something similar happened to me few weeks ago. It was sunday morning, I saw later it was 05:10 am. I still can't remember what I was dreaming, I just know that I suddenly knew I will wake up. Can't describe this feeling, still dreaming and then, having an enourmus feeling "I'll be awake now".

Just in between of dreaming/beeing awake state, I opened my eyes and I saw this strange translucent being stood above and "looking" at me ("it" had no eyes).

I wasn't scared at all, perhaps "it" send me some love energy or something.
And at the same moment I saw "it" and felt this energy, I heard my pc running up!!

I usualy put my pc on "stand by" before I go to bed on weekends and as you all know, it takes a bit more to turn the pc on, even if it is on "stand by" (mostly by pressing any key)!

This time, I didn't even tuched it...and it run.

This was a wonderful and most important, a fearles experience, no doubt about it..
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