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Smile Re: Welcome to Project Camelot Forum

Originally Posted by Kerry Cassidy View Post
Hi there,

Now you can talk with us (Kerry and Bill) or amongst yourselves

Howdy to all Project Camelot staff and team members.

Yes, it is a bit of extra work having an open forum message board.
I know because I care for about 7 forums, 5 yahoo groups, 1 MSN group,
and 3 youtube channels, and 5 websites, etc.

But it is all worth it, if we want to pull our heads out of the sand
and care about love, wisdom, intelligence, ecology, and the future

It's good to see the new generation, teens, and many people
enjoying the internet and getting into the intel at YouTube
and at The Disclosure Project, and with Project Camelot, etc.

In the old days we just had newspapers that were owned by conglomerates.
With SciFi on TV.

These days it is all just amazing. I love it!

Best Wishes to you all.

I'm very experienced with the internet, graphic design, adobe flash, video editing, etc. So will be happy to help out when necessary.

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