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Default Re: Anna Hayes: Earth history

When I first started reading what you wrote Chakras, I was quite impressed until you mention the vatican teachings and the story of Jesus

Can you tell me which stories of the Vatican you are discerning ? You are a very bright person that I'm sure have done much reading.

I have done so much reading in the last few years that my mind sometimes feels like exploding. I have had so many questions after listening to some vrey intelligent men & women that have studied for over 30 years. Of course you have to weed through the BS but you still end up with questions. One of mine was why were all these stories of Jesus so different ?

Anna's answer to me put all of it to rest. I resonate it so well that when I read what she had written.

I just want you to know that she doesnt claim that Jesus ran away and let another be crucified in his place. That is not at all what she wrote

Nothing she wrote changes my love for the one we call Jesus Christ and her words never insinuated that she had anything but high regards for Him herself

I am so happy that I am reading her work and that it resonates with me and I do feel that I am on the same path as others.

The vatican teachings have never been honest as far as I can tell. Its been nothing more than fear tactic and lies to keep us in line. Soon the world will know how and people will be running trying to find some other form of religion as far as they can from the teachings they give us. Thats a shame because people should realize that God is within all of us and we need not look outside ourself. That is what the man we know as Jesus came to tell us.
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