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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hello friends,

I asked futureyes to write an epilogue for the nexus 2012 's summary.
Although this summary will be available to you on line at any moment now I wanted to share futureyes words with you in advance as a gift .
Here it is . Enjoy !

Our world is moving into an extraordinary new phase, as you read this, there is a pure flow of divine energy working through you and throughout this planet. This energy has been called upon by our higher selves collectively, to assist our shift from an imbalanced way of life which we have been ingrained in for so long, to creating a new way of life from the truth of who we really are, once again remembered.

For far too long have we forgotten how to live authentically, negative forces over time have persuaded us in believing we are not One, that we are separate from each other, sadly we were convinced this was real and lived our lives in fear.

It is not a coincidence you are reading this summary, everything is for a reason, humanity is this reason, we are coming together with other souls to create the most extraordinary conscious shift ever to take place on this planet. We are not just reading and hearing about it, we are LIVING it, we ARE it!

The new world which we will create will no longer be based on attaining "more" in our lives, or seeking "greater" than, this new phase we are entering will be neutral, balanced, in this there will be deep fulfillment in just BEing, the new way of life will be effortless, calm and we will experience the flow of constant peace. When we come to live fully from our hearts we will live passionately and we will love unconditionally.

This is OUR celebration, it is up to us to create the world we want to live in, the time is NOW. When we listen to our hearts speak in this moment, what are we hearing. When we are asked if we are ready for our new world, we can answer, we were born ready.

What is important now is to live within our love and light, and to remain there. There will be chaos and disturbances placed upon us globally, it is crucial that we are aware of what is unfolding around us but not to engage in it for it will surely want to lure us to its battle grounds, we must refrain from "doing" and remain "being", allowing the disruption to burn itself out, it thrives on our fear, we must not allow it to do so, we must do this differently this time.

To amplify collective love to all on this earth and beyond, global intention is very significant. When our hearts gather and focus on what we are creating, we raise the vibration of frequency throughout this world in unification for the good of all, for a positive new world. The magnitude of such events is enormous, the power of love by so many focusing on pure, divine intention is not only healing for our own selves but collectively, we can create what was always meant to be and assist our shift in our journey. It is so very important that this planet feels that we will repair what we have broken, that we will once again restore the imbalance we have created ... that we have the love and respect for ourselves and for mother earth.

We CAN do this collectively, we CAN illuminate earth by collectively raising our vibration of love.

When all souls gather in meditation, what is created is a harmony of hearts, hearts with the same intention, the same focus, we can raise the vibration for this earth to heal ... effortlessly. We will feel the flow of beautiful music created from all souls, a symphony of love.

Let us allow this for our own healing as well as for the healing of those who have not yet heard their voice within them speak or choose not to hear because their fear is still too great, we are creating this for the good of all. Our love and our light has IMMENSE strength and power, opposing forces cannot stand up to pure love, it can climb to a certain height but then it must stop for it cannot know how to rise beyond its denseness, only divine light can continue to rise to infinitely. Love has no limitations.

Allow the voice of your heart to speak to you, listen to its truth, know its guidance, feel its love. Know there is only one direction to move and that is onwards and upwards to a beautiful new world. We are all responsible at this time to create what was always meant to be ... and to live it, finally.
Know love, feel love, be love ...
With love,

Thank you futureyes for your deep insight and your language of the Light

With Love from me too

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