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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Thank you for your post Chris and the wisdom it reflects.
I quite agree with that line you wrote . I may change it a little to say that when one comes to the awareness of being complete in every way we can't even speak of True " Self " anymore .I would rather name it true " being " as the " self " in so doing encompasses all that is.

Love Always
You are of course correct Mudra my friend.
The big challenge is that words can only describe not be it, so are inadequate.

The moment anything is talked about it becomes a concept which is dualistic.

The taste of an orange can be described to one who has never enjoyed the fruit but it falls very short of subjective experience,

The sage can rightly say " I am the totality, all of it."
That is the subjective experience of the state of enlightenment.

This state is extremely rare however Dr David Hawkins states that the chances of being enlightened are greatly increased at this time, 1000% is his estimate. "He" is commenting from that state.

Eckhart at his London talk. which I was fortunate to be present at said "The human race is on the verge of the greatest step forward in its evolution since we left the sea." Thats big!!!.

While this is not the main topic of this thread it reflects it, in that there is a change in the energy we are experiencing, this will ,I feel ,lift the spiritual vibration and bring about a massive change in the way we percieve this world.
Its all about the evolution of consciousness and we are all waves of that Divine Ocean.

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