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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Thank you for yet another excellent post Phied Piper!

I tried to extract the salient points and condense them for ease of future reference, if that is ok... did I get them all?

1) singularity theory in practice

there is a central core of knowingness towards which we all share a common respect. And this should be the sole focus of a unified proposition of effort.

develop an intuition of sufficient capacity to truly let us know when we can trust in something or not.

remain simultaneously distinct and united, all at once.

By meditating with a basic understanding of singularity theory, the energy released by each of us in the meditation is not accessible to the manipulators of duality theory since the energy is of a rate (frequency) and type (scalar/torsion) of vibration inaccessible to capture/transmutation.

only the aesthetic aspect of the classical traditions can give it the organic energy needed to activate it - the proper creation for the lattice (which is the only true solution to the coming situation) is out of reach for those responsible for the collapse of the creative traditions.

the 7th Sense United Network, is the combination of gut, heart, and mind level information coming from within. 7th Sense United Network has the power to unite us in this project.

2) This is the crucial scope of thought that protects the sanctity and intention of the energy we put into the meditation - it needs to be coming from a place in our mind that is completely apart from all of the illusion we have developed around us

It is absolutely important that each and everyone of us get all the fear and concern of what "they" are doing out of our consciousness field...By the same token (and this might be more surprising), it is equally unadvantageous to dwell on the excessive decorarations and expansion of scope of all the New Age theory. Remember, the central aspects of the need for any kind of a "new age" are really very simple.

And this energy can be put to good use in the stead of its previous dissipation.

substitute the time spent with immersion into absolute art

3) Second Sun, a way of distinguishing from the previous typical worship of the sun and black sun (the galactic centre), instead our practical viewpoint of the sun AND black sun in alignment
all thrive and shine
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