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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Thank you for this Mudra.

It is as simple as Eckhart says and requires that intensity mentioned in the video, However it is not easy. it also requires the Grace of God or we would all be in that state called enlightenment. The pardox is that it is a state where no person any longer exists.

The ego is like the clouds that hide the sun, yes the sun is allways there but not visable till the clouds are removed. The clouds (ego) does not become the sun, the ego is transended. This takes intense work.

What is the ego anyway? It is identification with the "me" story in the head.

It is helpful to resist the urge to label or comment or take up a postion on any thing. Eventually the mind falls virtually silent and you are left with silent awareness.
All this can be found studying Eckharts teaching.

Difficulty is that those who are enlightened , so that being their natural state, see things after the event.

It is a simple state but requires preperation, in some cases anyway, before the Grace of God occours. Then everyting is seen in its perfection, there is no need to change anything, no need to save the world,,no duality, nothing is causing anything to happen, everything is just realising its own potential to be as it is.

It is necessary I feel ,to keep reading, spending time in the presence of an enlightened Master if possible. ( Entrainment can happen ie The high spiritual energy of the master transforms the students aura)
Eventually the penny drops and the books etc are no longer necessary.

The self that is seeking is not the Self that is found. True Self has no need to seek, it is complete in every way. (spiritual ego is seeking)

This is my perception of truth but not necessarily so.--smiling.

I have found the teaching of Dr David Hawkins to be most helpful also.
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