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Default Re: Anna Hayes: Earth history

It says that she was trained by the Melchizedek Cloister Priest of Ur.

She was trained by The Guardian Alliance which main task was to increase security in our Time Matrix when the Annu-Elohim fallen Angelic Legions created the Anunnaki race line 568 million years ago to destroy the Oraphin-Angelic Human lineage and reaces of the Emerald Covenant. Specializes in propagation of the Emerald Covenant and serves as the governing body of over 10 million Emerald Covenant Star League Nations within the 4 Densities of matter in our Time Matrix

The GA represents a smaller, specialized group, and primary task force, within a greater Guardian Organization called the Inter-dimensional Associations of Free Worlds IAFW created 568 million years ago after the Angelic Wars

All the Guardian races on Earth are considered Amenti races.

Some other members of the GA include:

The regal Lyran-Sirian Whites,
The Aethien
The Rhanthunkeana (Rhantia)
The Breneau - advance beings from the highest dimensional worlds
The Queventelliur
The Turaneusiams
Plus many others.

All of these are considered guardians and are truly here to help us against the Intruders.

I really don't have time for all that she puts in her book, but possibly others might. I happen to think there are some that it does mean something to.
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