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Default Re: Anna Hayes: Earth history

We all have buttons in our energy field. When they get pushed, we stop listening and shut down to any possible way of viewing things that is not in our current mental box.

For example, as soon as the word Jesus is used, people often shut down into black and white thinking, either his story is a total lie, or you are a fundamentalist christian.

Please note in my description above, I said I choose to look BEYOND the lies that the Vatican myth created around Jesus being the only son of god who is a blood sacrifice for humanity.

I choose to look at his inner message, what he actually said: that we have co-created our suffering by not heeding the still small voice within, and when we overcome the carnal mind, and are reborn in Oneness with the Father / Mother within we will bring the abundant Life back to Earth as it is meant to Be.

Maybe re-read what I said after that instead of letting the button Jesus or the word Vatican (which I'm saying corrupted Jesus true message from day 1) stop us from giving another point of a view a fair shake.

Now according to the other thread we have going on right now about this ladies teachings, in the Voyagers II book she says that there are a bunch of Jesus's, and the one that taught went and ran away with his girlfriend while the other poor guy who didn't teach got killed on the cross, not to resurect and prove there is no death.

She also says elsewhere that Jesus is from Sananda, which I suggest is about as crappy a new age movement lie as you can possibly get, Sananda the channeling crappy entity that is Ashtar's best buddy, and spent plenty of channellings back in the day about evacuating the earth etc.

Once again, I suggest that these ET races (who I would say their existence is dubious at best) and this dualistic mental story that this woman presents, while the part of us that likes science fiction may enjoy it, are not who we need to connect to now to help raise up our planet.

Rather I suggest that what is required is we need to do is connect to spiritual Truth from the Ascended realm, the realms of Pure BEing, the True Ascended Hosts who are in no way aliens, and connect to our own Divine spark within in order to raise up our planet at this time.

Heaven is coming to Earth through US, not through a bunch of ET's claiming to have the highest truth, when in reality, there just other students in the universe, often more trapped in their own deceptions than we are.

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