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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Dear Oliver,Alchemikey, & Unlimited Mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you soooo much for posting!

Unlimited Mind!!!!! Thank you for yr discovery!

It is awesome........and just know as the frequencies rise, more & more things will appear to us as we have finally matched their frequencies!!!!

We are truly moving ahead at a great rate!!

Pls join us and make yr own flyers,etc about the Global Nexus Meditation

on May 22,2010.......I will make up some flyers as well and place them on

photobucket so that many ways to post the flyer will be available.......

The important thing is to notify others of it and really get people to be

serious about this commitment!!!!! This is NOT just another outting.......

It is time to combine our heart's energies in order to create a kind,healthy

and harmonious Earth.....

In Light !!!!!

And Much Love for Humanity!!!!!!!
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