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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


A>Masuru Emoto showed us that emotional energy vibes greatly affect the status of matter.

B>The Nexus superwave of ascension-energy that is coming will intersect the Earth with a certain frequency of vibration.

This leaves 2 possibilities:

1>If that energy finds the Earth predominantly vibrating in the negative frequency of FEAR, then there will be a DISCORDANT reaction like half of the orchestra is playing out of tune, and these 2 DIS-HARMONIOUS vibrations will work AGAINST each other and shake, rattle and roll the Earth much more violently, maybe even inducing a pole shift.

2>If that energy finds the Earth predominantly vibrating in the positive frequency of Love, then there will be a HARMONIZING effect, and like 2 singers properly in tune with each other, the 2 energies will combine CONDORDANTLY, resulting in much lesser catastrophic effects, possible even predominantly GOOD effects.

Am I close?

Is this what you mean and is this the point of the mass-meditation?
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