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Default Re: Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy

Yes, it is very interesting how so many in the disclosure movement fall in line with the ideology of the Gaia movement. It would make sense to have us so ready to go out of this world into the 5th dimension that we do not do anything constructive to change this ongoing march towards the NWO.

I have struggled with the issue of who was Jesus. I have studied the stories which show how Horus mythology imitates Jesus life and ministry/mystic beliefs as well as others who apparently came before him who have a similar story.

I believe in the message of Jesus. I do not like the Male God patriarchal system that has been used for thousands of years which continues to laud the power of men over women etc.. There are other threads on this topic and I don't want to go further as it might ruin this thread.

As for the problem in the Hollywood set being black listed, a lot of them were into this nwo communist ideal. Many writers were blacklisted because of their memberships in communist organizations. Remember, movies and tv are powerful mediums to indoctrinate people and change perceptions.

I will also say there is a group who claim to be Jews who are not, and it is my firm belief from much study of the ancient texts that they joined the house of Judah a long time ago, and Jesus revealed who they were openly and that is what got him killed. It is well hidden in the bible, but if you know what to look for it is there as plain as day.
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