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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


Originally Posted by unlimited mind View Post
all of this is in the spooky at a distance category and is collecting quite a few 'sync wink' associations. in the dream i had a few years ago, one of the places that i put the light into the earth was the serpent mound. i didnt realize that until Pane started discussing the sacred sites. what a day! the energy is getting more and more cohesive, are you guys feeling it? is everyone else having these kinds of experiences that are attached to this experiment?

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i feel like i am living my dream
Yes i to have had a vision similar to this,mine was during meditation,a few weeks back.
I called out a few names of friends,and had individual visions/connections,but this brought me to my vision.
It was of Avebury,i saw beings of light which a few were my friends that i called.
We were each sat in front of a stone and a white light of energy encircled all spining /passing through each being and myself in a beat of my slowed heart,the rhythm and connection was,unbelieveable and jolted me out but back i was called and again this i felt it was divine..

It was the reason why i posted this link "this corner of the earth"for we each have a connection to a sacred site in all four corners.

The point i make is many will be experienceing similar visions ,in dream,during meditation,walking,daydreaming at work etc etc....

Answer your call investigate the image research it,as i tried to locate an image i could post here,i found several groups who resonate with us here.
So i simply emailed a copy of invitation and a brief hello and asked them to post so that there members can judge for themselves if they resonate with what we do here.

So i ask you, no i urge you,all of you, even those who watch in the background and do not post,spend 20 minutes a day and contact as many groups as you find in your travels,for even if it's just one soul you do touch...

love light & Oneness

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