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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I believe Truthseeker360, this is the start of the "Rainbow Bridge" that the elders speak about!!! It will become more & more pronounced as we get closer to 2012!!!
More & more of Humanity will see more events that show we are spiritual beings in a Physical experience!!!

I am impressed with as they are trying to re-introduce living according to the 13 moon yearly has a profound effect upon our biological clocks....Even if it can't be done thru official is a good thing to set our lifestyles around that do something special on full moon....I know that large groups of people set things by the moon...I know that Jews do blessings on full and new moons...I know that many tribes do ceremonies for the moon...Let's get more in touch with the moon cycle(Mayan calendar and jewish calendars are based on the moon)

Originally Posted by Truthseeker360 View Post
Hi All,

Found this link on another

Thanks micjer,been a while since looked at earthfiles.

Please read link and related articles...

July 23, 2009 - Earthfiles Will Be in English Crop
Formations Until Mid-August.
Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe will report Earthfiles from England.

Tune In July 30th Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
Beginning 11 PM Pacific / 2 AM Eastern
3 hours LIVE from Wiltshire, England.

- Latest infrared and image enhanced videotapes that demonstrate something highly strange is at work in some 2009 formations beyond any human hoaxing.
- What experienced investigators say about the extraordinary East Field woven circle and pristine pyramid 200 miles away in Warwickshire County.
- Mysterious links between crop formations and solar, lunar and cosmic cycles, plus physical impacts reported by people inside patterns.

July 23, 2009: NOAA Reports Surprising
Geomagnetic Storm and Aurora.
“It was a very impressive aurora show that lasted 4.5 hours!”
- Photographer Zoltan Kenwell, Chip Lake, Alberta, Canada
Solar forecasters did not predict the geomagnetic storm (Kp=6) that blazed in the northern Earth skies the same day as the total solar eclipse over Asia on July 22.

July 22, 2009, bright aurora suddenly and surprisingly glowed
in the Northern latitudes because NOAA explains, “a crack opened in Earth's
magnetic field, allowing solar wind to pour in and fuel the storm. Northern Lights
descended as far south as the Dakotas, Montana, Iowa and Wisconsin. The solar wind is still blowing, but the crack has closed, bringing an end to the aurora lights.” This was strongest aurora in a year of oddly quiet sun. So the question persists more strongly about a predictive physics showing itself in the English cereal crops. Image © 2009 by Zoltan Kenwell.

Update News on July 21 Question: New Wiltshire, England, Crop Formation Related to July 22 Total Solar Eclipse?
July 21 question: “Will our Sun send out a flare during July 22, solar eclipse totality, as the moon moves from left to right across the sun's round disc?
See the little ‘comma’ near an eclipsed Sun in centre?” - Australian scientist

The July 19, 2009, wheat formation at Liddington Castle provoked the Australian scientist to pose the question: does the crop pattern indicate there will be a strong solar emission from the sun on July 22, as indicated by “flare” coming off central circle?

This odd wheat pattern was reported July 19, 2009, at Liddington Castle
near Badbury, Wiltshire, three days before the total solar eclipse on Wednesday,

July 22, 2009. This was the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century, lasting
at greatest darkness for 6 minutes and 39 seconds and was seen by the huge
populations of eastern China and India. The Australian scientist hypothesized that the central circles represent the moon moving between the sun and Earth and that the “flame” coming off central circle could indicate a forecast of a strong solar flare on the total solar eclipse date.

And another great site by Avalon member GaiaLove

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