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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


...Thank you mudra for allowing me to write from my heart and thank you astralwalker for respecting my truth ...

2012 nexus event is very significant, this i have known always and more recently has this been confirmed for me ...

what i have also felt is that we were never meant to live as we are living now, such imbalance, so dense is the fragmented energy on this planet, the flow of which is not smooth and effortless ...

we have the opportunity before us now to change what is to what IS meant to be, how we ARE meant to live ... we CAN restore the harmony within our selves and on this planet ... it is meant to be ...

we must clear our minds of all that was and open our hearts to all that can be ... this is our entrance to the glorious new world which awaits us ...

i should stop now or i will have written yet another epilogue

there is but one absolute passion in my life and that is purpose, WE are that purpose, WE must be the ones to facilitate this shift ... there are many other forces here at work which are and will assist us, but it must be OUR SELVES who choose a new way, a glorious new world of peace and love ...

with love ...


Respected friend,

I resonate with your every thought. Thanks for everything. I really appreciate.

Im happy you are here with us.

Love & Light
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