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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi Sanat,

Thanks for clarifying. I think we are working with the same ideas and we do always have to remember that we are always losing something in translation when we communicate in language from a level of thought that is even more accurate than language itself. This is the number 1 reason why there is never "100% info." coming from any of us, and definitely proves why actively working together can help us reach the "law of limits" (as in calculus) and push the decimal places on the understanding as much as we can.

Remember, what we are doing has very little to do with each individuals spiritual growth, that is something that is indeed very much for them to take up to the best of their ability however they see fit. What we are doing is saying that contrary to what is being said elsewhere, we definitely have to do much more than that!

What of the people who have spent many years working extremely hard on this growth? They feel the work they have to do on themselves tapering off a little and wonder what they can do next.

I have been in touch with many many dedicated spiritual beings who get the idea that from this point on, they can be singular teachers or they can look at it in the way where everyone has their own path and they should not try and infringe their understandings onto others, and so they become very quiet (although you do still feel a great wisdom radiating from them).

What I can't understand is why we haven't gotten the idea to step "outside" the information itself, and work together to gather it and mix it together, humbly moving beyond the aspects that don't fit in, like a giant cauldron of soup where it is never too late to remove ingredients no matter how much it is stirred, so to speak.

This to me represents a real evolution in the way we think about our relationship with information itself, perhaps a solution to the current situation where there has got to be millions upon millions of different sites out there each with volumes of text, audio, video, and so many people out there just don't know what to make of it all.

Well, I have to say, the first thing we can do is get really good at reading between the lines of someone talking straight from themselves, a first-draft, unedited text, where they are speaking just as they are. You can learn to read into the text and "feel" how that person really is. I've always tried to come across completely independently of the information I am putting forward, and leave my "signature vibration" on my message as clear as a book, for those who can look for it.

We come to know when we can trust each other as beings who have understood the concept of pure awareness apart from the archetypal "personality modifiers" when this certain signature on a message is left behind.

What I am trying to do now is make that "transparency" completely evident, as a precedent to saying I would like to get deep down into the inner philosophies behind singularity theory and what really qualifies as a genuine "paradigm shift", and not just calling something that.

The areas of training I have focused on in my years revolve mainly around RV of the future and low-level mental reprogramming techniques. I know enough about the latter to suggest what I believe to be the most important point considering the very most we hope to accomplish here in the way of directly influencing others:

1) It is true that it is impossible to hope for one to teach another of the science of spiritual development itself, the literal acts of transformation that allow the metamorphosis of the self, however;

It is possible to explain the depth of the art and philosophies behind the general principles of doing such, the abstract aspects that can be applied in countless different ways depending on the individual situation.

And we only hope to accomplish the latter, because it will truly help to augment the amplitude of the vibration each individual is sending out in the meditation, as they feel the inclusion of a group working together to help each other to make these leaps forward on their paths, as being a part of something real, instead of being left on their own to do it.

I feel there is a major difference in making this extra effort versus not doing so, and that it is absolutely crucial to the cause. This is not magical "hokus pokus", this is real social science, and wave physics combined.

I have been studying the low level science and mathematics behind the principles of media files designed for such purposes, I know how many placebos are out there because an engineer can verify any file in a spectrum analyzer.

However I want to give some really concrete examples of evidence that we are working with something entirely different here, and I'm afraid all I can offer at the moment is early speculations based on things I've noticed in the past that were associated to similar efforts:

1) When done properly, people should be able to definitely notice when the group participating is significantly larger or smaller, it will feel very different

2) People should feel a definite manipulation to the sense of linear time, very much in that same way it can be produced in other ways, where in some senses it feels faster, and in others, slower, all at the same time (if you know what I mean)

3) People should feel not so much a straightforward sense of joy or happiness, so much as a sense of depth, of being inside something immense, there is a feeling, but we do not have a word for it - if it was within duality, it would fall into the "positive" category I *guess*, but it really doesn't belong there - it is a feeling within the radically different emotional complex experienced within singularity.

And regarding the accompanying effort we are making here to discuss the central philosophies and all of the world and historical evidence surrounding it, there should be some definite signs of their effect and the modified experiencing of reality that would go with it:

1) The old loops of life are no longer interesting, they are truly boring - a good example is that one does not stop going through negative emotion loops because they are "bad", but in a strange way almost because they are "boring", or they don't make sense anymore, as I was saying in an earlier post, living within singularity is really a radical shift and there is no going back afterwards

2) People will start to find that although each individual word in our languages still technically makes sense, the old structures of our language do not make sense anymore, we will realize just how much duality has worked its way into our common forms for language use. I think I mentioned this one before, because I remember mentioning that careful self-monitoring (passively speaking) can lead to a comfortable gradual transition away from old language traps that one now realizes leads into sounding in ways that are different from what one actually means. This leads into the next point:

3) People will get better and better at experiencing reality from outside of themselves, either in a ratio with the 1st party perspective, or in some cases completely from a 3rd party perspective. This makes a lot of the old traps really difficult to fall into - for example it finally becomes possible to look at ones own way of interacting with reality the same way one looks at everyone elses. It becomes easier to always be aware of how what one is saying might actually sound to others, instead of the old way of always being sure at first that the other person will hear something the same way one actually meant it

You know it's funny, when the feeling becomes so strong that the reason why we are all the same at the most central part of ourselves is the fact that we all experience pure, unbiased awareness in the same way - one gets the feeling that we only each get to be aware of a tiny slice of the entire picture our whole lives, and that there are really two pictures to be completed, not just one - think of it as individual jigsaw puzzles within a greater jigsaw puzzle:

- The metaphor that applies directly to the fundamental idea of this project is this:

- To be more helpful with solving the larger jigsaw puzzle, for some of us the best thing we can do is to try to solve our own personal puzzle. But it is possible for people to help each other solve their own puzzles.

- It's also possible for people to help solve the larger puzzle, even if their own puzzle is not solved yet. Think of it in a way where each individual puzzle is a single piece within the larger jigsaw puzzle, and only by completing it theoretically, can we know where to snap it into place in the larger puzzle (ie, knowing our role(s), theoretically meaning just enough so that we see the whole picture even though its still incomplete, and have a good idea where the other pieces will go even though it will still take the rest of our lives to put the rest in place)

- The larger puzzle is more or less the same way - it would technically take everyone in the whole world to literally solve the whole thing, every human being with their own unique role - but we just need enough to get enough pieces together to see how it is solved, see the entire picture even though all the pieces would not be in place

Does this metaphor make sense? If people want to try to help each other with their individual puzzles, that's nice, but that's not our focus here at all.

We are setting forth to work on the giant puzzle that is the second part of the picture, and only by theoretically solving it do we steer the path of the world towards the future most (if not all) of us here envision.

It will not happen automatically, on its own, by default. We have to make it happen. There's no rush or panic, but this is definitely the sort of perspective we want to firmly establish here. I think Astralwalker and I are in complete agreement on this one.

take care everyone

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