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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Many people sent pm asking is it possible that some basic info about meditation can be provided since many people are new to this arts.

So here is some basic info. It’s not complicated, I use it from time to time and it works great for me.

This info has nothing to do with the worldwide meditation that is planed but it is good practise for ones that are new to this.

The posture is very important. Our hosts are bio-computers, and everything in them communicates with each other, exchanges information and energy all the time, and everything influences everything in this unity. In most cases, what is missing is awareness of those processes. But how human being grows spiritually and emotionally he/she becomes more aware of those processes. And lot more.

The food we consume is extremely important.

If we use only vegetables our consciousness can easily access huge amounts of chi energy that creates and flows throughout our bio-energetic field.

If we consume meat we allow DNA virus to enter our structure, and that blocks that access and does not allow a clear thinking of the consciousness.

This virus causes distortion in all the DNA harmonics and we start to vibrate low.

Suggestion: Stop consuming meat, salaams, hamburgers, eggs, fish and everything that was alive and had organic DNA.

Even vegetables and fruits are wrong and we can sustain on prana, but for now this is the best option we have.

For the record:

Every bio-unit’s matter, without difference if we call it elephant, pig, tiger, bird, human, fish, alien, dolphin, monkey or whatever, when it dies it start to disintegrate.

As I stated before, we are only talking about the DNA harmonic that matches the physical body. Only that harmonic starts to fade away, while all the rest are staying with the consciousness.

The weight of the consciousness depends on the accumulated knowledge during the physical ride, and that is why there are differences in the weight loss when a person permanently departures from his/her biological body.

By accumulated knowledge I mean both spiritual and intellectual knowledge and it is unique mix or the best of both.

Let’s proceed…

When we consume meat, we consume into our bio-unit a matter that is in the state of disintegration. Not to mention the mental stress and negative energies that were accumulated in the timeframe when the creature was murdered.

Many people do not like the term FLESH and they use MEAT…its easier for them…If someone would watch from a side it would concluded that we have many anomalies.

It is violation of creature existence, so we are not so polite as a race, in this moment. We have to change. And we have to change fast. And hope that life will find a way to forgive us for everything that we have done.

In other words, when we consume meat we allow DNA virus to enter our body. This virus causes bluntness in the consciousness and it makes us feel like we are flesh eating beings – creatures of lower awareness.

This virus then slows the functionality of our bio-computer and block the access to our higher sensory abilities which once we start to use them offer much different perspective from the one we are use to observe. You start to look to the reality and the Universe with different eyes.

You do not seek false anymore, but only what truly is and nothing else. You do what you do, you do not expect any rewords or understanding…everything just is, and you align yourself with everything. You start to become one with the flows inside the Matrix.

And then you start to truly see and hear. And recognize.

DNA is the universal language through which the Life Force manifests itself. In basic there are four different nucleotide bases of a DNA strand — adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine nucleotides (A, C, G and T).

Those four codes determine what we are.

The only difference between us and the birds, dolphins, aliens, dogs etc., is the combination of those four codes.

So all of a sudden we are not so different after all.

We are all made of the same essence - Cosmic Consciousness.

Once more, when we allow animal meat to enter into our bio-computer, we also allow DNA virus to enter, something that does not do any good to us.

Though the waste system we eject the most of the biological waste out, but the animal DNA codes of the physical harmonic (in the process of disintegrations) remains inside our bio-energetic structure and makes System Error in our hardware and software part of our being.

What our biological bodies do by default its amazing. You cut yourself and it starts to heal by itself. It’s like an antivirus software program that switches on or in best case its on all the time.

It is interesting that somehow computers and our consciousness inside our bio-computers are operating on very similar way.

Summarized, if we stop polluting our bio-unit and orient only on vegetarian food, our bio-unit becomes more vital, the speed of thoughts is extraordinary, the clarity of the consciousness increases and the Chi Level increases also.

And when we start to feel that we are part of everything and that everything is part of us, that Chi Energy increases even more.


Roughly we can observe our existence as perfect equilibrium of hardware, software and our pure essence.



-Our hardware is our bio-unit (our biological body)

-Our software is our subtle bodies and all the energies and manifestations that go with them

-Our pure essence is our Consciousness


Ancients Rama people perfectly knew about this equilibrium and in fact a true Yoga is the Ultimate path to this equilibrium.

It become distorted from the original concept in many areas in the last few thousands years, but the Ancient Yoga was something that …your knees starts to tremble when you look at the shine, the power and the Universal knowledge that is bringing to you, the further you go and the further you start to understand its true principals…if you know what I mean.

It gives you enlightening how small you are, how much you still have to learn and how long the journey to your home truly is…Luckily the Nexus is not so many Light Years away and its coming soon. From one point of view we are all lucky to be physically present here in this place and in this particular time frame.

Anyway, let’s go further…

The ancients knew everything. Even knew what effect will cause a simple mudra to our software and pure essence. Not to mention the posture.

So for meditation there are many things that go with it. Everything is important…the food we consume, the ambient around us and our relations with it, the way we breath, the way we think and feel, the way we threat ourselves and others, the posture, level of the awareness of the consciousness, driving force, the intention…the purpose of existence. Everything

Let’s start with posture and breathing...

I think that for this purpose we can use the meditative posture depicted in the image.

It is not hard to accomplish and most people can seat in it.

Close your eyes.

After seating relaxed for two minutes, lift your left arm and start a simple pranayama rhythm.

Some people do this simple pranayama method with the right hand, but I have found that it is more powerful when it is done with the left hand.

Begin performing inhaling and exhaling thought each nasal passage using also the two fingers of your left hand (the thumb & the ring finger), to close and release the breath in the nasal passages or to block and release prana stream…

-Take your ring finger and gently close the right nasal passage.

-Then inhale and take a deep breathe through your left nasal passage.

You do not have to count in numbers or something similar; just take the breath most naturally into your left nasal passage.

In other words, the inhale should not be too short and not too long either. The breathing process has to have the most natural rhythm that mostly fits your body.

When you had inhaled to a point that you naturally feel is enough for you, hold your breath for a second, and with synchronicity close your left nasal passage using your thumb finger and remove your ring finger from your right nasal passage so you can exhale through it.

Then gently exhale through your right nasal passage.

Exhale only to the point that mostly fits your body and don’t make it too short or too long. Only to a point that mostly fits your body.

When you had exhaled, gently inhale through the same (right) nasal passage and when you feel that you smoothly inhaled enough, hold your breath for a second, close your right nasal passage with your ring finger and remove the thumb finger and gently exhale though the left nasal passage.

When you had exhaled enough you gently inhale through the same nasal passage, hold your breath one second, remove your ring finger and exhale though your right nasal passage blocking the left nasal passage with your thumb finger.

Fallow the same rhythm for five minutes.

Once again:

- You block your right nasal passage.

- You inhale through your left nasal passage.

- When you feel that you have inhaled enough hold your breath for a second.

- You unblock the right nasal passage and begin to exhale thought it and in the same time you block the left nasal passage not allowing the prana to return back where it came from.

- After exhaling though your right nasal passage you inhale though the same you hold the breath for a second, block the right nasal passage, unblock the left and exhale though it.

- After exhaling again though your left nasal passage, you hold breath for a second, you do the blocking and unblocking and exhaling though the right nasal passage.

Just maintain this pranayama rhythm for five minutes and it will take you into the deep. It’s very simple and everyone can do it. I use this from time to time and it works great.

The breathing has to be done in most natural way that mostly fits your body. It does not matter if one time your breath is little shorter or longer from the other time, since your body fits the breathing rhythm. Your body talks to you and you just have to listen what it’s telling to you.

When you align your breath with your body and your state of consciousness you will feel the equilibrium the balance between your existence and what is around you.

Breathing in this way, will bring you more oxygen in your blood and also more prana in your right and left hemisphere. It will disintegrate the tension, the stress, it will calm down the thoughts and it will send you to the deep.

Let’s go on…

After breathing in this rhythm for five minutes, stop and return your hands to the previous posture.

Remain still as a rock. Just stop the time in yourself and become ultimate static being.

Now…focus on your physical body.

Try to feel how your body how it starting to breath though your skin and your forehead.

Try to feel how your body is starting to pulsate.

You feel that you do not use your nose anymore, but your being inhales vital energy directly through your skin and exhales through forehead.

Everything vibrates, pulsates, contracts and expands; even our energy field vibrates and pulsates according to our breath and our state of consciousness.

Everything flows with energy, its one giant ocean of energy, and we are part of it.

The important part is that you have to maintain control of your thoughts. You have to stay focused on the breathing and on nothing more. It will probably be hard in the beginning but very soon you will get use to.

Tune your consciousness into this new breathing process, become one with vital energy inhaling through your body’s skin, and exhaling only though the area of your forehead.

Do this another five minutes or so. Then stop.

Just freeze everything. Stop thinking and sink deep as possible.

Just become one with the flow of energy all around you. Feel it how it flows everywhere, how it passes by you and through you. Just like air.

Do not allow any content in the consciousness. Just remain complete empty and do not think in words or pictures.

If done properly, this will bring you to the alignment to the present moment here and now.

With your eyes closed, remove your awareness from your physical eyes and blackness of your mental screen. Lift your awareness just as little to the center of your forehead and remain this perspective.

If you hold that concentration of emptiness, if you do not think in word and pictures, the pineal glad will start to produce DMT chemical compound and your consciousness will start to receive info from the Psionic Field.

In the beginning the pictures will flow fast and will be out of your control. That is why you can keep pencil and paper beside you so you can write and draw what you receive from the Psionic Field.

What further I had already explained in the previous posts that are concerning RV and ESP.

Most people usually feel tension in their legs after a half an hour or 45 minutes in the meditative posture. But with time and practice this will extend greatly, you will learn to stay still for a long time without your head fallowing down when you sink too deep, so you can remain your connection to the cosmic internet for a long time. If you want to go deeper you can make another effort and from RV observation you can transfer your pure essence into one of your subtle vehicles.

I hope this info will be of some use...


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